The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Preparations

Doki doki.
My heart was pounding. Was it because of nervousness?

I would be working as the Order’s temporary lecturer, as suggested by Wilhelm-sama.
Today, during our lunch together, I was told to give a lecture on weekdays from afternoon to evening starting tomorrow. It seemed the Chivalric Order approved of it, if by gaining considerable medical knowledge meant it was possible to reduce the number of deaths in battle.
When I spoke to my father and mother, I was permitted since I would not work as a soldier in the Order.
And so, tomorrow, I would be giving my first lecture.


I took out various documents and was troubled.
When I had been trained by the Queen, I was also educated in medicine and pharmacy. I still have the documents from then.
However, I do not know how I should teach these.

In order to teach everyone in the Order, the contents must be selected.
Basically, it should be limited to 『what could be done by soldiers』. Too much knowledge was not necessary.
What troubled me the most was the irregularity of the lecture.

「Now then……」

Starting tomorrow, from afternoon to evening on weekdays, every two platoons of unit would receive a lecture.
The Knights of the Black Iron led by Wilhelm-sama were five units. And the entirety of that military force consisted of more than a thousand knights. So, there were an approximate number of five thousand people. It was quite a lot, but it was a necessary amount for national defense.
And a platoon consisted of ten people. In other words, a single lecture would be done for twenty people.
As a result, I would have to do the same lecture two hundred fifty times.

Though, doing every particular lecture two hundred fifty times could not be done at all. And all members of the Order could not be taught all at once.
Therefore, as a result.
I would have to teach carefully selected contents in a short amount of time on weekdays from afternoon to evening.
If this was school, one could simply say 「let us continue next time」. However, if the two hundred fifty times was to be carried out on weekdays, it would be a year later before everyone would be given the next lecture.
Hence, I needed to teach 「carefully selected content」which was 「easy to remember」from 「afternoon to evening」.

I got a general scope on what to teach, but I still do not know the allocation for time. There must not be too much time left, yet it also must not be insufficient.

「For now, they should have written and hands-on practice. They say real experience is not easily forgotten……It would be better to actually practice first aid and the like rather than simply showing them」

I wrote down the contents to be taught that way.
It was a lot fulfilling compared to the days when I had nothing to do. If what I teach would be useful to all of the knights, and thus to Wilhelm-sama, then there was no greater joy for me.
I copied more documents.

If only there was something where you could place this paper and it would be copied in a flash, it would be convenient. But there was no such thing.
So, I would have to write as many documents as necessary.
I had to write in beautiful handwriting so it would be easy to understand, and it was rather exhausting.


「Yes, Ojou-sama」

「I am sorry for making you help」

「No, it is alright」

Writing all twenty copies by myself would expectedly tire me out. So, Natalia was helping me.
I had wanted to ask for Richard’s help as well, but his handwriting was poor enough it made me think a snake wriggled across the page. I could not read it at all, so I abandoned the idea of letting him help.
On that note, Natalia’s handwriting was beautiful. Our household’s maid was truly competent.


「Would you like to take a break? 」

「……Yes. A little break would be nice」

We had lunch with Wilhelm-sama and immediately went home to make the documents. After that, we ate dinner, and from then on, we had only been making documents.
As expected, my shoulders felt a little stiff.

「Then, I will make a cup of tea」

「Please, Natalia」

「Yes. Please wait a moment」

As expected of Natalia to be very thoughtful.
I was desperate in making the documents, but I truly appreciate Natalia who was concerned about my health.
We only had about seventy percent of the documents completed.
It seemed I would be sleeping late.

「Here you go, Ojou-sama」

「Thank you」

「That……it may be impertinent of me, but rather than tomorrow, it would probably be better to do the lecture at a later date」

「……You may be right」

It might be a little too late for regrets.
During our conversation for today’s lunch, Wilhelm-sama told me I could start a week later.
But I said that I would start tomorrow.
I had nothing to do lately, and I was only knitting on my spare time. That being so, I was overjoyed I could work for the first time. So, I got carried away and declared I would do it tomorrow.
I absolutely suffered the consequences.

「If it could be completed today, we would only have to copy it from tomorrow on」


「Let us go to the Order ahead of time tomorrow morning. I must have Wilhelm-sama check the contents of the lecture」

If it was checked in the morning, I should be able to do the lecture in the afternoon.
If it could not be done, then no matter.

「Then, I will tell Chris to make lunch earlier tomorrow」

「Please do, Natalia」


After drinking the cup of tea Natalia made, I felt comfortable and returned to work once more.
Regarding medicinal herbs, it might be faster to show the actual thing, so we shall go shopping in the morning. Wilhelm-sama said he would not mind covering for any necessary expenses.
But for now, writing down the information on its characteristics might be easier to understand.

With Natalia’s help, I made the documents the best I could.
By giving lectures, I would be able to help Wilhelm-sama, receive payment, and also remember the faces of everyone in the Order.

Carol would do her utmost to make all of the knights acknowledge her as a lady suitable for Wilhelm-sama.


「Ojou-sama, I have finished」

「Thank you, Natalia」

In the end.
It took the sky to lighten before Natalia and I finished making the documents.

Author’s note:
Thank you for your patronage for the past year. I will update again next year, so I look forward to your continued support.
Everyone, have a good New Year.

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