The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Going Home

It seemed they had not thought I wanted to be a medical knight. I waited for a while before an old man arrived. He was apparently a medical knight of the Snow Order, but it was strange for a man to belong to the women’s Order.
The entry test was an oral question and answer.

If there were complaints about these symptoms, what kind of response should you give?
Priorities of treatment to observe on the battlefield, and how to determine them.
Medicinal herbs which were effective on infectious diseases, as well as its compound method.

Everything was taught by the palace doctor introduced by the Queen, so I was able to answer without hesitation. There were some parts the medical knight Julius-sama said he did not know the current method of, so I indicated those as well.
As for me, I would show them the perfect answers.
Anastasia-sama watched as I answered that way till the end.


「It is perfect. I was made to realize I am still lacking in my studies. She has perhaps a better knowledge than a poor doctor. All that is left is to acquire practical experience, and it would not be strange to open a clinic and become a doctor」

「……Is that so」

Julius-sama’s words were like that, but Anastasia-sama returned it with a sullen face.
I certainly had been told a while ago I would never pass. So, I would show my worth to the best of my abilities.
It could be said people with knowledge of medicine and pharmacy of my level are common, but medical and pharmaceutical science needed to be studied in a special institution. I had been taught that as a part of my studies.
Therefore, I intend to show off my knowledge with the thought that there might not be a person who was this well versed in medical science.

「Then……what does Julius think about the outcome of this test? 」

「I would definitely give it a pass. If I am to give a failure, then I must also retire」


Uun, Anastasia-sama crossed her arms and was troubled.
Was she concerned about what was said earlier, about my household’s social standing? However, rather than being truncated with failure straight away, it seemed I was able to show my worth enough to trouble her like this.
Fuu, Anastasia-sama heaved a big sigh.

「……My deepest apologies, Lady Carol」


「In regards to this matter, I cannot judge on my own discretion. Therefore……would it be alright if I put it on hold for the moment? 」

「I understand. I shall hope for a good result」

It could not be forcibly pushed. And since it was being considered like this, I should be satisfied for now.
I believe, as Anastasia-sama was not able to decide, she would consult the matter with Wilhelm-sama. I wonder, would Wilhelm-sama understand my seriousness?
I am determined to support Wilhelm-sama.

「Now then, Carol, let us take our leave」

「Yes, Mother」

「Then, Captain Anastasia, excuse us」

「Yes. I apologize for all the discourteous words I said」

「Please do not mind it. I certainly understand your standpoint」

Mother graciously accepted Anastasia-sama’s apology.
And so, together with my mother, we returned to our residence.
As Wilhelm-sama was heading for patrol today, he would probably know by tomorrow I took the entry test. In other words, it would seem the decision would come tomorrow.

Before long, we arrived at the mansion.
It was still afternoon. There was still time before dinner.



The moment I turned on my heels to enter the mansion and head to my room, my mother called out to me.
I wonder what it was.

「If you are accepted into the Order, please do your service next month」

「……eh? 」

It was still the beginning of the month. There were still a lot of days until the next.
What on earth was this all about, I wonder?

「There is a business to attend to at the end of this month. After it is finished, you may carry on with your work at the Order」

「The end of the month, is it? 」

「That is correct. I will not take no for an answer」

I never intended on defying my mother’s words.
Of course, if told to sever my feelings for Wilhelm-sama, I will resist. But if it was to simply leave this month free, I will obey.

「I understand」

「Then that is good」

My mother walked past me and left.
I did not know what my mother’s business was, but I needed to accompany her.
Besides, I had nothing special to do until next month. There was no reason to refuse.

Now then.


「Yes, Oujo-sama」

「Let us head over to Chris to learn cooking」

「I understand」

I asked Chris to teach me how to cook, but I had yet to properly learn.
I believe there was a need to hone myself at least, so let us learn even a little.
There was still time before dinner preparations. It would be nice if I could learn even for a short while.
I would have to bother Chris.

「I learned potato salad before, but I left everything to Chris for the distribution of seasonings」

「It is only the beginning. I say, “Perseverance is power”. If you practice every day, you will be better」

「You are right」

Every day, let us properly be taught during Chris’s spare time.
And then, suddenly, I was curious.

「Speaking of which, Natalia, can you cook? 」

「……Cooking, is it? 」


If Natalia was a good cook, I might be able to learn whenever Chris was busy.
So, I had tried to ask.
But Natalia’s sunken expression was easy to understand.

「……My deepest apologies. Cooking is……it is my weak point」

「Is that so? 」

「That……since long ago, it is not something I do very much. I mainly just hunt for prey and hand it over to my companions……」

A glimpse of something extremely dangerous, I shall pretend to not have heard it.
But it was certainly surprising. There was something Natalia was not good at.
However, each person differed in strengths and weaknesses. Saying that, I am capable of so little.

「Was that so? Then, Natalia, would you like to learn cooking together with me? 」

「No, it would definitely be impertinent for a servant like me」

「Is that so……」

I thought it would be fun if I could learn together with Natalia though.
Meanwhile, we arrived at the kitchen.
Well then, I wonder if Chris was busy.

「Excuse me」

「Ah……Ojou-sama. Eh, uhh, i-is there something you need? 」

The man closest to the kitchen’s entrance asked.
If I remembered correctly, he was called Michel. I recently heard he was a newly hired employee.

「I came to learn cooking from Chris, do you know where she is? 」

「Ah—……Eh, uhh, I-I am sorry, Oujo-sama. Today……that is, the h-head chef took the day off……」

「Oh my, was that so? 」

Chris was on a day off.
Despite being cooks of the Ducal House, the rest days given were the usual. Four days a month, but it was possible to take a day off on a chosen day. The Ambrose Ducal House is never black1.
But, if Chris was absent, it could not be helped. For today…….

「Oujo-sama~a, if it is to learn cooking, shall I teach you? 」

Back away, was what I thought.
Licking his lips with a somewhat vulgar look, Robert approached.


[1] Black / ブラック refers to ブラック企業 or ブラックな仕事, which is a workplace with terrible/illegal working conditions. Typically, employees are required to work for a long time, not allowed to have a day off freely, unpaid for their overtime work, or forced to face chronic mental stress.

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