The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 111

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Chapter 111: Readiness


「Yes, Wilhelm-sama」

「N-No, have I misheard……? T-That must be it, yes. After all, it is already so late. I need to sleep……」

「Please embrace Carol. Wilhelm-sama」


I knew it was improper.
I knew it was not appropriate for a woman to ask like this.
I wanted to be proud of the fact I was Wilhelm-sama’s wife. I wanted an indelible proof engraved on this body.

But at my words.
Wilhelm-sama was only—taken aback.


「Carol is ready at any time. Please embrace me」

「H-Hold on. There is, uh, an order of things……」

「Carol is Wilhelm-sama’s wife. What order do we need to follow when we are already married? 」

「Uh……N-No, that, you see……」

I could see Wilhelm-sama’s hesitation.
But it was my greatest wish. I wanted him the embrace me—that was all.
Because I am Wilhelm-sama’s wife.

「H-Hmm……w-well, for now, calm down first」

「I am calm」

「Uh……well……I mean……」

He was being evasive.
Even though I said it straight out.
All this time, I had been waiting. For the day Wilhelm-sama would embrace me.
But, even though we got married…
Wilhelm-sama—did not even touch me.


「H-Hm? 」

「Is Carol……not suitable as your wife……? 」

It was what I had always been feeling.
Wilhelm-sama’s distance from me—it had not changed ever since.
Forever the granddaughter of the late Dukeridd Ambrose, Wilhelm-sama’s good friend—that distance was kept all this time.
I was not his wife.
Just his good friend’s granddaughter—.


「Indeed, I……may not be a suitable match for Wilhelm-sama……」

「N-No, that is not……」

「I am short, and my chest is flat. It is by no means a body that Wilhelm-sama desires……」

「No one thinks about that! 」

I have an immature body for a woman, so could that be why he had not touched me until now?
Wilhelm-sama was scratching his head with a weary “Aah, jeez”.
Did I say something so strange?

「Then……why will you not embrace me? 」

「W-Well, I am……busy with work, you see……」

「Is it not your days off tomorrow and the day after that? 」

「……I should not have said that」

I made sure to keep it in mind.
So, it would be fine no matter how much I was loved tonight. I only had superficial knowledge from books I had read, but I would do my best.
Wilhelm-sama cleared his throat with a kohon.



「……well, you see」


「……Aah, jeez! 」

He was very troubled.
What was he so troubled about?
I am Wilhelm-sama’s wife, and Wilhelm-sama is my husband. We were already married and living in the same residence. I also wanted to be loved. Surely, there was no reason for Wilhelm-sama to refuse to do so.
Apart from that, it could only be a problem of my physical growth—.

「……I understand, Carol」

「Then! 」

Wilhelm-sama rose from his seat, and I followed.
Aah, finally. Finally!
Wilhelm-sama would embrace me—.
Would it be on the bed? Or in the bath? Some people seemed to do it outside, but did Wilhelm-sama have such a preference?
Well, as long as Wilhelm-sama would love me, then no matter where it was—.


「Yes, Wilhelm-sama……」

I was approached without us going to bed.
Oh, it would be in the dining room? No, anywhere was fine. I only hoped my back could have something soft, if possible—.
I prepared myself.
Now, Wilhelm-sama, please go ahead.

And then…
Wilhelm-sama wrapped me in a firm hug.



I am happy.
From the bottom of my heart, I really am happy. I could hear Wilhelm-sama’s heartbeat.
With this, both my body and soul, everything would belong to Wilhelm-sama—.


「……Eh? 」

Just like that, Wilhelm-sama separated from me.
And he patted my head with a there, there.

「I embraced you」


「Now then, let us go to sleep. Carol to her own bedroom……」


I was certainly embraced. I was firmly hugged.
However, that was not what I meant.
When I called his name, Wilhelm-sama’s shoulders twitched.

「W-What is it, Carol? 」

「I……I am not a child」

「N-No, if it is to embrace, was that not it? 」

「I have taken lectures from the palace doctor, from reproduction to pregnancy and childbirth」


「If Wilhelm-sama wishes……um, I will tell you…the whole process……」

「N-No! No need! 」

I was saved. After all, it was embarrassing for me to say every single detail.
Still, I understood that Wilhelm-sama was keeping his distance from me.
But I did not know why he was set on not embracing me.


「Yes, Wilhelm-sama」

「Are you really……all right with it? 」

「I have been prepared since I was seven years old」

「Why from such a young age!? 」

At that time, it was Wilhelm-sama who stole my heart. He really was a sinner.

「I……how much do you think I have been holding back……? 」

「You have been holding back? 」

「A young girl who yearns for an old man like me became my wife……how can I not be happy? Even so, Carol is Dukeridd’s……my good friend’s grandchild. If I touch you, I cannot face Dukeridd in the afterlife……」

「If it is like that, then please…do not hold back」

Grandfather had nothing to do with this.
I am Wilhelm-sama’s wife, and he is my husband. This was properly acknowledged.
At my words, Wilhelm-sama gave a strained laugh.


「Kyaa! 」

I was lifted, held by my shoulders and behind my knees.
Amazing. It was a princess carry!

「In the afterlife, I decided to resign myself to being beaten by Dukeridd」


「I will not let you sleep tonight, Carol」


Before I could reply to Wilhelm-sama’s words…
My lips were blocked by Wilhelm-sama’s.

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