The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: End of Lecture

「……Then, here ends the lecture」

After the first aid treatments, I discussed about the medicinal herbs which could be easily used, and then the lecture ended.
There were various kinds of medicinal herbs, but the ones I introduced for today were those which naturally grew in the wild, could be easily obtained, and had distinctive appearances. Though, if pasted on the wound, they would only improve the healing and nothing more.

There had been all sorts of digressions along the way, but we managed to finish around the allotted time.

「Good work, Carol」

「Thank you very much, Wilhelm-sama」

「Then, gentlemen, keep in mind today’s lecture and expect it to play an active role in the future. Dismissed! 」

「Thank you very much! 」

Following Wilhelm-sama’s words, everyone thanked me and left the room.
Somehow, I was terribly nervous that everyone’s thanks was directed at me.
Soon, the ones left in the room were only Wilhelm-sama, Natalia and I.

「Then, Carol. Let us have tea in my office」

「My. Thank you very much」

「Do not mind it. I would like to discuss about your pay as well」

Accepting Wilhelm-sama’s kind offer, we headed for tea.
I would have to go home shortly after having tea. There were a lot of parts in the documents which needed revising.
For now, I entered the Captain’s office after Wilhelm-sama.

「Even though it was your first lecture, you had fared greatly」

「Well, I did practice many times……」

I lacked sleep last night because of that.
I would like to sleep as soon as I got home if I could, but I could not.
The lecture turned out well today, and I must immediately start teaching tomorrow. Hence, I needed to revise the documents.
Despite the practice though, all of it went down the drain when I committed the blunder of fumbling at the beginning.

「Victor had hectored you a lot. I apologize for that」

「No……it was only natural for him to doubt me」

「That was according to my instruction」


Oh my, was that so?
I did sense he was a lot hostile right from the start, but I never would have thought it was Wilhelm-sama’s orders.

「In your future lectures, there will be some who would lack enthusiasm. I wanted to see how Carol will handle those types of people」

「I see……」

「Victor never meant offense. However, I instructed for him to ask Carol daunting questions if he had any doubts, so his behavior was like that. Forgive me」

「No, it is all right」

I was actually asked all sorts of daunting questions, yet I was not afraid.
Wilhelm-sama watching from the back of the room was one of the reasons. But, most of all, it was because everyone in the Order came to my rescue when I had been kidnapped.
So why should I be afraid of the Chivalric Order?

「So, starting tomorrow onwards, proceed with giving a lecture to each platoon」

「Yes. Would it be all right to hold it in the afternoon? 」

「It is. The making of documents will be a lot of trouble……I apologize I could not give you much payment. The current contract is for temporary employment」

Saying so, Wilhelm-sama took out a parchment.
Unlike the commonly distributed paper, parchment was only used in contracts or important documents. By signing this, my employment contract with the Order would be established.
I read the contents carefully, decided there were no problems with it, and signed.

「Hmm. Thank you」

「No, I should be the one to thank you」

I really am grateful for this.
If Wilhelm-sama had never suggested this, I would have stayed unemployed.
The pay might not be much, but it would be the money I earned myself. It is important.

「For now, give a lecture like today. I have duties starting tomorrow, so I cannot observe at the rear. In my stead, I will deploy Victor, Alexander, Gazette, or……well, someone who was present today. There will be a lot of rowdy people. If you encounter any trouble, you can rely on them」

「I understand」

「Then, let us end here for today, since it is almost time」

「? 」

Almost time for what?
I could not recall having arranged anything in particular.
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door to the Captain’s office.

「Pardon my intrusion, Captain」

「You have come, Zack」

「I have arrived at your summon」

Saluting with an air of respect was Zack.
Why was Zack here?



「I cannot escort Carol home. And because there was the previous case of your kidnapping, I feel uneasy leaving your safety to Natalia-dono alone. Therefore, I will have someone from the Order escort Carol to and fro」

Oh, I see.
Come to think of it, my elder brother had indeed come to pick me up. He had said it was part of his job, but was this the reason why?
So, it would be Zack who would escort me back home.
But why him?
He was unreliable.

「Zack, I leave Carol’s safe return to you」

「Yes, sir. Understood」

「Then, Carol. I will see you tomorrow noon」

「Yes. I will now take my leave, Wilhelm-sama」

It was unfortunate that Zack would escort me home, but I excused myself and left the Captain’s office.
Later at home, I would have dinner and then make the documents. I would have to rely on Natalia once more.
We left the Order and proceeded outside.
Headed straight to the manor.

「You’re now a teacher, huh」

「Is it strange? 」

「No, nothing like that. Just thinking when’s it gonna be my turn for the lecture……is it next week or maybe the week after that」

「Is that so」

When the turn of Zack’s platoon comes, I shall throw Zack a complicated question.
Just to bully him a little.

「So, what kinda lectures will it be? 」

「It will be about hygiene, first aid, and medicinal herbs」

「Haii…jin…? 」

Oh dear, a common person’s level of awareness was that poor?
It was my job to teach the basics of hygiene, so it could not be helped for now.

「It is a lecture to aid the healing of wounds」

「He~e. What’s that, sounds amazing」

「I am not particularly amazing though」

I felt a little superior.


「Is something the matter, Natalia? 」

「No……but, um, at the manor」

At Natalia’s words, I turned my gaze ahead.
Beyond was naturally the residence of the Ambrose Ducal House. Incidentally, the Ambrose had a vast territory, so our main residence was located within it. Its management was currently entrusted to the steward though.

And there, at my home—in front of the manor, was a carriage.

「Could it be a guest? 」

「No……I have not heard of any guests arriving today」

Well, even if it was a guest, it did not concern me.
I am but the Duke’s daughter, and the head of the family was my father.

「Moreover, that carriage……」

At the end of Natalia’s line of sight was the carriage.
It was extremely grand compared to the usual carriage. And engraved in its back was…

The Royal emblem.

「The guest is……from the royal family, it seems? 」

Why is that?
As Natalia mumbled such, I could only feel a sense of foreboding.

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