The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: A Friend’s Visit


「Why, I’m glad Ojou-sama remembers my name. So, Ojou-sama? If you want to learn, I have a longer history of cooking here compared to Chris. I can teach you, you know~」

Somehow, I could only feel a sense of aversion towards the broadly grinning Robert.
Besides, Chris had an extremely poor assessment of him. Robert might not be skilled much.
If so, then I do not want to be taught by Robert.

「……No, that would be fine. If Chris is not around, I shall have it at a later date」

「Don’t speak like that, Ojou-sama~a. I don’t have any strange intentions, you know? 」

「I told you, it is fine」

Now then, to head back to my room.
While it was regrettable I could not be taught cooking, it did not necessarily have to be today. At least, I am free for this month.
I would have to let Chris inform me of her days off from now on.

「Don’t say that, Ojou-sama~a」

Robert then clutched my arm.

「—! 」

「Well, what kind of dish do you like? I will be teaching you~」

「P-Please let go! 」

I tried to shake Robert’s hand off, but he would not let go.
I had a weak strength. Although he was a cook, I could not win against Robert who was a man.
I am scared.
I am terrified of men touching me.

「Hii—! 」

「Remove your filthy hand! 」

Natalia then slammed her fist into Robert’s shoulder.
As expected of Natalia. I could rely on her.
As Robert groaned in pain, his hand loosened their grip from my arm.
Taking that chance, I rushed behind Natalia.

「Ow……what the hell! Don’t get in the way」

「Did you not hear Ojou-sama’s objection? For a servant compelling dislike, submit your resignation at once」

「Tch……yeah, yeah. Damn it! 」

With that, Robert finally turned back.
It seemed he had somehow given up.

「You……! 」

「Natalia, it is alright. Let us quickly return」

「Ojou-sama……I understand. I will report this case with Robert to Danna-sama and Oku-sama. He is unworthy to serve the ducal household」

Hmph, with a harsh snort from Natalia, I decided to quickly leave the kitchen.
But really, what in the world was Robert thinking? I had not expected his conduct to be that terrible.
For some reason, I apologized to Michel who was nearest from the entrance, and then we left.
What should I do until dinner?

I returned to my room and sat down on the bed first.
It would be good to enjoy a nap like this, but it seemed hopeless for me.


「Yes? 」

「I will be reporting to Oku-sama about the earlier matter. Surely, that conduct is unacceptable」

Natalia was furious.
Robert’s earlier behavior was certainly inappropriate as a servant. But while I am no good when it came to men, it was also true I had reacted a bit fiercely.
Though, how could Robert work in our household while continuing such behavior?

And, suddenly.
Knock Knock, the door to my room was soundly beaten.

「Yes? 」

「Ojou-sama, please forgive my intrusion」

Along with the voice, a man of over forty years came in.
It was the steward, Richard, who had been serving my family for a long time. He was an all-around person who supervises the employees and would sometimes assist my father in his office work. Though he had a little flaw, he would constantly glance at Natalia’s chest.
Even today, after entering my room, he first glanced at Natalia’s chest before looking at me. Would you not even consider being a little covert?

「What is the matter? 」

「A guest of Ojou-sama has arrived. Should I show her in? 」

「A guest? Who is it? 」

「She introduced herself as Lilia-sama」

「My! 」

I was surprised by the unexpected name.
Lilia Anderson is one of my few friends. Perhaps the only one.
She was my only friend during my life in school, when I had been immersed in my studies. I never thought she would come to visit me like this.

「Show her in」


Richard glanced at Natalia’s chest, and then closed the door.
It was a good thing I have yet to change into my room clothes. With my current appearance, receiving a guest would not be a problem.
But Natalia faintly sighed.

「Natalia? 」

「……No, it is nothing. Richard-san’s role is versatile and he is a respectable person. But……」

「Men seem to like big breasts, do they not? It cannot be helped」

I am open-minded around that. Not only Richard, but most men would also stare at Natalia’s chest, so there was no harm to me.
Even if the person himself intended to hide it, it was all clear to me.
Who was not interested in Natalia? With Wilhelm-sama……I never want those two thoughts two be on the same line. What about Robert? Even Zack during our encounter had looked.

Then, with a knock knock, the door was rapped.
It seemed they had arrived.

「Excuse me……Long time no see, Carol」

「Lilia! 」

Vertically-curled long golden hair, a rather fierce-looking gaze. A height a bit taller than myself, but with a physique not much different from mine. Lilia was there, the same as before.
She probably dropped by on her way home from school as she was wearing her school uniform. Since I was no longer qualified to wear it, I am envious.
The Anderson was a Marquis House, which was a few ranks lower than the Ambrose. But as a nobility of high rank, Lilia naturally had an escort as well.
It was also the person I often see in school.

「Deborah-san, too, it has been a while」

「There is no need to bestow such words to a servant like me, Carol-sama. Even if it is to accompany my mistress, I deeply apologize for intruding into the ducal house like this」

Deborah-san lowered her head. It was not like she was my servant though. There was no need to show that much respect.
By the way, Deborah-san’s physique was almost similar to Natalia’s, though it looked more muscled than the latter. Her muscles, such as her upper arms, were probably as thick as my thigh.
With its appearance, it looked very strong. Zack would probably be killed in an instant.

「Deborah, don’t you have a something to talk about with Natalia? Both Carol and I don’t really need to be escorted, so you may talk with Natalia」

「N-No, that would be……」

「I also do not mind. Natalia, you may leave your seat」


Like how Lilia and I were friends, Deborah and Natalia, our respective escorts, were also friends. Although, whenever Lilia and I were together, we often talked by ourselves.
I would often see Deborah-san spar with Natalia at times in hand-to-hand combat. I was mesmerized by their fierce movements.

「Deborah, you understand my intention, don’t you? 」

「……I understood, Lilia-sama」

「What is the matter, Lilia? 」

「It’s nothing. Natalia, you want to hear the story, don’t you? Deborah’s got a lot of stuff to tell you, so you two may leave your seats」

「……I understand. Well then, Ojou-sama. I shall excuse myself for a while」

Natalia lowered her head and left.
What on earth was going on?
I do not quite understand. But if Deborah-san and Natalia deepened their friendship, I had no particular reason to refuse.

Closing the door, the two went away.
I should have requested for some tea, what to do? Should I try brewing?
I do not want to come near the kitchen.

「Sit down, Carol」

「This is my room though」

「I’m your guest」

Yes, about that.
Because she had a domineering personality like this, people were not too fond of Lilia. And I was too immersed in my studies and was not much involved with those around me.
It had been a friendship which started during a time in class. We were instructed to group in pairs, and I ended up being paired with Lilia.

「So, Carol」

「Yes? 」

「Care to explain what this is all about? 」

As she sat on the other side of the sofa, Lilia’s expression was…

Terribly furious.


The title is written as 友人襲来. I believe the 襲来 could mean “intrusion”. I was at a loss on how to word it, so I settled with “visit” instead. But, as always, please correct me if I’m wrong. <(_ _)>

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