The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: A Promise in the Morning


I woke up in bed and first looked around.
It was not the room I always wake up in. I was disoriented for a moment before remembering.
Oh, right. I became Wilhelm-sama’s wife, and was now living in Wilhelm-sama’s residence.
My, that surprised me.


I cleaned all day yesterday, so my whole body felt heavy. Somehow, I felt like my arm did not have any strength. It was throbbing with pain around my upper arms; it must be muscle pain.
I do not exercise much, so yesterday’s cleaning seemed to have taken its toll on my body.
Knocks sounded on my room’s door.


「Good morning, Ojou-sama」

It was Natalia who came in while saying so.
As usual, she was impeccably dressed in her maid outfit. She would rise early and prepare for a lot of things.
It was very different from me who was unused to cleaning and had hurt my body. I must exercise more.

「Good morning, Natalia」

「How rare for Ojou-sama. Usually, you would have already gotten up before I ever come to wake you」

「I may have slightly overdone it yesterday」

Ow ow, I got up while holding my arm.
I would change my nightwear into my loungewear. After all, I could not just appear before Wilhelm-sama in my sleepwear.
What type of clothes would Wilhelm-sama be pleased with?
Oh, but before that, breakfast—.

「Well then, would you like these clothes here? 」

「Yes. Natalia, what about breakfast……」

「We are preparing it. Mary and I went ahead to the other room」

「I see. Then, that is good」

Natalia’s cooking is delicious, though not as good as Chris’s. It somehow had an extremely wild flavor.
But things must not remain like this. I would also have to study cooking well, so I could serve breakfast to Wilhelm-sama before he leaves for work.
For now, I changed my clothes and then left the room with Natalia.

「What about Wilhelm-sama? 」

「He is already awake. He returned past midnight」

「Is that so」

He was so occupied with work far into the night.
Though I wanted to do a lot of things with him, Wilhelm-sama was a busy man.
I must not be too selfish and inconvenience him. As a proper wife, I should consider my husband’s work.
Soon, we arrived at the dining room.

「Good morning, Wilhelm-sama」

「Oh, Carol. Good morning」

Wilhelm-sama, who was already seated on a chair in the dining room, greeted me like so.
He was wearing glasses for once, reading a newspaper.
While I do like books, I do not read newspapers much, so it was a novelty.

「I am sorry for last night. There were a lot of things to be done……」

「Not at all, since there was an accident……」

「Yes……well, it is not a common occurrence, but it is not a rarity either. Whenever harsh training for emergency situations is imposed, these accidents happen」

「Is…that so……」

Wilhelm-sama would not talk about the details.
But I would not ask for it, either.
Being vague about it meant that it involved delicate matters. There could even have been deaths. He was busy with the work around that situation that he could not come back last night.
As he was drinking coffee before meal, Wilhelm-sama gave a soft sigh.

「I would still not be able to come home early today」

「……is…that so」

「I appointed Victor as the knight captain, but there is still a lot for him to take over……I have to instruct him on that, and I could not delay my work. The busy days will continue for a while」

「I understand. I will wait for your return」

「Hmm……You may go and rest first. I would not wish to make you wait for me」

It was lonely, but this was also being patient until he fully retired as the knight captain.
It was all right. I could endure.
Expressing my selfishness like a child was not being a good woman.

「We apologize to have kept you waiting. Breakfast is ready」

「Thank you, Natalia」

Natalia and Mary each brought Wilhelm-sama’s and my portions of breakfast.
I ate across from Wilhelm-sama. Wilhelm-sama was drinking coffee, but unfortunately I fail to see the appeal of coffee. My father who likes coffee often said 「This bitterness is delicious」.
But I like my drink sweet. It seemed I have apple juice today.

「Anyway, I was surprised when I got home yesterday. I never would have thought it would be so clean」

「There are still many places to clean, but I will have the whole residence cleaned soon」

「Hmm……I have troubled you. Still, do not push yourself too hard」

「Wilhelm-sama, as well. Please do not work yourself too hard」


I appreciated the concern.
But I was more worried about Wilhelm-sama.
He was working all night. Was he properly rested?

「Oh, right. Carol」

「Yes? 」

「To tell you the truth, Julius badgered me yesterday on when you would have lectures again. Some people have even said that they want to see how lively you are soon」


Speaking of which, I had not been to the Order’s garrison at all since hearing about the false report of Wilhelm-sama passing away.
At that time, I could not bring myself to have lectures.
Meanwhile, it seemed the people of the Order were worried about me. I sincerely apologize.
But I also feel grateful about their hoping for my lectures.

「In a few days, I am going to prepare and come back」

「All right, I shall tell Julius that」

「I suppose I will also teach the emergency procedures for when a spear is stabbed into the chest」

「Oi, oi……」

Wilhelm-sama smiled wryly at my joke.
It was an occasional retaliation from me. I had been really worried, so this much retaliation was all right.

「Also, there is one more thing」

「Yes? 」

「Tomorrow, I am off duty. In return for yesterday’s sudden summons……I would probably not be called then. It is a good opportunity, so does Carol have something you want to do? If you are going somewhere……」

「My! 」

What a surprise.
Since he was originally off duty yesterday, I had thought he would not have days off for a while.
But it was understandable if he would have a day off tomorrow in return for working yesterday.
There were a lot of things I wanted to do.
The things I wanted to do together with Wilhelm-sama were as many as the stars.

「T-Then, um……Wilhelm-sama」


「Well……what I want to do…」

Which would be better?
What would be good?
I am troubled.

For the time being, what I wanted to do the most right now…
If I could spend time with Wilhelm-sama, what I wanted to do was—.


「Hmm, it is all right. Feel free to say anything」

「Then……I want us to be lovey-dovey! 」

「……Hah? 」

I said it.
I definitely wanted to be lovey-dovey with Wilhelm-sama.
But there was the public gaze outside, and in the Order, we would be teased by other knights.
On the other hand, there was no one watching us in the manor.
We could be lovey-dovey to our heart’s content.

「I want us to be lovey-dovey! 」

「I-Is that so……? 」

But then.
I was not sure on how to do it exactly.

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