The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: Deborah-san’s Springtime

With Lilia, Mary and Deborah-san, the four of us headed to the Order of the Snow’s garrison.
Since I normally walk with Natalia, it felt a little new. Perhaps I could turn down a knight escort later on the way back, and the four of us could take a little detour. I had not bought any particular accessories recently.
But then, I had not brought money with me.
So basically, if I liked something, I could reserve it, or make an order and have it delivered to the manor.

「I just can’t wrap my head around Carol being a teacher」

「Is that so? 」

「I mean, you took your classes more seriously than anyone else. Many teachers felt sad after Carol dropped out. “Even though she was the most diligent child”, they said」


It was a touching piece of news, but I was filled with guilt.
Attending the academy was also like a show of status in itself. And the deeper purpose to it was, rather than learning, school students had to deepen their relations with the children of nobles, who were also school students.
Thus, many hung around with people like His Highness Rayford. I also had a lot of people who curiously hung around me at first, but they naturally dispersed when I basically did nothing. The same went for Lilia. So, we ended up alone.
That was why there were only a few of us who study seriously. I enjoyed plain studying but had to receive education from the Queen after school. There was nuance to that change of pace.

「Oh well, it’s fine. I won’t tell you to come back」

「Yes, and I still have this job」

「Still, the academy probably welcomes you any time. His Highness Rayford’s already……right, he’s no longer “His Highness”. Then, how should we call him? Well, whatever. That guy’s not around」

「That is being rude, though」

No matter what, he was still a member of the royal family.
But he would likely never come back, as he was already under home confinement on the pretense of recuperating. And my father would not be silent if he got reinstated as the heir without censure.
And so, as we conversed like that, we arrived at the garrison.

「He~eh…so this is the women’s Order」

「Yes. Their official name is Order of the Snow」

「It’s my first time coming here」

Well, people usually did not have any business with the Order’s garrison.
It had also been my first time visiting when I came to take the test before.
I greeted the lady receptionist as usual.

「Good afternoon」

「My, Carol-chan. Thank you for coming to……umm, they are? 」

「Yes. Today is Natalia’s day off, so I brought along my maid Mary with me to stand-in as my assistant. Then, there is Deborah-san, who escorted us on the way here, and Lilia Anderson, Deborah-san’s mistress」

「I see. Then, I will check them in as guests. Please fill out the registration form」


While it was a troublesome matter, the Order hired me as a temporary lecturer.
But Natalia, who was usually with me, and Mary, who I brought along today, were not affiliated with the Order. In order for them to enter the garrison, they had to undergo procedure and fill out the registration form at the reception desk.
But I only had to write down my name. If this group were complete strangers, it would be a time-consuming procedure. But since I was someone affiliated with the Order, it went smoothly.
I wrote down the three names, and then submitted the forms.

「All right, thank you……Well then, to the usual place, right? 」


After expressing my thanks, I took the three with me up the stairs.
One of the drawing rooms was open as a waiting room until my lecture. No one was around, since a notice was there.
There was no trouble like what happened before, with Zack just barging in.
Speaking of Zack, he had also gone to war. But he should be fine, right?
I should also pray for Wilhelm-sama and my elder brother’s good luck in battle.


I sat on the chair at the waiting room and checked the documents.
I had it prepared yesterday, but I wanted to see whether everything was good in advance. I then checked if the thirty sheets of documents were written correctly, word by word. There were almost no mistakes. Natalia was excellent.
Lilia sat down across from me, while Deborah-san and Mary remained standing.

「Somehow……you’re amazing」

「Is that so? 」

「Yeah……it kinda feels like you’re properly doing this」

「I really am being serious about it」

Since my only redeeming quality was just that much.
Incidentally, since there was no need to have lunch with Wilhelm-sama, it was past noon when I reported for work here at the garrison. After everyone’s lunch break, those who would attend my lecture would come to the meeting area.
And so I could not drink tea now, as I did not have much time. I must not be drinking too much to avoid excusing myself during the lecture.

And then, in the middle of my break, knocking came from the door.

「Excuse me, Lady Carol」

「Good afternoon, Captain Anastasia」

「It is almost time. The lecture room is……they are? 」

「Yes. Today is Natalia’s day off, so I asked my friend’s escort, Deborah-san, to accompany us on the way. This is her mistress, Lilia. And this is Mary, my assistant lecturer for today」

「Oh…I see……」

Captain Anastasia stared with a very guarded look, but found no problem as they were my acquaintances.
Since it was time, we shall head over.

「What about you, Lilia? 」

「If a chair’s placed at the back, I’ll sit there and observe」

「I understand」

I felt a little nervous with Lilia observing, but I shall do my best.
And I should not be thinking about things like feeling so nervous.

The lecture went well and ended smoothly.
There were several times when Mary moved wrong, but it was her first time, so it could not be helped. I had fumbled my words at my first lecture, too.
Lilia was seated at the back, intently listening to my lecture till the end.

「Then, that is the end of the lecture」

「Thank you very much! 」

Basically, I was used to doing this since it was what I do every day.
After this, I would be giving some health advices for a while, and then report back to Captain Anastasia—was how it should have gone. However…
Instead of lining up, they gathered together.
Most of the attending female knights were crowding around…

Not at me.
At Deborah-san.

「What amazing muscles! What kind of training do you do? 」

「Er, it is just normal training……」

「Which unit do you belong to? 」

「I have served the Anderson House from a young age……」

「You must have done an amazing job on the battlefield! 」

「I have never enlisted though……」

Every knight really seemed too engrossed in the well-trained Deborah-san.
Indeed, Deborah-san was really muscular that even I was fascinated. So in the knights’ case, they probably admired her.
Anyway, there seemed to be no more business left for me, so I shall be heading back.

「You guys! If you are done, then quickly disperse! 」

Oh, someone came to the rescue. Captain Anastasia.
The surrounded Deborah-san seemed troubled and was then relieved by the timely help.
All the knights left the room with a click of their tongue.

「You have worked hard, Lady Carol」

「Yes. Thank you very much」

「Oh, not at all……」

However, that Captain Anastasia…
…approached Deborah-san a bit nervously.

「Our Chivalric Order is seeking capable people like you! How about fighting for peace in our country together?! 」

「……Forgive me, but I am a maid of the Anderson House」

「Kuh……! A pity, then. But if you ever change your mind, just say so! You are welcome to join us! 」

「Our House’s maid was invited just like that……」

Deborah-san was so charismatic that even Captain Anastasia personally invited her.
If I develop my muscles well, I wonder if the Order would need me more.

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