The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Happy Wedding

I walked with Wilhelm-sama along the rows of those present.
The people who were chatting with each other stopped talking at Wilhelm-sama and my entrance. The wedding would now resume.
As we slowly walked forward towards the end of the aisle, to Edward-san dressed up as the priest…
The people burst into applause.

「Congratulations! Lady Carol! 」

「May you have happiness! Captain! 」

「Good for you~! 」

「Carol, you’re beautiful! 」

We walked with words of blessings.
I still feel like I was dreaming. I would actually become Wilhelm-sama’s wife today.
If this was a dream, please do not wake me up.
Wilhelm-sama and I, who slowly walked forward, stopped in front of Edward-san.
Edward-san then cleared his throat.
From here on—the exchanging of vows would begin.

「Groom, Wilhelm Aibringer」


「Do you1 swear to love, honor, support, and be faithful to your wife, Carol, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, in plenty and in want, as long as you both shall live? 」

「I swear」

It was a rite where one bows to the words of the priest and swears eternal love.
In other countries and denominations, it was necessary to repeat the vows. But in Flarekista’s case, a reply was enough.
This greatly helped, since I would likely fumble for words if I get just a little bit nervous.

My heart pounded.
It was now my turn to swear my eternal love to Wilhelm-sama—.

「Bride, Carol Ambrose」


「Do you swear to love, honor, support, and be faithful to your husband, Wilhelm, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, in plenty and in want, as long as you both shall live? 」

「I…I shwear」

Even though it was just a few words, I still fumbled.
Even though this was my once-in-a-lifetime big moment, I could not believe I would commit such a blunder!

I could hear quiet laughter from those present.
Aah, jeez…
Why do I fumble only during important occasions, just like on my lecture once?
My face burned red in shame.
Aah, I want to go crawl in a hole if there was one—.


Edward-san cleared his throat, and the laughter stopped.
Then, he showed a smile full of compassion.
It felt as if—I betrayed him.
When I had already agreed to marry this person.
I am truly grateful to Edward-san, who did not blame me, but instead let me marry Wilhelm-sama like this.

「Now then, bride and groom. Exchange rings」

At Edward-san’s prompt, I took off my gloves.
The left ring finger—that was where the ring with the vow of eternal love was placed.
Wilhelm-sama took a ring from the tray Edward-san held out. Then, he gently took my left hand and put the ring on my fourth finger.
A silver ring which fitted my finger perfectly.

I also took a ring from the top of the tray.
Then, on the left hand Wilhelm-sama held out—I slipped the ring on his finger.
It seemed I was the only one left in the dark, since the ring was just the right size for Wilhelm-sama, whose fingers were bigger than Edward-san’s.
Everything had proceeded without my knowledge.

「Now then」

The order of the wedding ceremony was the speaking of vows, exchanging of rings, pronouncement of marriage, and would finally conclude with the priest acknowledging the marriage.
So from here, Wilhelm-sama and I would be joined together, pronouncing our marriage.
I am all ready. I might have fumbled, but that did not count.

「Bride and groom, seal your vows with a kiss」

「Huh!? 」

「Eh!? 」

Wilhelm-sama and I spontaneously exclaimed.
Seal our vows with a kiss—kiss!?
I had heard there were denominations which do so before God, but I was not informed beforehand!

I heard whistling among those in attendance.
Edward-san was also smiling mischievously.

「O-Oi, Edward……! 」

「Come now. Go on. Since I am the priest, you have to follow properly」


To seal our vows with a kiss in public like this.
It was embarrassing.
It was embarrassing, but—.


「C-Carol. This is…a misunderstanding……」


If that would show Wilhelm-sama and my love…
Carol would not say no.

「Wha…! 」

「My, my. The bride is fully prepared, see~」

「Edward……! 」

I closed my eyes and raised my face a bit.
I could not see anything, but Wilhelm-sama was surely bewildered.
But it was all right.
Because Carol loves Wilhelm-sama—.


Slowly, the thin cloth covering my face—my veil, was lifted.
And I could feel a body heat slowly approaching.
Oh, Wilhelm-sama.
To receive it from Wilhelm-sama…
Carol—had waited nine years.

Lips and lips…
Gently touched each other.

I could hear everyone cheering.
But more than that, my heart was filled with happiness.
To such an extent that—if one could die of happiness, then my life would be snuffed out right here.

My first kiss with Wilhelm-sama.
His beard really was a little prickly.

Author’s note:
This concludes the third part.
We will begin with the newlywed arc next time.

I look forward to your continued support.

[1] 汝 is used here, an archaic form of “you”. I first thought to have the vows in archaic (using online archaic translator). But then, I changed it back to modern English because it just seemed strange suddenly reading archaic. If you guys want it in archaic, please tell me and I’ll edit it. ^^

Also, I took some parts of the vows from this site.

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