The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: First Period – Quiz –


I would clear my throat for now.
Somehow, everyone’s gaze on me felt very warm. I never thought I would suddenly fumble like this.
But anyway, reset. Nothing happened. With that, I calmed myself down.

「Well then, everyone, please look at the first page of the document」

There were four pages of documents.
I actually have a lot more I wanted to teach, but selected content is selected.
Above all, today might be a lecture for the Order’s officers, but originally I was to teach the common ranks of knights. For that purpose, I thought it was best to make it easy to understand.
So, the first page was an exam.

「I believe there are choices under the questions. So everyone, please answer it first」

「This is……」

「I will make time for any questions later. Please answer first」

Several people sitting at the front frowned.
That was only to be expected. I suppose I would also frown if I was in the same situation.
But this was not a difficult test at all. I simply wanted to know how everyone thought. As I had said, this test would not cause a disadvantage.
I saw everyone each held a pen and circled their choices.
After a time, when their movements stilled, I started the lecture.

「Well then, has everyone finished answering? 」

「Young lady……how to say this, are you making fun of us? 」

「No, not at all, um……Vice-captain Victor, right? Vice-captain Victor, I never had such an intention」


Despite my words, his frown remained.
Was he disappointed? Well, all the same, that was questions’ content.

「Then, I will read the questions aloud, so please answer by turns……Starting with, Battalion Commander Alexander」


Seated at the leftmost corner was a man of big build.
Since I would be meeting many new faces, Wilhelm-sama made a seating chart beforehand. With this, I would have no problem calling their names.
Being a battalion commander meant that the big man was of equal standing to Wilhelm-sama. I wonder if muscularity had anything to do with it. His hairstyle, which looked like a lion’s mane, was impressive.

「So, the first question, 『Your comrade is injured. You must prepare a cloth to cover his wound. Which cloth do you use? ① A clean handkerchief ② A cloth dirtied with mud』Please answer」

「……Number one, a clean handkerchief」

「Yes, correct. Thank you very much」

I expressed my thanks, but Alexander-sama continued to frown.
Was it really something to be so angry about?

「Next……seated beside him, Battalion Commander Gazette」

「……My turn, huh? 」

「Yes, please. The second question, 『While you are cooking, you found insects crawling on the ingredients. What do you do? ① Put the ingredients into the pot after removing the insects ② Put the ingredients into the pot with the crawling insects』Please answer」

「……Number one, put the ingredients into the pot after removing the insects」

「Yes, correct. Thank you very much」


Similarly, Gazette-sama also frowned.
My, it was only the beginning and it was already like this. It seemed they did not understand the meaning.

「Then, the one seated next, Vice-captain Victor, please answer」


「The third question, 『There is water in front of you. Which one do you drink? ① Boiled and cooled water ② Foul-smelling water where insects germinate』Please answer」

「Enough with this farce」

Instead of answering my question, Vice-captain Victor stated so.
Well, I had already anticipated this.
Vice-captain Victor fixed his glare on me. But this was an official place in the Order. No harm would come to me.
Moreover, Wilhelm-sama was watching from the back. There was nothing more reassuring for me than that.

「……Do you not understand? 」

「How dare……! We are the Chivalric Order, how long will you make fun of……! 」

「Victor! 」

Wilhelm-sama’s harsh voice stopped Vice-captain Victor from fully leaving his seat.
But then, Vice-captain Victor directed his glare to Wilhelm-sama.

「To be asked such ridiculous questions, was that the purpose of gathering us officers?! Captain! 」

「Be quiet and listen. This is a lecture taken out of the Order’s working hours」

「But……! We are being taken so lightly by a girl of such a young age! 」

「I thought so, too. However, if you listen to Carol’s lecture, you will see. But first, be quiet and listen to the lecture」

「Tch……! 」

Vice-captain Victor sat back down, though he clearly disagreed.
And, what was more, the bar was raised a great notch. I shall do my best.

「Continuing on. May I have your answer? 」

「Hmph……Number one, boiled and cooled water! 」

「Yes, correct. Thank you very much」

「Exactly what should we understand about this! 」

「First of all, I would like to clarify. I am not here to treat the officers of the Order like they are fools. It was originally decided that this lecture will be given to all the members of the Order」

Today was an exception.

「In the Order, there are a variety of people, both rich and poor. Assuming a high-leveled lecture was done, comprehension would differ to each individual. Thus, the documents were made with those who do not have any knowledge about hygiene in mind. Also, there is a reason for this exam」

「Tch……! Then, let’s hear it! 」

「Yes. I am now clear on everyone’s common awareness」

I raised the page with the written questions for everyone to see.
The lesson to be done now was completely a matter of course. It was common sense.
But, at the same time, it was also a way to protect one’s life.

「Everyone thinks it is better for clean things to touch the wound. And in meals, thinks that insects should not be put in. And thinks it is better to drink boiled and cooled water than a dirty one. Is this not so? 」

Starting here would be the lesson on hygiene.


I deeply apologize for being away last week. For those who saw my notice, I realized too late I typed the wrong date for the next update. I put “12/28” when I meant my update resumes a week after. OTL
I guess I was really out of it when I typed that. Really sorry if it caused confusion, and thank you for your patience. ; u ;

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