About Me

Hello~ I am Akai Berii, an artist and now a novice MTL editor. I say editor because, by definition, I let the programs translate for me and I do my best to make sense of it.   d( ̄▽ ̄*)

You wish to know how I started? Wait, what do you mean “no”? Of course you do, so here it is because this is “About Me”.

Coming across “The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife”
I first decided to try out MTLing when I found DDKC, the novel I am currently translating. I had been so curious about it that I didn’t wait for it to be completed before reading. It turned out to be both a great and a bad decision lol. Great, because I didn’t regret reading it, a story targeted to readers like me who loves age gap genres. Bad, because not only was the translations ongoing, but it was also dropped by the previous translators. Thrice. Unfortunately.

And so, because I wanted to know how the story ends, I decided to try my hand on translating and used MTL.

It was a headache ahahaha.

But because I’m fussy and wanted to read properly constructed sentences rather than disjointed ones, I endured and trudged on. I also wish to let my big sister read the story when I come to finish it, regardless of my awfully lacking skills (in fact, the small amount I managed to acquire is from watching anime).

Anyway, I had never intended to publish what I managed to produce. It was my sister who convinced me that I do so, for my fellow fans of the story who can’t read japanese and are waiting for the translations. It took a while before I came to the decision to go and publish it. Hence, this blog.

About my translation(s)
So, to those who stumbled upon my blog and this page, please bear with me. I try my best to deliver quality content as much as MTL (and my meager knowledge of japanese) would allow. Thus, there is a huge possibility I have a lot of mistakes in my interpretation of the sentences. To which case, if anyone spots it, please tell me so I may learn from it. You’ll have my sincerest thanks.

I hope you enjoy reading!


Contact Me

If you wish to contact me about concerns, novel requests, or anything at all, you can reach me via:

  • E-mail: akaiberii5624@gmail.com
  • Deviant Art: [note]
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  • Or simply the comments section (・ω・)b