The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Return to Daily Life

Author’s note:
The second part begins.
Everyone, please join me.

Shortly after the incident of my kidnapping, I returned to my daily life.
Nonetheless, it was those days where I have nothing to do as usual, make lunch for Wilhelm-sama by lunchtime, have my meal together with him, and then go back home and knit. There was nothing special to do.
I wanted to learn cooking from Chris, but with what happened to Robert, there were now only two cooks in the manor, Chris and Michelle. This was a problem, so my father rushed to hire two people but they were still new employees. I was told there was no time to teach me, unless I would at least be as skilled as Michelle.
In the meantime, it would be the usual where I would make lunch in the morning, and only a part of it. According to Chris, making the boxed lunch was all right since she received remuneration for it.

And, as usual, I still intruded on the Chivalric Order for today’s lunch.

Today’s weather was nice, so we were now on the rooftop with Wilhelm-sama. Of course, Natalia was with me, but Natalia erases her presence like air whenever I was with Wilhelm-sama.
And so, without worrying about anything, I felt happy as I watched Wilhelm-sama eat his lunch with great relish.

「……Hm. Today’s lunch is also delicious」

「Thank you very much, Wilhelm-sama」

「Everything is truly delicious. Which one did Carol make today? 」

「Which one do you think it is? 」

Fufun, I puffed up with pride.
What I made today was extremely good. Of course, the seasoning was also all on me.
Chris tasted it and looked surprised. Even Chris acknowledged it was delicious enough.

「Hmm……let me see, is it this hamburger? 」

「As expected of Wilhelm-sama, you are correct」

He guessed it in one try.
Today, I made the hamburger steak with kneaded ground meat. For the boxed lunch, I made it slightly smaller.
I did everything from cutting the vegetables, kneading, and frying. When I was using fire, Chris was fluttering about in nervousness.
I thought I was able to do well, but why was it easily guessed?

「How did you know? 」

「Hm……because it was the most delicious」

「My! 」

Being told so made me overjoyed.
Was this the joy of cooking food and having it delightfully eaten?
I shall keep on doing my best and make food which would satisfy Wilhelm-sama.
Also, I would have to knit a muffler by winter which I could properly wound around both Wilhelm-sama and I.

「I am glad, Wilhelm-sama」

「I see……Nn, ahem. Apologies, but may I have some tea? 」

「Yes, I will prepare it」

Hmm hmm, my heart fluttered as I made tea.
I merely poured out what I had in the flask, though.
Preparing lunch like this, and then serving tea, my appearance would surely be seen as a wife from another’s point of view.

「Hm, delicious. Carol should eat, too」

「Yes. Then, please excuse me」

I would also eat my lunch.
Firstly, I would eat the hamburger Wilhelm-sama had praised.
Its shape had slightly collapsed, but the taste should be all right.
If it was Chris, she would surely not make a mistake like having a food’s shape break like this.

「It is indeed delicious, Wilhelm-sama」

「Hm. Sorry for the trouble every time」

「Not at all. If Wilhelm-sama is satisfied, there is nothing like trouble for Carol」

「Hm……I thank you for saying so……」

Wilhelm-sama frowned while stroking his beard.
He had seemed satisfied with his lunch, was there any problem?

「Truth be told, I have something to discuss with Carol」

「Discuss? 」

「Indeed. But, even if you refuse, there will be no problem. I know it is not a matter to ask of the Duke’s daughter in the first place」

I wonder what kind of discussion it was.
For me, I would like to help Wilhelm-sama as much as I could.
If it was for that purpose, I would go through all kinds of tribulation.

「Actually……Carol, would you like to work in the Order for a little while? 」


「You originally wanted to join the Order, correct? But it really was impossible to admit Carol, the Duke’s daughter, into the Order without your will for national defense. I told the Order of the Snow but……」


「I heard a lot from Julius, the medical knight who was in charge of your entry test」

If I recalled correctly, he was the old medical knight who Captain Anastasia called in.
I remembered he was probably about two to three years older than Wilhelm-sama.

「What kind of things was it? 」

「Hm……As Julius said, Carol’s knowledge of medicine and pharmacy is a substantial one. He said, as long as you gain practical experience, it would be enough to practice medicine as a doctor any time」

「Is that so」

It delighted me to receive such an assessment from an active medical knight.
But it was a knowledge I remembered from my studies, I never thought it would be useful like this.

「I also explained to Julius and told him that Carol will not join the Order」


「However, it would be a shame to simply drop the person Julius had praised so much. Therefore, Carol. It is all right not to……but would you like to become a lecturer in the Order? 」

「Eh……L-Lecturer, is it? 」

My breath got caught at the unexpected words.
Indeed, I never expected the word “lecturer” at all.
But Wilhelm-sama gave a magnanimous nod.

「For the Order, fighting is work. For that reason, one must be prepared to lay down their life. However, there is no life to those who recklessly throw it away」


「If each knight knows about emergency treatment, first aid, and medical response, the number of lives that can be saved may increase. Especially among units with a lot of commoners, there are those with poor knowledge of disinfection and hygiene. I want to assign you the role of teaching for that. Naturally, you will be paid a considerable amount」

「My……! 」

I am grateful I was valued like this, and I also understood Wilhelm-sama’s words.
Indeed, without knowledge on hygiene and disinfection, wounds might fester and worsen. It was necessary to at least have enough common sense to wash the wound with water.
Moreover, medicine would not always be available on the battlefield. Everyone might be able to save each other’s life by teaching them things such as medicinal herbs used to treat wounds and how to use them.
If so, I could not refuse my help.

「Thank you for telling me, Carol wants to be of help to Wilhelm-sama. If what I can teach will help Wilhelm-sama, then I will not hesitate to be a lecturer」

「Hm……Well, it has not yet been decided. I will also have to consult the deputy chief and the executive officers afterwards」

「I understand. I will get my mother’s approval」

「I leave it to you」

I am happy.
Of course, there was the fact I could be helpful to Wilhelm-sama, but more than that.

I, Carol Ambrose, sixteen years old.
Had finally leveled up from unemployment.

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  1. trippuchi says:

    “I am happy. Of course, there was the fact I could be helpful to Wilhelm-sama, but more than that. I, Carol Ambrose, sixteen years old. Had finally leveled up from unemployment”

    That is character development right there! She’s glad to have made this stride for her own sake. But, ironically, aren’t nobles supposed to be occupationally unemployed lololol

    Thanks for the chapter!


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