The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: His Highness, Intrusion 4

「W……W-Wha……! 」

His Highness glared at me with his face an angry red.
Unfortunately, I am completely unafraid. His Highness was nothing but a buffoon to me now.
Well, I probably have been a bit sharp-tongued.
It just slipped out.

「You! You said what! 」

「Does His Highness not only have a poor mind, but also a poor hearing? 」

You stop your nonsense! I take it you know what happens when you speak in such a manner to me?! 」

「What does happen」

「Clearly, it is lese-majesty! 」

Once again, he said something he knew nothing about.
Though the question was how he knew moldy laws like lese-majesty? Who taught him that?
In my case, a law teacher taught me about it as a digression.

「And what do you think is lese-majesty? 」

「You do not even know that much about the law! Remarks towards royalty without regard to one’s status naturally constitute lese-majesty! 」

「No, I did not hear about that sort of thing」

It seemed His Highness really did not know about lese-majesty.
Why could he not realize that by talking about things he did not know about, he was making an entirely meaningless claim?
Ha~a, I heaved a sigh.
I did not want to talk to him anymore.

「Why do you consider it an offense? 」

「You spouted impetuous words like “stop your nonsense” to this royalty! What is that if not an offense! 」

「Then, what does Your Highness call your impetuous words towards me? 」

「Hah!? What are you talking about! 」

He really did not know the law.
Why could he not have the common sense to know of crimes like lese-majesty, which already lost its significance?

「All your remarks so far are defamation against me. Also, using your position to give orders constitutes blackmail1. And though I no longer wish to remember, announcing the cancellation of our engagement in public is an offense which constitutes slander」

「Wha!? 」

「These are facts with no relevance to one’s position. Because even if Your Highness is a royalty, we are all equals before the law」

Being a constitutional state, the royalty would be faced with equality before the law.
And His Highness had already committed that much offense, though he was not aware.

「His Highness mentioned lese-majesty earlier」

「W-What about it! 」

「The most recent case of lese-majesty was more than a hundred years ago. The Kingdom back then was under absolute monarchy, so an offense towards the royalty was directly charged with lese-majesty. The Kingdom became constitutional during the revolution of that time, and the current system with the royalty as the top was then established. This history was supposed to be studied in detail at the academy though」

「—! W-What……! 」

「Currently, lese-majesty is left at the corners of the law, and there is no precedent for it these past one hundred years. From the start, there is no case to follow to sue someone for lese-majesty」

I sent a cold look to His Highness whose eyes widened.
And then, I feigned a big sigh.

「Your Highness」

「W-What! 」

「You did not even know this much about the law, and you intend to support this country? 」

「—! 」

The Kingdom’s future was dark.
Fists trembling, His Highness tried to say something but could not say anything. He ended up opening and closing his mouth like a goldfish.
If there was a day I could meet with His Majesty and the Queen, I would like to say a few words about His Highness’s education.


It was then that my mother began to speak.
Up until now, she had simply been watching. I was able to be this confident because I had my mother’s reassuring presence next to me.

「Your Highness Rayford, is there anything else you would like to say? 」

「Ku……guu……! 」

「His Highness has proposed a solution in accordance with the law, and we agree to it. Well then, please take your leave today」

「P-Please wait a……! 」

「No. The decision has already been made. We shall call over an attorney. The rest will be in court」

「Guu……! 」

My mother stood up, and I followed suit.
Even with all of this, would they still sue me?
His Highness fixed me with a glare and stood up.

「I can no longer bear this……! 」

「The one who had to bear it was I. As a mother, do you know how unbearable it is to have my daughter insulted? 」

「Hell if I know! To have myself insulted this far……! 」

Grit, His Highness glared at my mother and raised his right hand.
What did that gesture mean?
However, His Highness alternately glared between my mother and I. And then, he dropped his right hand.

「Get rid of these fools! 」

「—!? 」

「U-Um, Your Highness, that is……」

「Your duty is to obey my orders, is it not?! Cut off these fools’ heads! 」

The two people who were brought as escorts were ordered so.
Even if he was royalty, it was too absurd. As expected, the two guards were also perplexed.
Had they been ruffians, they might have done it for money. However, the two guards were regular knights. Regardless of His Highness’s order, they must not harm the Duchess and the Duke’s daughter for no reason.
Did he not know this much as well?

「Your Highness, that would be……」

「Please calm down, Your Highness……」

「Well?! I order you! If you will not do it, then hand me your sword! I will……! 」

His Highness kicked one of the guards and took the sword on his waist.
But, Your Highness, did you not know?

「What the hell is this! Is this not a wooden sword! 」

「We usually do not carry around real swords……」

「You think you can protect me with such a principle! You fools! 」

Ah, yes. You do not have any care for your guards, do you? I was not even aware until recently, but the knights usually do not carry around real swords.
In case of an emergency, they take out a sword from the armory, usually a wooden sword.
The one who told me so was Wilhelm-sama.

「Fine! I do not care anymore! 」

「Your Highness! 」


His Highness raised the wooden sword and swung down towards Mother.
However, there was no panic.
I might not know how strong His Highness was, but he was of the royalty. Not a knight. Not a warrior. Not even a soldier.
The combat ability he possessed would not be much.

「Guaa!? 」

The wooden sword drew an arc and flew.
His Highness held his hand in pain. Well, it hurt, did it not?
Just as you have two guards on your side, so do we.


「Further violence, even from royalty, would not be tolerated」

Standing in front of my mother in an instant and kicking His Highness’s arm away, Natalia declared so.
By the way, this was legitimate self-defense. Rather, His Highness’s action constituted attempted assault.

「G-Guu……! You! You raised your hand against myself! 」

「No, I kicked with my foot」

「Nonsense! Do not think you could get away unscathed! 」

「Indeed. Rather, it is His Highness who should not think of getting away unscathed」

The voice—came by the door.
He opened the door without a sound and stood there.
My elder brother—Albert Ambrose.

「Albert……!? Why are you here! 」

「Because it is my house. More importantly, how about being more concerned about yourself? 」

「What are you……! 」

「Excuse me」

Entering from the other side of the door was a great big form.
Why…was he there?
Whenever I was in trouble, he always came to my rescue.


「Wilhelm!? 」

「Your Highness, for the moment, let us hear what you have to say. Men! Seize him! 」

「Yes, sir! 」

The two people behind His Highness restrained both of his arms.
I saw His Highness open his eyes as wide as saucers as if to say, “What is the meaning of this”.

「What are you bastards doing! Release me! 」

「As a member of the Chivalric Order, I cannot ignore those who try to harm women in broad daylight2

「Wilhelm! You bastard! 」

「Take him away! 」

Detained by the two knights, I watched as His Highness was taken away.
No matter how much he said, “Let go, let go”, it just would not happen.
My mother, elder brother, Natalia and I only had blank expressions on.
In addition, only the pale-faced Lady Mary was left behind.

Ha~a, Wilhelm-sama heaved a sigh.
I think even his form sighing like that was gallant.



「It is good that you are safe. But, well……I knew no harm will come to you, as long as Lady Natalia is around……」


I told Zack, “please call for my elder brother”.
But I never thought Wilhelm-sama would come.
For my sake, the busy person that was the Knight Captain arrived. It made me sincerely happy.

I held onto Wilhelm-sama’s sturdy body and embraced him.

「Ca-Carol? 」

「Wilhelm-sama……thank you very much」

「N-Not at all……」

Thus, I expressed my gratitude.
My head tilted in puzzlement, his face was much redder than usual.


[1] I was confused by this at first, so for the sake of those in the same boat, I think this refers to when Rayford demanded an apology from Carol.

[2] It’s still evening during this time…I have no idea what this sentence means other than it’s an idiom. Perhaps referring to Rayford committing an obvious offense.

I was never suited for politics despite my (admittedly measly) efforts. And never have I researched about politics more than I did in this chapter (and the following one), just so I could be sure I was not typing the wrong terms or laws. My brain’s not happy, but I hope it paid off. ; u ; I tried to stay as close to the raws as possible, but if you find incongruities, please tell me.

Tbh, this type of conclusion was kinda anti-climactic for me lol. But that’s about it for Rayford. He would not be missed.

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  1. Ghost reader says:

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