The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Suspicious

「Good morning, Natalia」

「Good morning, Ojou-sama」

It was morning.
Though my whole body was tired, I still got off from bed and changed my clothes.
I changed into my loungewear and came out to a shiny corridor. It was the result of cleaning hard yesterday and the day before that. A thoroughly cleaned space was truly wonderful.
Afterwards, we have to do some weeding in the garden.

「Um, Ojou-sama……」

「Yes? 」

「It is about Wilhelm-sama……」

「Is something wrong? 」

Natalia was hesitating to speak for some reason.
He certainly could not come back yesterday evening, but he did say beforehand that he might be late.
Speaking of which, what time did he return?

「……Um, it seems he never returned」


「Dinner was laid out in the dining room, but it remained untouched. He also did not go to his room……」

「Is, that so……? 」

That was worrying. Did something happen?
I had not expected for him to be working from yesterday morning until now. I am worried that something might have happened.
And I heard he was even off duty today—.

「I see……」

「Yes. For now, the dinner……」

「It has been left all night. Please dispose of it」

I made it for Wilhelm-sama and placed it there.
Was there such a big task that he could not go home, or a discussion which lasted all night? He did not say there would be an inspection.
What to do?
Should I head to the garrison? But if he was busy with work, I must not bother him.
I am concerned.
But I could not do anything about it.

「What…would you like to do? 」

「For the time being……Natalia, could you go to the garrison and check the situation? Coming back late at night is still reasonable, but morning is……」

「I understand. After I prepare Ojou-sama’s breakfast, I shall head there」

「Yes, please do」

Could he be in an accident or trouble?
I do not think Wilhelm-sama, the strongest warrior in the country, would lose to some stranger, but there was also the previous incident from the war. If he was attacked from behind, he might not be able to deal with it.
I am worried if he was able to eat his meals—.

It was at that moment…
Just when I was passing by the entrance, the door opened with a click.

「Fu~u……hm, Carol? 」

「Ah……Wilhelm-sama! 」

「Yes……oh, did you wait here by the entrance? Sorry, it dragged on quite late into the night」

Fua~a, Wilhelm-sama entered the manor, covering the yawn that escaped from his mouth.
Thank goodness, he was not in trouble or an accident. However, seeing him work so late made me worried nonetheless.
I received the coat Wilhelm-sama took off and hung it on the rack by the entrance.

Sniff, sniff.
Somehow, it smelled of perfume.

「Wilhelm-sama, welcome home. Would you like to have breakfast? 」

「Hm……no, thank you. I will sleep for a while. Could you wake me up at noon? 」

「Are you all right? 」

「I pushed myself a little too hard, since I am off duty today. Well, a little rest will make me better」

Wilhelm-sama smiled.
He was finally off duty, so he had to fully rest his body. He was busy; I had to understand that as a proper wife.
We could be lovey-dovey another time. And Wilhelm-sama did say he would be busy for a while.

Sniff, sniff.
Somehow, he smelled of alcohol.

「Then, I will see you at noon, Carol」

「Yes, I will have lunch prepared」

「All right……a light meal is fine」

「I understand」

Fua~a, Wilhelm-sama went to his room as he yawned.
For some reason, it seemed like his gait was unsteady. Though one would not notice unless they look closely.
No, let us not think about it.
Wilhelm-sama was just tired from work.


「I shall also skip breakfast. Natalia, could you help me with weeding the garden until noon? 」

「Y-Yes……there is no problem with that……」

Perhaps Natalia had also noticed. But I could see she was worried about me.
Well, I am fine. I am an understanding wife, after all.
He was a man; it was not unlikely for him to have such association. My father used to be the same, and he repeatedly kneeled before my mother because of it. It was mainly because there was a business card with a woman’s name on his breast pocket.


I went back to the coat hung by the entrance,
Searched around the breast pocket,
And came up with a slightly hard paper.
『Angelina』 of the 『Heartthrob Studio』was written on it.



I put it back into the breast pocket.
I shall pretend I did not see anything.

He was a man, so there would be quite a few of such associations.

「Let us pull out weeds, Natalia」


It was fine, I am not angry.
I am Wilhelm-sama’s wife and Wilhelm-sama is my husband. Nothing would shake our relationship.
I could proudly claim to be Wilhelm-sama’s wife.

We went to the garden.
There were a lot of weeds around. I first put on my working gloves before pulling them out.
By their roots.
Rip, rip.
I pulled and pulled the weeds out without pause.

「U-Um, Ojou-sama……」

「Yes. What is it, Natalia? 」

「………………No, it is nothing」

Natalia was being strange.
I was smiling like I always do.

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