The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: The Elder Brother’s Progress

「……Okay? Chris」

「N-No. After all, young master……I am……」

「It’s fine, isn’t it? I love you. Mother has also given her approval. And if Chris accepts, I’ll never love anyone but Chris for the rest of my life. I swear」

「……and you could fool any woman with that」

「No, my feelings are true」

What should I do?
I heard something major.

Today, as usual, I was walking with both Natalia and Mary to the kitchen to ask Chris for a packed lunch.
Natalia goes with me to the garrison, but in the manor, I am mainly accompanied by both Natalia and Mary. On Natalia’s days off, it would be Richard and Mary. Incidentally, Wilhelm-sama said I am a temporary lecturer at the Order, so a knight would be sent to pick me up whenever Natalia was on a day off.
Well, it was usually Zack though. Honestly, he was not much reliable.

And so, I came to ask Chris to let me make a dish for Wilhelm-sama’s meal.
What greeted me was the sight of my brother Albert with his hands pressed on the wall, cornering Chris.
Seeing what I should not have seen, I went and hid myself.

「……It’s just, I’m ten years older than young master. I’m also born a commoner. You’re the Duke’s son. You should marry a more suitable woman」

「Chris! You’re the only one I love! 」

「Then, please marry a suitable woman. And if you’ll make me your mistress then, well……」

「No! With a woman other than Chris is……! 」

「No……Please just think I didn’t exist. The difference in our status……」

「That doesn’t matter! 」

I knew my elder brother endlessly professed his love for Chris. I heard it often enough, too.
But each time, Chris ignored it and left his confession scattering to the winds.
In this way, I found the Chris looking at my brother with a flushed face really refreshing.

While hiding in a corner—I at the lowest, followed by Mary, and at the top being Natalia—we watched the interaction of the two with our faces slightly inched out. We were absolutely peeping toms.1
But I was curious. Though I was aware my brother and Chris had been having a pleasant atmosphere lately, I never thought it had progressed this much.
For Chris, her refusal was because there was a difference in their social status. But such a thing did not matter to my elder brother.
Chris needed only to give her assent and my brother would advance full throttle.

「What about the young lady of the Anderson House who often comes over? She can support young master more than me」


「I mean, who would accept it? “The wife of the Duke’s son is a commoner cook, and ten years older at that.” But, you know, it’s not that I dislike young master. So, if I’ll become young master’s mistress……」

「Don’t call me young master! 」

Suddenly, my elder brother raised his voice.
A lover’s quarrel. I was slightly grinning as I watched.

For all that, because us three were lined up in hiding, our bodies were glued together. Specifically, Mary was pressed to my back.
Those parts of the twin hills touching my back was bigger than I thought. It made me a little depressed.
If Natalia was a boing boing, Mary was a jiggle jiggle. No wonder Richard, who was entrusted with teaching Mary various things, was often in a good mood lately.
Dark emotions welled up, but I cast it aside for the meantime. Now was the time to watch my brother’s romance.

「Chris……do you hate me? 」

「No……calling it hate is…」

「Then, do you like me? 」

「Well……no, umm……」

My brother was being pushy. I wonder why he was so aggressive.
Until now, I had never seen him say anything so fervently.

「……if I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t have let you」

「Then! 」

「That night never happened. I have already put it out of my mind. Young master is…young master’s……」

「I told you to call me Albert, didn’t I! Didn’t you call my name then! 」

「……that’s why, it didn’t happen. Forget it ever existed」

「I can’t do that! I’ve always loved Chris! How can I forget a night with my beloved woman?! 」

Apparently, something happened on a certain night.
It seemed to be an important incident, from my elder brother’s tone. What on earth could have happened?
Chris’s face was bright red. It was refreshing seeing Chris like that.

「Once more……call me Albert」

「……Young master, I am…」

「Just one more time. That would be enough」

「Aah……mou, A-Albert…sama……」

「Chris! 」

And then.
Elder brother embraced Chris and kissed her.
Chris did not reject it, leaving everything to my brother. What a shameless thing to do in the morning. But then, I was much more shameless for peeping at them.
My heart was pounding.
Yes, men and women who love each other exchanged hugs and kisses like this. The many love stories I had read usually ended with a kiss.
While it was embarrassing, it was my first time seeing people exchange a kiss like this with each other.
It was so moving.

「Let’s get married, Chris. If I’m with you, I can overcome any hardships」


I drew back my face at that point.
I already saw more than enough, it would be uncouth of me to peep any further. As I withdrew, so did Mary and Natalia.
I signaled at them with only my eyes to return for now.
Let us have breakfast first.

I left the kitchen and headed towards the dining hall. I sat in front of my father and mother who were already seated. Of course, my elder brother was not around. I would be surprised if he was.

「Good morning, Father, Mother」

「Good morning, Carol」

「Good morning, Carol. Though, your face looks a little red. What happened? 」

「N-No. Nothing at all」

To be shown such an act in the morning, one’s face would naturally turn red.
But I am glad. My brother’s feelings seemed to have finally reached Chris.
I wonder, when would the day come when I get to call Chris sister-in-law?

And, suddenly, it made me think a bit.
Like what my elder brother had done earlier, passionate words, embrace, and then—kiss.
If I were to do those with Wilhelm-sama—.

As though with a puff sound, heat rushed to my whole face.
What should I do? If that were to happen, I would probably fall over in happiness.
Wilhelm-sama’s sturdy body holding me close, his wonderful bearded lips drawing near, and our lips passionately touching—just thinking about it made my head hot enough that I thought it would combust.

「……Carol? 」

「Your face is much redder now. Are you all right? 」


Carol would always wait for you.
Like how my elder brother was to Chris, with words of love which move the heart, and then a passionate kiss.


[1] This is written as 出刃亀 in the original, but I only found something about 出歯亀. I’m not sure if it’s intended to be a pun or it’s simply a typo (I’m sorry if it’s the former ; u ; ). According to the article, 出歯亀 was the nickname of a man from the Meiji era. “Peeping tom” is its English equivalent.

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