The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Belated Greetings

「Duke Ambrose and Duchess……I would like to apologize for the trouble I have caused this time」

「N-Not at all. Humbling yourself like this……! 」

My wedding with Wilhelm-sama ended without incident.

From what I heard afterwards, I was apparently the only one who did not know. Even Lilia knew, so she kept on telling me over and over that 「it’s alright」. Though I do not think it was fine for her to hint it to me, either.
My parents also seemed to know the truth, and the wedding was finished without any confusion. Had it been kept a secret from my parents, there could have been all sorts of chaos.
In that situation, Edward-san seemed to have successfully managed well.

And so, it was now the night after the wedding ended.
Wilhelm-sama and I were in the Ambrose ducal house’s residence—in the drawing room.
And sitting in front of Wilhelm-sama and I were my father, Gilliam, and my mother, Elizabeth.
Of course, all of us were no longer in our formal wedding attires but had changed into casual clothing.

「I say, it is a little embarrassing to formally greet you like this……」

「I-It is……I suppose. We are caught a little off guard」


It seemed that, because a lot of things proceeded behind my back, Wilhelm-sama was unable to greet my parents until now.
Although our marriage was acknowledged by His Majesty, and my parents have also agreed to it, he must still greet them as an in-law.
Nonetheless, I could see that my father was thrown into confusion by Wilhelm-sama’s greeting.
Meanwhile, my mother was as impassive as usual. I probably had never seen my mother confused about anything.

But then…
My mother slightly raised the corners of her mouth. I wonder, since when had my mother showed a smile like this?

「It has been hard on you, Wilhelm-dono」

「……Not that much. Elizabeth」

「I also remember playing with Wilhelm-dono when I was young. I never would have thought my daughter would be married to my father’s close friend」

「……so, it seems」

「However, right now, I am here as Carol’s mother. As a mother, I only wish for my daughter’s happiness. Wilhelm-dono, do you swear to make our daughter……our Carol happy? 」

「Yes. I swear」

Wilhelm-sama responded to my mother’s question.
Immediately, without any pause.
For you to make me happy—that alone made my heart tremble.

「Then, I will say nothing more. The rest is up to Gilliam」

「Then, are you willing to approve my marriage to Carol? 」

「You already had your wedding, so it is not about approving or not. Fufu……」

「Then, Wilhelm-dono. The rest is……well, the matter of where to belong to……」

「Hmm? 」

Wilhelm-sama’s brows slightly creased at my father’s words.
It seemed that the previous discussion was settled well.
But then, as my mother said, the wedding was already held in front of His Majesty, so this was quite a belated greeting. There was no sense in my father loudly declaring how much he would not approve of it.

「Wilhelm-dono is……the third son of the Aibringer Viscount House, correct? 」

「Yes. My elder brother was the previous head of the House, and his son is the current head. No matter how much misfortune befalls the Viscount House, there is no doubt that I can never take over as the head」

「If so, do you think it is possible to belong to our House? 」

「There is no problem. It would not affect my House if I renounce my surname of Aibringer」

「I understand」

This was about adopting a surname.
When marrying, it was customary to change either surname, to unify the couple’s surname. In this case, either Wilhelm-sama’s surname would be Ambrose, or my surname would be Aibringer.
And for noble families, simply belonging to a House could gain them many benefits. At the very least, the fact alone that Wilhelm-sama, the veteran knight captain, belonged to my House had the benefit of raising my House’s influence over the army.
I did not know what its political effect was to the royal court, though.

「Well then……hereafter, you will have the name Wilhelm Ambrose. As for becoming head, if something happens to our son, Albert……you will have the second right to inherit」


「So then……」

I had a little longing to call myself Carol Aibringer, though. It sounded strong.
But still, I am happy Wilhelm-sama would have the same surname as me. Even with just that, it somehow made it truly sink in that we were married.
However, Wilhelm-sama cleared his throat.
And then, he bowed low towards my father and mother.

「U-Umm, Wilhelm-dono……? 」

「I am truly sorry……Gilliam, Elizabeth. Normally speaking, I suppose you are unwilling to have your daughter married to an old person like me」

「Wilhelm-sama! 」

Unexpectedly, I was also thrown into confusion.
There was no need for Wilhelm-sama to apologize for anything. I was the one who was willful, and I was the one who longed for Wilhelm-sama from the bottom of my heart.
But then, Wilhelm-sama held me back with a hand.
Leave it to me—his eyes seemed to say.

「I understand how you are worried about your daughter’s future. You might think she will soon become a widow, being married to an old person who does not have long to live. But……I love Carol with all my heart. This life remaining may be short, but……I swear I would not let Carol suffer hardships, even after my life is gone」


「Very well……Since we have heard such words from Wilhelm-dono, then that is good」

My mother smiled.
In actuality, I was the one who unilaterally approached Wilhelm-sama, and Wilhelm-sama only responded to my feelings.
But Wilhelm-sama…
Unlike me who just willfully pushed on and did not think about anything.
He was, in contrast, properly thinking about the future with me—.

「But this is actually fun. Do you not think so, Gilliam? 」

「Hm……hm? Fun? 」


My mother looked at Wilhelm-sama with her eyes squinting in delight.

「Feel free to call me mother-in-law, Wilhelm-dono. Of course, Gilliam is father-in-law」

「H-Hey, Elizabeth!? 」

「Hmm……well, it is the truth……」

「Why is Wilhelm-dono agreeing with it!? 」

I tried to imagine it somehow.
My mother, who looked young enough to be passed off as my sister, being called “mother-in-law” by Wilhelm-sama…

Why was it, I wonder?
Wilhelm-sama and I were married, and Mother was my mother. There was nothing wrong with it.
And yet…
It only felt off.


Really late update, but I tried my best to get this out as soon as I can ( ; u ; )
Also, people are wondering if there will be a honeymoon. I’m saying this now, to save from anticipation and disappointment (and because idk when would I be able to update next): there’s no honeymoon chapter, at least as far as I’ve read. This is just me, but it won’t be surprising if the author’s dodging that topic because of the huge age gap xD

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