The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 109

Another Wilhelm chapter 🙂

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Chapter 109: The Melancholy of the Former Knight Captain


Wilhelm exhaled a small sigh as he walked from the Order’s garrison to the manor.
No one was walking about, and only the moonlight illuminated his way home. For Wilhelm, who usually worked every day until the day changed, it was normal for him to return home at this time. No one else returned at the same time; even those who worked at night were already home.
He actually felt bitter about his work.
I will go home as early as possible today—he would think so every day. He would work with that thought.
But then, the amount of work would not let Wilhelm go home.

「……Even though she married an old man like me, huh」

When he thought of Carol waiting at the manor, he felt really sorry.
The reason he decided to retire from the Order was for Carol to not worry. He was already old to begin with, so there were quite a few factors which made him consider retirement. It could be said that Carol’s presence was what pushed it through.
After retiring from the Order, I will make Carol happy. Even if it is just for a short time before I die—he was thinking so.

And yet, he could only go back to the manor late at night every time.
This day as well, just when he thought he could finally go home early with the progress he was making, a new matter came up.
Though he entrusted the basic work to Victor, being Wilhelm’s assistant as the vice-captain until now, he had yet to fully grasp the entirety of the Chivalric Order. Therefore, Wilhelm, who had a full grasp of the current Order’s equipment, supplies, and the like, was dealing with those who wished to become a new purveyor for now.
It was under such circumstances that he was dealing with those from a shop who came to repeatedly promote their new goods since around two weeks ago.

「……The quality is good. But then, that…」

Wilhelm knew all about what kinds of shop and what kinds of dealings the Order was doing.
He knew whether the equipment was good or bad. Especially when it came to armor, good or bad could determine one’s life or death on the battlefield. However, the funds for the Order were not so abundant, and they would have to settle for inferior equipment to limit the expenses for it. Therefore, it was necessary to procure armor with the best performance at the highest price they could offer.
During then, the newly opened shop—with a silly name of “Heartthrob Studio” presented better conditions than their current trading partner.
Their armor was lighter and far more durable than the ones they had used so far, and it was even cheaper than their current armor. Of course, they could not just accept all of the other side’s conditions without question, so Wilhelm also inspected the actual goods. As a result, there were data which seemed to indicate that all the orders for the Chivalric Order’s armor could be left to Heartthrob Studio.
By the looks of it, their shop was also serious about it, given that a commerce in armor with the Order was a large-scale deal. The female owner, who called herself Angelina, even came to personally promote their goods.

But then, what was unfavorable were the shops they had dealings with so far.
They had a considerable record of transactions until now. Against such people, it was difficult to immediately change the deal. Some of them even felt threatened enough to say they would raise the prices of their other goods if the deal was cut.
It was troublesome to make various adjustments, such as successfully circumventing that situation and stopping all dealings with the threatened shops.
When they finally settled down, all the shops agreed to give around thirty percent of the whole deal to Heartthrob Studio for the time being. With this, he would not have to work overtime for much longer in the near future.

Fu~u, with a small sigh, he passed through the entrance of the manor he finally reached.
He had been working late recently, so he had tomorrow and the day after to rest. I will talk to Carol tomorrow after I wake up—with that thought, he opened the manor’s door.
Saying the words which no one would reply to every time—.

「……I am back」

「Welcome home, Wilhelm-sama」

「Huh!? 」

There, in the dark entrance hall.
Carol was sitting.
He almost froze in his surprise. He had been working overtime thus far, and each time he told her, “You can sleep first”. He felt bad to have her stay up and wait for him until late at night.
So, Carol should have already been asleep—.

「C-Carol? W-What happened……? 」

「Would you like to have a meal? Or will you be taking a bath? 」

「N-No, so……」

「I was waiting for you to come home」

The hall was dim, but he could see Carol smiling.
All this time, she must have been waiting here for Wilhelm. In this darkness, all by herself, not knowing when Wilhelm would be back.
Why…—he was so surprised that he could not find any words.

「Carol……just what is……」


Carol stood up and approached Wilhelm.
And, with a slender arm.
Hit Wilhelm’s stomach with a bop.

「Eh……? 」

「Ei! 」

Bop, bop, again and again.
Of course, Wilhelm, who trained every day as a soldier, did not feel any pain when hit by Carol’s slender arm.
However, her actions were too puzzling that he could not say anything.

「O-Oi……? 」

「Ei, ei! 」

With short shouts, Carol repeatedly hit him.
He was completely fine no matter how much he was hit, but he was genuinely in doubt. What on earth happened?
And while thinking so.
Carol stopped hitting and pressed her head against Wilhelm to hug him.

Hic……Wil…helm…sama……! 」

「C-Carol……? 」

「I know it is your work……but……! 」


「I am lonely……! 」

Carol cried so on Wilhelm’s chest.
All this time, she never uttered a single complaint. But he knew she sometimes looked lonely.
That was only natural.
Before he was married, he neglected his own home and did nothing but work. Although they were husband and wife, he could only make time for her in the morning.
How lonely she must have been.

「……Forgive me, Carol」


Wilhelm hugged Carol, whose face was buried in his chest.
Carol, who kept on waiting for him, even though he neglected his own home.

Therefore, to the feelings of such a young wife…
Wilhelm could only respond with a firm hug.

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