The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: After Lunch

After that, Wilhelm-sama no longer talked about Robert.
No matter how many times I asked, he would say 「As Elizabeth has not spoken about it, so must I refrain from talking」. Just what kind of significance does Robert hold for my household?
I thought he was simply a boorish cook, but I might have to renew my perception of him.
In any case, I shall ask my mother.

When we finished lunch, I decided to go straight home since Wilhelm-sama had duties.
Even if I stayed in the Order, I would only be a hindrance to their work.
And so, I arrived at the entrance to be on my way with Natalia.

「Oh, Carol」


I did not particularly want to see him, but we still met.
It seemed he had been talking to the receptionist, Gyle-sama. Were they on good terms?

「Oi, Zack……really, you」

「Ahh, please don’t mind it, Gyle-san. Carol’s a childhood friend of mine」

「Ah……is it true, Carol-sama? 」

「I am very reluctant to admit it, but I am afraid that is so.」

Ha~a, I heaved a sigh.
Of course, it was on purpose. It was an act.

However, it seemed my unwelcoming attitude was not conveyed to Zack.
He approached, and then stared into my eyes.
It was not where he was too close for comfort, but it was still fairly close. It was a little embarrassing, but I could not allow Zack to see such an emotion.

「Have you two made up? 」


「Then, that’s good. I was wondering if there was something I could do」

「There is nothing really」

「Ha~a……that’s a little cold, Carol. Why are you in such a bad mood? 」

It was not that I was in a bad mood.
It was simply that Zack had seen me shamelessly crying, so I did not want to show anymore weakness to him.
Ah, yes.
That reminds me, I had something I wanted to ask Zack.


「Huh? 」

「Did my elder brother hit you? 」

「Yeah……he got me. It was a clean shot first thing in the morning, I blacked out for a second」

「Is that so」

You really did hit him, Elder Brother.
But the person himself did not seem to know the reason and titled his head, saying, 「I wonder why that was. Did I do something to Albert-san? 」
It would seem he was not told of the reason.

「Do you know why? Did I do something to Albert-san? 」

「I do not know. I was only told he will hit you」

「Seriously? ……Man, I really don’t have any idea. Can you ask him for me? 」

「I refuse. You were the one who did something, ask him yourself」

I turned away with a hmph.
For some reason, Natalia looked surprised by my behavior. Was something strange?
Then, riiing, the sound of a bell rang throughout the Order.

「Ah……lunch break’s over already? Good for you, Gyle-san. Must be nice being a receptionist」

「I wish I’d be spared from this though, I don’t want my body to grow dull after all」

「But the Captain will train us throughout the afternoon. I can’t see a future where we won’t lose our legs」

「Er……it’s good to be on the reception desk for today」

It seemed Wilhelm-sama’s work in the afternoon was training.
To someone not affiliated with the Order, it would be an honor to be personally trained by Wilhelm-sama. However, it seemed the training was considerably intense.
I would like to observe if possible, but it would be selfish of me. I should go straight home.

「Then, Gyle-sama. I will take my leave」

「V-Very well, Carol-sama. Please come again」

「Later, Carol. See you next time」

「Well then」

I turned my back to Gyle-sama and Zack and returned to the manor with Natalia.
What shall I do this afternoon? For the time being, I would like to finish the muffler that I could wrap around Wilhelm-sama and I before winter came. Although, as it was still spring, that would be quite a time.
Kitting was fun, but one could only accumulate for it during summer.
Natalia seemed to know a lot of things, so I would like to know if there was anything else that could be made.

As I arrived at the mansion, I first changed my clothes.
Then, sitting on the couch, I pulled out the knitting sticks and yarn and continued where I left off this morning.
Kuikui, I could clear my thoughts as I threaded the yarn. Growing fairly accustomed to it, my fingers started to move on reflex.


「Yes, Ojou-sama」

So one could move their fingers like this even while talking.
It would appear I was highly adaptable.

「Why were you surprised a while ago? 」

「A while ago……is it? 」

「Yes. You seemed to be quite surprised when Zack and I were talking. Was something the matter? 」

If there was something of note, I thought I would be informed. But, if that was the case, Natalia did not say anything in particular.
I would not mind if I did not need to worry about it, though.

「Oh.……no, it is not of great importance」

「Did something happen? 」

「No……I just thought it was unusual for Ojou-sama to be that way」

「Eh? 」

Did I do something?
I could not remember having done anything unusual, though.

「What do you mean? 」

「That……please allow this servant to speak in a presumptuous manner」

「I do not mind. Natalia is like family to me」

「Thank you very much. Then……if I may be so bold, that was the first time I have seen Ojou-sama strongly state her opinion」

「……? 」

I strongly stated my opinion, did I?
In what way, I wonder?

「Because Ojou-sama is someone who never refuses, no matter what was said」

「……is that so? 」

「Yes. When the engagement with His Highness Rayford was decided, when you were educated to be queen, and even when the engagement was unilaterally revoked, Ojou-sama did not say anything. She simply accepted everything」

「……I see」

Indeed, I felt that I had not refused anything until now.
Those were not issues I wanted to resolve, so I only went with the flow.

「Also, that man called Zack was awfully bullish」

「……Well, it is Zack」

「This Natalia is glad you could find it in your heart to forgive that person」

I had no intention to trust Zack, but I certainly did not have to be wary of him.
Was knowing him since young a factor, perhaps?
Or was it because I received his knight’s oath? He told me he pledged his loyalty to me.

「To forgive may only be a slight leap forward but……from my perspective, Ojou-sama interacts with Zack-san similar to how she interacts with Lilia-sama」


If Natalia felt that way, it was probably true.
I certainly felt a strange sense of security with Zack. I would think, “It does not matter what kind of attitude I take”. Was this what they call a heartfelt relationship?
I only came out as strong because I thought nothing of Zack hating me.
But it would probably be something to think about if I was hated.
It did not mean I wanted to be hated, though.

Somehow, I am not sure why.1

「Wilhelm-sama has asked, “Think it over properly once more”. I think Ojou-sama should ponder over it again」

「……I agree」

I do not understand myself lately.
I wonder if I was someone without this much initiative.

「Oh, and Ojou-sama」

「Yes? 」

「My apologies, but I am taking a day off tomorrow」

「Is that so, I understand. Please be at ease and rest well」


Like Chris, Natalia also had four days off in a month. The Ambrose Ducal House is never black.
However, Natalia was apologetic for some reason.

「Will Ojou-sama……head for the Order tomorrow as well? 」

「Yes. I have to deliver lunch」

「What will you do……about your escort? 」


What should I do?
I had not thought of that.


[1] Google translated なんだか、訳が分からなくなってきました into “Somehow, the translation is getting lost”. Lmao, even Google gets confused. What a relief.

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