The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: Surprise

「Zack, that is wrong」

「Eh? Did I make a mistake? 」

「Zack, you serve under Wilhelm-sama. When a servant speaks to his master’s relative, he must consider their relationship with his master. For Wilhelm-sama, Ojou-sama is his wife. So, Zack must address her as Madam」

「Huh? But Natalia, you called her Ojou-sama earlier」

「I am Ojou-sama’s personal maid. My masters are Gilliam-sama, the head of the Ambrose main household, and Elizabeth-sama. And so, I am to address Ojou-sama as Ojou-sama」

「……how troublesome」

Natalia and Zack exchanged words like that in front of me.
Natalia seemed to have corrected something, but I did not know exactly what it was.
Wait, wait, wait.
Why was Zack here?

「Then…Welcome back, Madam……like this? 」

「Yes. Make sure to address her as Madam from now on」

「But, you know…Carol’s just Carol. She doesn’t seem like a Madam at all」

Zack was casually muttering something rude.
Also, Zack calling me Madam somehow felt very awkward. Somehow, it really did not feel like I was being called Madam at all.

「Oh, so you already know? 」

「Ah!? 」

As I was distracted by the unexpected situation with Zack, I heard a voice behind me.
Wilhelm-sama was there, scratching the white beard on his cheek with a sheepish expression. Apparently, he was able to return early today.
What was this situation?

「W-Welcome back, Wilhelm-sama」

「Yes. I was summoned by the royal court today……Most of my work was over, and the rest were all matters I could leave to Victor. So I went straight home」

「I-Is that so……」

I was happy Wilhelm-sama was able to return early. We should talk a lot tonight.
Oh, speaking of royal court, he must have been invited to the court ball. I already talked to Wilhelm-sama about the new dress. It should be arriving soon.

「Welcome back, Captain」

「I think it should be “Master” in this case」

「Aah, it’s hard to get used to. Well, once more. Welcome back, Master」

「………”Captain” is fine. Having you say that made my flesh crawl」

「Same here」

Ahaha, Zack and Wilhelm-sama laughed.
Wilhelm-sama did not seem to be confused. Was I the only one who did not know?
Lately, I was the only one to be caught by surprise.


「Forgive me, Carol. Zack kept me from telling you」

「Why did you, Zack? 」

「Isn’t it interesting that way? 」

「Are all men in this country like this? 」

Be it Edward-san or Zack, was their hobby to surprise people? I had trouble understanding it.
To the sullen me, Wilhelm-sama gave my head a pat.

「Zack also has a reason」

「Reason……? 」

「He made the 『knight’s oath』to Carol, did he not? 」

「Yes. I believe he did ask me」

I did not exactly know what the 『knight’s oath』 was.
I only felt like Zack had randomly thrown in a lot of difficult words. He was also saying things like swearing his allegiance and such.
I did not particularly need Zack’s allegiance, so I would like to return it.

「A 『knight’s oath』 is a rite where one must follow only his lord to the end of his days. If his lord tells him to die, he must offer his life according to his lord’s command. If he is told to kill, he must kill even his own parents. It is a supreme oath of allegiance」

「—!? 」

「It was even said that in the old days, if his lord does not accept the oath, he must end his own life. Therefore, Zack resigned from the Order and got a post where he could stake his life to protect Carol……though it is as a servant」

「That is……! 」

What a heavy thing he readily swore to me.
I would never tell him to die; but had he sworn to someone unsuitable, he would be wasting his whole life away.
Still, even though Zack made such a heavy oath, he seemed to be endlessly high-spirited.

「Well, I’ll be your escort sometimes. When Natalia’s on her day off, I’ll escort you to the garrison」

「……you are unreliable, though」

「Oi, oi……I’m still a member of the Order」

「But were you referring to Zack when you said there was a servant who we could trust? Natalia」

「Yes. But Zack told me not to tell Ojou-sama」

As I thought, I was the only one in the dark.
Still, for some reason.
There was something off between Natalia and Zack.


「Yes? 」


「Hm? 」

「……You two were close enough to call each other like that? 」

Although I did not think so.
Did they make that much of a progress? But I just saw them this morning.
Natalia slightly blushed, and Zack scratched his cheek a little shyly.

「Uhh……yeah, I guess」

「Well……yes. That is the case」

「The two are in love. They promised to marry each other in the future」

「Why did you not inform me of something so important—?! 」

I was the only one in the dark. If this kept up, I would become withdrawn.
Moreover, Wilhelm-sama knew.
And when I looked towards Mary, she silently turned away. Mary was also a traitor.
I had enough of this. I could not trust in anyone.

「I am truly sorry, Ojou-sama」


「Well……I was thinking of informing you when I am ready. Currently, I am still in a platonic relationship with Zack. We only go out together」


No, I had not even heard that far.
And I had every intention to have her secretly tell me about that later.

「Y-Yeah, so it’s that, you mean! 」

Zack suddenly raised his voice, as if evading the matter.
A platonic relationship meant they have not done anything yet, right? Simply put, he was a sissy, right?
Granted, if he were to make a move on Natalia, he might get hit. Since she was super strong.

「I haven’t left the Order yet. Anyway, I’m off today, so I’m just being taught on a lot of stuff. There’s still the taking over of the Order’s next administration, so I’ll have to go there for two more weeks」

「Is that so」

「So, I’m still a trainee for now. I’ll come to learn after work or during my days off, but I can’t work full-time for a while」

「……I understand」

I was going to hire a servant in the first place, so there was no problem. And Wilhelm-sama seemed to have agreed to it, as well.
All that was left was whether or not he would properly do his work. But since it was Zack, it would be all right.
It was just that I was thrown into confusion.

「Now then, let us have dinner. Shall we eat together for the first time in a while, Carol? 」

「……yes, Wilhelm-sama」

「Do not be so sullen……Oh, right」

Suddenly, Wilhelm-sama searched his pockets as if he remembered something.
Then, he took out a letter.
It was neatly sealed with wax with the royal family’s emblem. A prestigious item.
……What could this be?

「A week later」

「……Yes? 」

「It is an invitation to a court ball. I received it when I was in court」

「My! 」

Speaking of which, it really was. It would be in one more week.
I smiled and accepted the invitation from Wilhelm-sama.

Though I was thrown into a lot of confusion, and though it seemed like secrets were being kept only from me…
Somehow—I finally felt like I was Wilhelm-sama’s wife.

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