The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Unchanging Days

It had been a week since Wilhelm-sama went to the battlefield.
That said, nothing changed in my daily life. I was still a temporary lecturer, and today would be no different. I was still teaching at the garrison.
But then, the entire Order of the Black Iron had gone to war. My elder brother, Zack, everyone went.
And so, I would now have my lecture at the women’s order—the Order of the Snow’s garrison.

「Then, that is all for today」

「Thank you! 」

Today, I gave a lecture to two platoons.
The Order of the Snow’s Captain Anastasia arranged for me to continue the lectures here until the Order of the Black Iron’s return. I was told that the Order of the Snow had also gotten wind of my lectures. And I thought, if there was an opportunity, I would like teach for them.
So today, I was teaching women who were only a little older than me. I could be at ease since there were only women around.
But while at the Order of the Black Iron’s garrison they would disperse after the lecture, it was a little different here.


「Yes, what is it? 」

「Could I talk to you for a while? 」

「Yes, it is fine」

「Actually…my skin is a little rough……」

At the front of the line was a young female knight, behind here were several people lining up.
I checked over the hand the female knight presented. It looked red. There were probably scars that she scratched.

「Does it itch? 」

「Yes, a little……」

「It is probably due to dryness. Please make sure to properly moisturize after bathing」


I listened to health-related issues every day as I recollected what I know.
I heard it was difficult to readily talk to a male doctor concerning women in particular. In this one week, I had relatively given various consultations.
Cases such as itching from dry skin—like with this person—were still easy, while some had asked about abortion for pregnancy. All the same, I could not give an answer since I had no knowledge in that area. There were doctors who specialized in abortifacients. An unskillful person like me with nothing but textbook knowledge could not possibly provide an answer.
After giving health advices to the queuing people, it was finally finished.


「Thank you for your hard work today. Come with me to the captain’s office, and let us have a cup of tea」

「Thank you very much, Captain Anastasia」

Whenever the lecture ends, Captain Anastasia would always take care of me afterwards.
Unlike when I was the Order of the Black Iron’s lecturer, it seemed I had not thought much about working a little overtime. But because the women of the Order could not easily consult a doctor, I suppose consulting with me a little would not hurt.
And since there was no particular need for me to rush home, I would go with the flow.

I went to the captain’s office with Captain Anastasia.
Natalia waited at the back, while we mainly faced each other and drank tea. I had been nervous the first time, but I grew used to it after a week.

「As always, I apologize for letting those bunch consult with you」

「No, it is all right. As long as I could be of help」

In the captain’s office, Captain Anastasia sipped her personally brewed tea.
Wilhelm-sama would similarly make tea like this, but there was one overwhelming difference.
Yes, that was—.

「Actually, I received this yesterday」

「My! 」

「It does not keep for long. Would you like to eat it with me? 」

—The offer of sweets.
Captain Anastasia was apparently admired and would often be given sweets. Dried confectionary was fine, but fresh confectionary would not keep for long, so it would be offered to me like this.
Today, Captain Anastasia presented a buttercream cake. Behind me, I heard the sound of Natalia swallowing.

「If you want, how about letting your maid join us? 」

「Would that be all right? 」

「Certainly. I cannot finish this by myself. It would be great if I have some help with eating it」

「Then……Natalia, please come and eat with us」

「……Then, please excuse me」

Natalia sat down, her face betraying nothing. But it was clear to me that she looked happy. She really loved sweets.
I also took a bite.
Delicious. The thick buttercream melted inside my mouth.

「It is delicious」

「I see. Then I am glad. The shop’s owner would always give me something whenever they see me」

「Is that so」

「Their daughter is in the Order of the Snow. They would hand me something every time, asking me to take care of their daughter」

Haha, Captain Anastasia helplessly shrugged.
A parent really could not help but worry. After all, their daughter had joined a chivalric order.
Even I was worried about Wilhelm-sama, and I feared for my elder brother who got called to the front lines. I hope they will come back safely.

「Are you worried about Uncle? 」


Did it show on my face?
I unconsciously reached up to my face. However, I did not know what expression I was making when I touched it.
Uncle—Captain Anastasia Aibringer’s uncle was Wilhelm Aibringer-sama.

「Well, I suppose you would be. I have heard a lot about Lady Carol from Uncle. That event at the evening party in particular was the cream of the crop. I would have liked to be there, too」

「Such a thing……」

It felt so long ago.
But it was an embarrassing memory. Brazenly kissing his cheek in front of the public’s gaze.

「Rest assured, Lady Carol. Uncle will definitely be back」


「Speaking of, Wilhelm Aibringer is a well-known figure called 『The White Tiger of Flarekista』 outside the country. This time in particular, he is a reinforcement to the Empire, the reigning state. There is not even the slightest chance of defeat」



Caught a bit surprised, Captain Anastasia’s brows raised.
Did I say something that strange?

「Is there something wrong? 」

「No……you are a lot calmer than I expected」

「Is that so? 」

Indeed, I was calm.
I had come to accept the fact that Wilhelm-sama went to war. I had also bore in mind the possibility that he might perish in battle.
My mind was strangely calm.

「Because Wilhelm-sama……promised me he would be back」

「……I see」

「Yes. Wilhelm-sama has never broken a promise. So……I will wait」

Captain Anastasia breathed a hou, a little bit impressed with what I said.
Then, she smiled wryly.

「My, how enviable my uncle is」

「Eh? 」

「Since a good woman is waiting for him like this」

If he promised, I would wait.
I would wait no matter how long.

And so…
Was I able to come even a little close to the good woman my mother meant?

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  1. chief says:

    hmmm I feel like it’s a little weird that they can’t consult with a doctor about various things

    thanks for the chapter !


    • testblogkitwf says:

      The point wasn’t that they had no doctor to consult, but that the (army) doctors they do have regular access to are male. They’re consulting in matters that they’re too embarassed to talk about with a male doctor, like abortions* and skincare**.
      *Abortions because men can’t get pregnant. This is also why females don’t like talking about menstruation while males are present. Similarly, most gynaecologists are female, even though gender is not a requirement.
      ** Skincare (itchy scars) because, on the surface level, it’s not an injury that impedes their function as a soldier. That said, a good doctor will tell them that it’s a perfectly valid concern, because scratching there may result in an infection and the general stress and distraction it provides is also detrimental in the long run, considering how physically and mentally draining the job of a soldier can be.

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