The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: Lunch After A Long Time

「Well then, let us head to lecture」

「Yes, Ojou-sama」

The beginning of the week.
Starting today, I am back to lectures. I had also talked to Wilhelm-sama, so those I am giving today’s lecture to would gather in the meeting room in the afternoon.
In the morning, I would also have to give individual lessons to the medical knight, Julius-san. I made the documents for that last night.
Unfortunately, Natalia was on her day off today, so I would have to wait until a knight comes to escort me.

For now, my lectures in the Order of the Snow seemed to be well received, so I would be giving lectures alternately.
Today was the Order of the Black Iron, and tomorrow would be the Order of the Snow. That would be repeated three times in a week and then a break.
Now then, who would be coming? Maybe it would be Zack. As always.
The knocker sounded with a bang bang.

「Oh, they are here」

「Yes. I shall receive them」

「Very well」

We were already prepared to go.
So, we would not make the escort wait for us. Instead, we waited for him.
When Mary opened the door, the one behind it was…

「Hello, good morning」

「Huh……Julius-san? 」

「Indeed. I came to escort you today」

Before us was an elderly man—Julius-san, the medical knight.
How unusual, it would normally be Zack or a novice knight. But Julius-san, he was a fairly important person.
Haha, Julius-san laughed lightly at my surprise.

「No, I was the one who pleaded to go」

「Is that so? 」

「Indeed. I was told you will be giving me individual lessons starting today, yet I still want to learn more. It is a short distance from here to the garrison, but there is still a lot to gain from talking to you」

「I see」

In that case, he had a point.
Julius-san always listened to my teachings seriously. Moreover, he would ask about the parts which were not clear to him, so I had to study again when I teach Julius-san. It was difficult, but Julius-san’s serious attitude made me motivated.
I walked with Mary and Julius-san.
It was refreshing, as it was my first time walking with Julius-san like this. He was not someone I could casually treat like Zack, so I had to be careful.

「So, for symptoms……」

「If that is the case, firstly, a hypothetical diagnosis……」

「But the main complaint is……」


That said, our conversation was all about medical treatments.
I was answering Julius-san’s questions. The process was to make a diagnosis through symptoms, main complaint, and each medical examination. However, there were some cases where it was hard to identify what kind of illness it was.
They might be the same fever, but the cause could be different. An observation must be made on that in order to not get fooled.
I answered such enthusiastic questions of Julius-san, while leisurely walking along the way to the garrison.

「……Huh? 」

「Why……is something the matter? 」

「Oh, no. It is nothing」

I saw a glimpse of Natalia.
It was her day off, so it seemed she went shopping. Over there was the accessories shop I had been to before. They sell a lot of cute miscellaneous goods, so I was thinking of inviting Lilia next time.
Surprisingly, Natalia also liked cute things. I must not bother her on her day off and leave her to relax.

「Ojou-sama, over there……」

「Yes, it is Natalia」

「The other person is……」

Mary was pointing to the one next to Natalia.
She was with a man, and he was a little shorter than Natalia. Granted, Natalia was really tall for a woman.
And that man next to her.
I had seen that back numerous times.

「……Zack? 」

「Y-Yes. So it seems……」

「There is no doubt about it」

My, my.
They seemed to have made a lot of progress, with him going out with Natalia on her day off.
Somehow, I had my suspicions. That Zack, whenever he came to visit recently, I had the feeling that he actually came for Natalia.
I would like Natalia to be happy, so it was a blessing. He might be the unreliable Zack, but he was likely to be the most successful knight in the Order.

「Let us go quietly. If there is anything, Natalia would inform me herself」


「Julius-san, thank you for waiting」

「Yes. Then, let us go」

As if seeing nothing, we headed to the garrison with Julius-san.
But, somehow.
Though it might be just my imagination…

Natalia looked very happy.






「Wilhelm-sama, please excuse me」

「Oh, Carol」

After teaching Julius-san in the morning, I came to Wilhelm-sama’s office.
Since he left early this morning, we had not been able to talk much. We should have lunch together and talk about a lot of things.
Wilhelm-sama gave me a slight smile.

「Sorry, wait a moment」


「Victor, there is a flaw in this document. Correct it by today」

「Y-Yes, sir! 」

Wilhelm-sama was the Order’s advisor. Therefore, seated on the knight captain’s seat was Vice captain Victor—uhh, I mean, Captain Victor. And Wilhelm-sama, with a simple desk and chair next to Captain Victor, was instructing him.
Wilhelm-sama had always been the knight captain, so I was not used to it.

「All right. Let us go, Carol」


「The weather is fine today. Shall we eat on the rooftop for a change? 」

「Oh, that would be wonderful」

Wow, it had been a while since we went to the rooftop.
Wilhelm-sama was busy, so he only had been eating in the drawing room. It had been a long time since we went to the rooftop and had lunch together.
I headed to the rooftop with Wilhelm-sama.
To the garrison’s not-too-tall rooftop, we arrived without being particularly tired.

「Then, I will lay out our lunch here」


「Mary and I worked together to make it today」

「Hou……Aah, I see. There are no cooks, after all」

I took out the prepared lunch.
Mary could make home-cooked dishes like stews. We packed that in one box, and in the other we packed sandwiches that make almost anything delicious when sandwiched between white bread. I made the sandwiches.
Wilhelm-sama bit on a sandwich. Would the sandwich I made suit his taste?

「Hmm, it is delicious」

「Thank you very much」

「Carol did not come over recently. Even though I used to not eat lunch, I ended up becoming hungry. So, I went out to eat with Victor」

「Oh my! Then, if you ask me to, I would have lunch……」

「No, I do not want to make you work too hard………I do not have any servants as it is. Under such circumstances, I would not want to trouble you to prepare my lunch as well」

「No, that cannot be……! 」

Nothing was more important than Wilhelm-sama’s health.
However, Wilhelm-sama was self-restrained, even though I wanted him to ask more from me.

「Oh, and also……Carol, I have something to tell you」

「Yes? 」


Wilhelm-sama crossed his arms and heavily sighed.
Could it be an important matter?
Was that why we came all the way to the rooftop where no one was around?
Ba-dump ba-dump, I braced myself.
And swallowed with a gulp.

「……Zack requested to leave the Order」


At the unexpected words.
My eyes flew wide open.

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