The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: Epilogue

At noon, we finally got up from bed.
Up until then, we had been lovey-dovey. It was a happy and enchanting time where I listened to a story, had my head patted, and was given a kiss.
I wished it would last forever, but unfortunately it would not.
Neither Mary nor Natalia visited the room, perhaps out of consideration, but I was really hungry.

When I went to the dining room with Wilhelm-sama, Natalia already had lunch prepared.
She asked nothing in particular regarding what happened. Perhaps she had heard from Mary—yesterday’s conversation between Wilhelm-sama and I, and what happened afterwards.
There was just one word.
When she brought over my meal, she only said a quiet “Congratulations”.



We were now side by side in a place where we could see the garden after eating.
Wilhelm-sama received my weight as I leaned against him. And in that state, I was reading.
Wilhelm-sama was also reading a book with his glasses on, as it was his first relaxing break after a long time. Even without exchanging words with each other, just having such warmth made me feel at ease.

To be honest, I was supposed to give a lecture today. However, due to some circumstances, I took a day off.
Well, to begin with, I stayed in bed until noon, so I did not have time to prepare. So, I had already sent Mary to the garrison to report that I would be taking a day off today. Due to falling ill.
To read in the afternoon while feeling Wilhelm-sama’s warmth like that.
I was in heaven.


I saw Wilhelm-sama taking off his glasses and rubbing between his eyes.
It seemed his eyesight was not so good, perhaps because of his old age. He had also said his eyes easily tire.

「Would you like to take a break? Wilhelm-sama」

「Hm……Oh, very well. May I have some tea? 」

「Yes. Natalia, get it ready」


I ordered Natalia, who was standing by on the side.
She was standing by in a position that was out of sight, so I could call any time without her disturbing me. She was truly reliable.
Fu~u, Wilhelm-sama sighed once more.

「But are you all right? Carol」

「Yes? 」

「Well, if I am correct……it is time for a lecture by now」

「Oh……I am very sorry for taking so much time off」

I meant it. If I could, I wanted to give lecture without rest.
Hygiene and first aid had not yet gotten through to all members of the Order. There seemed to be no sign of war for the time being, but it was still basic knowledge to avoid increasing the number of casualties as much as possible. I believed the number of casualties would be greatly reduced just by having the concept of hygiene.
However, today was a different story.

「You see…it is just my situation」

「Hm? 」

「……It was more painful than I expected」


「N-No, there is no need to apologize, Wilhelm-sama. It was what I wanted」

Even now, it still hurts. I did not think I could move well today at least.
Well, I had heard that it would hurt. It was not like I had asked anyone; but to get such information unintentionally, such was puberty.
And so, I was prepared. However, it was really beyond my imagination.
Exceeding the superficial knowledge I had……Wilhelm-sama was intense.

「It is a nice day and I thought it would be good to go out……but shall we relax at home instead? 」

「Yes. I am happy to be with you like this」

I felt Wilhelm-sama’s warmth from his shoulder.
Just this simple touch made me feel at ease.
Having Wilhelm-sama’s scent nearby was enough to make me truly happy.
If only this time would last forever—.


「Yes, Wilhelm-sama」

「I am happy, too. I never thought I would spend time with someone like this」

Wilhelm-sama gently stroked my head.
Having my head stroked with his big palm gave me a fluffy feeling. I wanted more, but it was a feeling I did not understand well, like that was not enough for me. Lately, I only had feelings I did not understand well.

「Well……Carol, it may be late to say this, but……though I am like this, please treat me well」

「No, rather I am the incompetent one. But please take care of me」

「Yes……let us be happy together」

「Oh my」

Ufufu, I covered my mouth with my hand.
Wilhelm-sama raised his eyebrows and had a question mark all over his face.
Indeed, it was puzzling. Surely if it was me, I would find it natural to be immediately answered with a, “Yes”.

「Wilhelm-sama, that……may be…difficult」

「W-What do you mean? 」


Gently, I stroked my stomach.
Touching where Wilhelm-sama engraved his proof.

「It is just a feeling」

If it was a woman’s intuition, let it be so.
If it was a mere hope, I had nothing to say.
But, really.
Somehow, it was like a hunch.

「I feel a new life here」

The fruit of love of Wilhelm-sama and I.
It might be just a hunch, but surely there would be a new life here.
I did not know if it would be a boy or a girl.
When that time came.

「So……let us be happy with our family」

「……Yes, let us」

Wilhelm-sama also gently stroked my stomach and smiled.
That smile made me smile in turn.
I want this happiness to last forever—while thinking so, I nestled close to Wilhelm-sama.

I am Carol Ambrose, sixteen years old. Soon to be seventeen years old.
I am happy as Wilhelm-sama’s young wife—.



Kakei Senri (the author) had an endnote, thanking everyone for reading until the end. They also advertised the published book of DDKC, where they made some changes to the story’s development. If you’d like to support the author, all 3 volumes are available for purchase 🙂

As for me, I also would like to thank you guys for sticking with me. I’ve been so slow, but I finally did get to finish this story lol. So thank you so much! For the likes, comments, donation, and just the overall support.

To those wondering, I’m open to story suggestions! That is, if you’re alright with me doing the translating xD I did find an interesting oneshot, so I might post the translation when I get around to it.

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