The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: The Man Named Edward

What a surprise. Why was this person here?
Edward-san who was said to be Wilhelm-sama’s acquaintance.
And the enemy who misunderstood the relationship of Wilhelm-sama and I— a harmoniously engaged couple to anyone who looked—as that of a grandfather and his grandchild.

「C-Carol…so you were home? 」

「Yes. I have just returned, Father」

「I-I see. You must be tired from your work. You should go and have a good rest in your room」


Why was he in so much hurry?
I looked to Edward-san as I wondered. Said person had his eyebrows raised in surprise.

「Huh……You are…Wilhelm-san’s granddaughter, are you not? 」

「I am not」

How offending. How on earth did Wilhelm-sama and I look like a grandfather and grandchild to him?
Seriously, what a rude thing to say!
I must introduce myself as a proper lady and clear up the misunderstanding right here.
Though I was dealing with the enemy, I shall greet him in a courteous manner.

「My name is Carol Ambrose」

「You are……Carol? 」

「The name Carol is not uncommon, but Carol of the Ambrose ducal house is I」

「I see……so…that was it……」

Astonished, Edward-san folded his arms together.
What was the matter with me being Carol? In fact, why did Edward-san know me?
It was then that my father hurriedly stepped in between Edward-san and I.

「A-Anyway……please take your leave first」

「Yes……I intended to do so」

「Carol, return to your room」


My father was humbling himself for some reason.
My father was the head of our ducal house, and there should only be few people to whom he must humble himself to.
Edward Raul.
Who on earth was he?

「Well then, I shall take my leave for today」

「Y-Yes……my sincerest apologies for my lack of hospitality」

「No, not at all. I will come to visit again. At that time, let me talk to Lady Carol」

「I understand, another time then……」

I did not want to talk to him or anything, though.
But then, my father seemed to have his reasons. Since nothing was interfering for now—.

「Your Highness! I apologize for having kept you waiting! 」

「Oops……it seems my retainer has arrived」

「Well then……」

「Yes, until next time. Carol-chan, see you later」


With a wink, Edward-san turned his back and left.
As I looked at that retreating back, his identity gradually dawned on me.
The words which Edward-san was addressed with just earlier—Your Highness.
That was a title given to the sons of the royal family. Like with His Highness Rayford El Flarekista, as the son of His Majesty Galius El Flarekista.

「I see……」

His Highness Rayford lost his right to the throne, and it was given instead to the King’s younger brother, Prince Raul. Though I had met Prince Raul several times, I had never met his son.
Yes, Prince Raul.
Edward Raul—.
Judging from the circumstantial evidence, he was undoubtedly the son of Prince Raul.
I did not know why he was so close to Wilhelm-sama, though.

Well, it did not concern me.
I no longer had anything going on with His Highness Rayford, so the royal family and I had nothing to do with each other. Edward-san was probably the new heir to the throne and came to greet my father.
The Ambrose ducal house, with our strong connections to the Empire, was an existence which even the royal family could not ignore.

「Natalia, let us go」


「Then, Father, I will take my leave」

「A-All right……」

Either way, it did not change what I was supposed to do.
I shall quickly return to my room and rest for a while. My job as a lecturer has me standing the whole time, so my feet hurt. It was better to sit down and rest in my room than to stand around here.
I turned away from my father and walked back to my room.
It would be dinner soon. Right after the meal, I would move on to making the documents. Should I hire someone who would only have to make the documents?
Or perhaps I should just let Mary make the documents as her morning work……I thought about it for a moment. But then, the documents were not always exactly the same.
I made a lot of changes on a day’s lecture after deliberating on whether a part was hard to understand or not. So, as much as possible, I should take part in making the documents.


I sat down on the bed in my room.
I could not afford to lie down, after all. My clothes would wrinkle, and I would only grow more tired if I fell asleep shortly before dinner.
And so, I simply sat down. But since my feet were tired, it helped a bit.

「Ojou-sama, would you like something to drink? 」

「No, I am fine. It is almost dinner anyway」

「I understand」

I am grateful for Natalia’s concern.
But if I drink something now, I might not be able to each much dinner. I would have to make the documents until late at night, so I must properly eat.
So, I simply sat down. Sat down and rested.
A part of that was chatting with Natalia.

「Is Natalia taking the day off the day after tomorrow? 」

「Yes, that is the plan. If you wish for me to report for work, I shall set it aside」

「No, it is fine. Well then, who shall I have as an escort for that day……? 」

「That…is true……」

Wilhelm-sama took care of me and always sent two knights to escort me in Natalia’s absence.
But I was hesitant to expressly ask the same of Captain Anastasia. Every day, like with Lymrill-san today, knights would be sent to escort me back home but not on the way to the garrison.
Not to mention, there was the previous case with Robert, so going out alone was not an option. Taking along Richard was also not an option.
All that was left was Mary……but I do not think that girl could fight.

「I thought of someone, Ojou-sama. I shall make the arrangement」

「Would they be all right? 」

「Yes, they are skilled. I believe they would be willing to accept if we ask」

「Then, that is great」

If Natalia said so, then I would not be kidnapped by people like those who followed Robert did.
All that was left was to take Mary along as my assistant during the lecture, and then there would be no problems.
A knock sounded at my room’s door.

「Ojou-sama, please excuse me」

「Yes, Mary」

「Dinner has been prepared. Please come to the dining room」

「Yes, I am heading down」

I rose from the bed and walked to the dining room, with Mary in front and Natalia behind me.
To Mary who led the way, I gave my instructions.

「We will work after dinner today as well, so please come」

「Yes, Ojou-sama」

And so, it was time to eat in the dining room.
That was how my daily life went on, still without much of a change—.

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