The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: Beloved, Visit

「Wilhelm-sama! 」

「Ah, hey, Carol, wai……」

I rushed towards the entrance hall.
I had waited and waited for his visit as I drank tea with Lilia. And finally, I was going to go out with Wilhelm-sama. My heart was pounding in excitement at this moment.
Just where would he be taking me to?
Oh, and surely, Wilhelm-sama would be in civilian clothes today. What kind of attire could it be?
I was sorry towards Lilia, but if Wilhelm-sama was here, my overwhelming priority was Wilhelm-sama.

「It has been a while, Wilhelm-sama」

「Oh, so it is you, Elizabeth. You have not changed」

「My, I am already past my prime. Though it is flattery, I gratefully accept it」

「No, really, you have not changed at all……」

There he was…Wilhelm-sama.
When I reached the entrance hall, he and my mother seemed to be talking about something. I might have been puzzled were this any other woman, but I could be at ease since my mother was no stranger. After all, my parents are lovey-dovey with each other.
Wilhelm-sama was wearing a casual sweater and slacks. The sweater which covered up to the neck was just right for the season, as it was already getting a little cold. He looked wonderful in civilian clothing. Of course, he also looked gallant in armor, so it was similarly wonderful. Rather, Wilhelm-sama himself is wonderful.

「Wilhelm-sama! 」


「I am sorry for making you wait! 」

「No, I did not wait for…long……」

Trailing off, Wilhelm-sama looked at me strangely. It was embarrassing to be stared at too much.
My hairstyle did not come loose, did it? Lilia had suddenly visited before I could check in the mirror.
Seeing me, my mother looked confused for some reason.


「Yes, Mother」

「Mother would like to ask, why are you wearing your uniform? If it is clothes, I believe I ordered from the tailor ten clothes or so the other day」

「Yes, you have, Mother」

I had my favorite dresses, skirts, blouses, and also dresses for evening parties.
It was not like I did not have any clothes. And yet I wore my uniform, so it would seem odd for my mother.
I must properly explain the reason right here.

「Mother, men seems to like school uniforms」

「Is that so? 」

「Yes. I do not know exactly why, but men basically like them」

「I see. Is that right, Wilhelm-sama? 」

「……W-Well, I wonder about that」

When my mother asked that, for some reason, Wilhelm-sama seemed to have a difficult time answering.
Could it be…Wilhelm-sama was not fond of uniforms? Natalia had said that men basically liked uniforms, but perhaps there were those who had a different opinion.
Wilhelm-sama cleared his throat.

「C-Carol, uniforms are a little……um. How about changing clothes? 」

「……Does Wilhelm-sama…dislike uniforms? 」

「N-No, that is not the case. But Carol has already stopped going to the academy. A uniform is worn by someone who attends school. If you go out wearing it, people might think Carol is still enrolled in the academy」


Indeed, it was as Wilhelm-sama said.
I already issued a withdrawal notice to the academy. Under such circumstances, walking around in a uniform might cause people to misunderstand.
Since it had a lovely design, I had hoped to use it as a casual wear if possible. But wearing it would be a way of expressing that I was still enrolled at the academy. Meaning, I would risk a case of impersonation.
Would it not be better to change clothes, then?

「I understand, Wilhelm-sama. I am sorry for letting you wait a little longer. I shall go change my clothes」

「V-Very well. It is all right. I do not mind waiting」

「Yes. Then, please wait a moment」

Well then, I would have to hurry and change clothes.
I shall wear one of my favorite dresses after all. If I remembered correctly, it should be inside the closet.
But I often wore dresses. It might be better to have a different one today.
It would take time if I only start choosing now, would it not?
Aah, why had I not properly chosen clothes besides my uniform?


「Y-Yes. Mother」

As I hurried towards my room, I heard my mother’s voice behind me.
As usual, my aggressive mother seemed to suddenly appear behind me.
What could she want, I wonder?

「You tried your best. Let Mother choose your clothes for you」

「My! 」

I am saved.
It was not a matter of having no clothes to wear. Rather, it was that there were too many choices which I was troubled about.
If it was my mother, she would surely choose a lovely one.
With that, I went back to my room with my mother.
Wilhelm-sama must not be kept waiting for too long. Mother immediately opened the closet and took out some clothes.

「Let us see……Since the weather is nice today, try this one first」

「Yes, Mother」

The first set I received from my mother was a white tunic and a pink cardigan.
It was the cold season, so it seemed to be the right time to put on an extra layer.
Since the tunic was long, I did not have to fret too much on what bottom would match with it.
I took off my uniform and wore the tunic first before putting on the cardigan.
It looked quite nice when I checked in the full-length mirror. It seemed to match with the uniform’s pleated skirt.

「These are for the bottom」

「Yes, Mother」

What my mother took out next was a checkered flare skirt and a white petticoat.
I first put on the petticoat, and then wore the flare skirt over it. I made sure the edge of the petticoat was in view.
Oh, it was cute.
As expected of my mother. She had quickly coordinated what I was fretting over to put together.

「Well then, there would not be any problem with this」

「Thank you very much, Mother」

I am saved.
Had I been left to my devices, I would have surely fretted for a long time.
But my mother shook her head, and then folded the uniform I took off and set aside.



「Would it be right to assume you would no longer wear this uniform? 」

「Well……I suppose」

I did not intend to go back to school. And if Wilhelm-sama was not fond of it, then there was no reason to wear it anymore.
So I nodded and my mother smiled.

「I see. Then, Mother shall borrow this one」

「Mother will? 」

「Yes, men apparently like uniforms. I shall show this a bit to Gilliam tonight」


Happily humming in front of the mirror, my mother looked over the uniform while aligning it against her body.
My mother looked young, so she might be mistaken for a school student if she wore the uniform. We could even be passed off as sisters.
I am sorry, Mother, I truly am. But…

Since I know your actual age, I am seriously a bit grossed out.


Poor, poor Carol. xD
I had trouble figuring out the last sentence and had to ask a friend. They saved me from a worse headache, I’m really grateful. ; u ;

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