The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Determination

I had that feeling of “as I thought”.
From the start, they had information on the servants of the House of Duke, so the possibility of an informant was too high at that point.
Before I was kidnapped, the boing boing woman walked in front of us. Richard got distracted by the woman and was then struck from behind. This was information one could not pass unless they knew of Richard’s bad habit.
Most of all, Natalia was off duty today and Richard was to stand-in for her, this was a decision made just this morning. And when I told Chris about Natalia’s break, Robert disappeared shortly afterwards. No matter how I looked at it, it was nothing short of suspicious.
However, there were some things I could not help but be bothered about.

Robert said, “The blood of the true duke is the one worthy of being the master”.
But Robert was just an employed chef. Perhaps, this was what Wilhelm-sama hesitated to say?
I quickly shut my eyes before they could meet Robert’s.
For now, so long as he would not act violently, it seemed my life was not in immediate danger.

「With this, everything will work out……Damn old man, just watch from your grave. I will take over the Ambrose Ducal House! 」

How could Robert succeed the Ambrose Ducal House?
I am the eldest daughter of the Ducal Family. As long as my elder brother was the first-born son, one could never be duke even if they forced marriage on me.
Despite that, Robert said those words.
Was there some secret I was not yet aware of?

「Uh-oh……I cannot leave you to sleep in a place like this. You will soon be my bride, so I must handle you with care」

That would be an utterly detestable future.
My feelings are solely dedicated to Wilhelm-sama. Besides, I felt nothing but disgust for Robert who was no more than a cook and who always looked at me with an unpleasant gaze.
I felt Robert carry me.
There was nothing but discomfort, but I could endure. It seemed no one was here besides Robert, so I might have a chance to escape if Robert left.
For that, I would need information.

It seemed we went inside the manor. How were we able to enter when it should have been locked?
Though, I remembered hearing that cleaning was done on a regular basis. Perhaps we were able to enter because of that?

「Now, you can lie down here」

I was lowered down to a bed.
It was a little dusty. Was it because it had not been cleaned for a long time? As expected, I could not remember everything down to the floor layouts of our other residence. I did not know what sort of room this was.
If he left like this, I might at least be able to grasp the situation.

「Hmph……Seriously, they used a really strong drug. I want you to hurry and wake up」

Too bad for you, I was already awake.
But it was now clear to me. As long as I kept on pretending to sleep, I would be safe for the time being.

At least—that was what I thought.
Robert’s hand touched my cheek.

「Oh well, doesn’t matter」

His hand slowly touched my skin and slid down to my neck.
Then, to the back button of the light blue dress I got from my mother.

「I could still take you while you sleep」

His filthy hand took off my button.
And then, his other hand touched my thigh through my skirt—

「Hii—! 」

「Ah? 」

I accidentally let out a small scream in disgust.
Robert sent me a suspecting glance.
And then—he laughed.

「What, so you’re awake, Ojou-sama」

I was now found out.
I could no longer pretend to sleep. I instantly opened my eyes and slapped Robert’s hand away from me.

「……What is…this about, Robert? 」

「What, you ask. Ojou-sama will be doing it with me」

「P-Please stop it! 」

「Wha~t, just relax, Ojou-sama. I’ll do it all night till your knees are weak. I’ll make it so you can’t think about anything. Your heart, your body, I’ll dye everything」

「Hii—! 」

I’m scared.
I’m scared.
I’m scared.

My body and soul were all dedicated to Wilhelm-sama.
It could never be stolen away by this kind of man.
In my desperation to keep my spirit from breaking, I glared at Robert who was sadistically laughing.

「Kukuku, aren’t you just cute, Ojou-sama? 」

「W-Why are you doing this to me! 」

「Why, you say? If want to blame someone, blame your mother and grandfather」

「Wha, Mother and Grandfather!? 」

「Oh, so that’s how it is. You’ve heard nothing at all」

Kukuku, Robert laughed.
Even his laughter seemed to be filled with loathing, it was terribly unpleasant.

「I shall tell you my real name. See here, I am Robert Ambrose」

「Eh……? 」

「I was born as the eldest son of the previous head, Dukeridd Ambrose」

My thoughts could not catch up with the unexpected words.
Robert Ambrose.
Only the direct relatives could claim the surname of Ambrose. It was forbidden for the branch families to use it.
He was given that surname. Furthermore, he was born as Grandfather’s eldest son—.

「H-How……! 」

「Well, those things doesn’t matter. Ojou-sama will be married to me. And I will once again be a member of the Ambrose House. All I lost was my given surname, Ambrose. Once I regain it, I shall be the rightful master of the House」

「W-What are you saying!? 」

「You don’t have to understand. Ojou-sama, you can just do as I say! 」

Whack, stars flew before my eyes.
What I first felt was shock. Then, the heat of pain.
I unconsciously held my cheek.
Robert—hit me without any hesitation.


「Yes yes, be obedient just like that. Well, scream and cry all you want. In any case, no one would come to a noble’s private land this deep into the mountain. It’s quite fun violating a crying woman」

The smile on Robert’s face could only be called that.
Bits and pieces of what he said brought to light the numerous transgressions he had done until now. Perhaps, he had done unscrupulous deeds to various women before.
And—the same would also happen to me.

「Now, first off, that’s right……let’s do it」

Robert said so and came closer with a hand on his pants.
All I could do to resist was to back away.

I could not—simply give up.

I…am Carol Ambrose.

The Knight Captain’s—Wilhelm-sama’s young future wife—!

「Yaa! 」

When Robert approached and tried to straddle me, I attacked.
I slammed my knee to his crotch with all my might.

「Ugh, guu!? 」

Squelch. There was a feeling on my knee, like something got crushed. It was extremely disgusting.
Yet, it was a slight resistance.
Robert fell down in agony.

He held his crotch, going purupuru in his trembling.
To Lilia, who taught me that the most effective way to attack men was to the crotch, thank you very much!

Not missing my chance, I jumped away from the bed and rushed out of the room.
This was the other residence of the Ambrose family at the summit of Mount Cuffs.
That being the case, I knew the way back.
Wild beasts might be around, but they were better than Robert.

「S-Stop…right there! 」

At the dusty entrance hall, I opened the big door to the outside.
It was at that moment.

「Carol! 」

Why…did you come here?
Why did you come…at the moment when I wished for you to come?

Wilhelm-sama caught me as I rushed out.
Please, just hold me tight like this.

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    • Akai Berii says:

      It’s a japanese sfx for shaking/trembling. The novel is abundant with sfx like these, so I try to include them as much as possible.
      I hope that clears up the confusion! 🙂


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