The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: Second Period – Hygiene 2 –

My body reacted on reflex as I was simultaneously glared at.
I understood they were the upper echelons of the Order, and they had no intentions to harm me. Still, being glared at like this would really cause one to cower.
Even though I only explained there would be such risks.
However, I am a lecturer.
I am scared, but I still had to stand firm with a resolute attitude.


Suddenly, Wilhelm-sama lightly coughed.
At the back of the room was Wilhelm-sama. With Wilhelm-sama around, my resolve multiplied manyfold.
I, too, cleared my throat.

「As I had explained, ingesting unboiled water is terribly risky. Some cases may not only include the earlier mentioned insects which attaches to the liver, but also toxins which causes loose bowels. And in order to get rid of these toxins, boiling is a must」

It seemed there was first a need to reform everyone’s perceptions.
I need only to explain for the common soldiers to understand. But it would only spell danger when even the upper echelons had this kind of perception.
How do I explain in order for them to see?

「All of you has experienced the battlefield, this I know. And for a girl like myself, I can only imagine it……Vice-captain Victor」


「What sort of things does Vice-captain Victor pay careful attention to on the battlefield? 」


For a second, Vice-captain Victor frowned at my question.
I really would have to compromise in order to reform their perceptions. Therefore, I would begin by asking their perceptions.

I had not intended to ask such a strange question that Vice-captain Victor had a difficult time answering.

「That is……」

「There is no need to worry about me. Feel free to speak your mind」

「……yes, sir」

Aah, I see.
Knowledge about the battlefield was certainly hard to answer when Wilhelm-sama, the direct superior, was around.

「First is……logistics. In mobilizing the army, there must not be a situation where we are deprived of food. Next is strategy……in regards to this, it is crucial to be cautious of ambush and enemy diversions. When marching, we must be careful of the terrain, the presence of traps, and the unintentional contact with enemies. Last is information」

「Thank you very much, Vice-captain Victor」


I see.
There were a lot I could not understand well about logistics and strategy. But I could understand the need to be careful of terrains, traps, and enemy contact.
And so.
With that, I would align my explanation.

「Well then, Vice-captain Victor, you said you must move with caution against traps when marching? 」

「……Yeah. What about it? 」

「Why is it that you must move while watching out for traps? 」

「That goes without saying. If the enemy’s traps are there, our soldiers could be harmed if they fall into one」

「But there is a possibility there are no traps, yes? 」

「But there might be one. If we are not cautious……」

And with a ha! Vice-captain Victor’s head shot up.
He seemed to understand what I meant to convey.

「Thus, we must be cautious of toxins that could possibly be in unboiled water」


「Unboiled water might not have toxins in it. Then again, there might be. And I believe it is only natural to be cautious of it, as it could put the entire army in danger. But what do you think? 」

「Kuu……! 」

Vice-captain Victor’s eyes opened wide at my words, but he nodded.
It seemed I was able to make him understand.

「I see. I certainly agree when you put it that way」

「Indeed. If there is a risk, preventive measures should first be taken, even when it comes to water, huh」

「I had thought those are words of a young girl who is clueless of the battlefield……but were we the ignorant ones? 」

Everyone unanimously expressed their agreement.
It seemed the simple concept of “if you are wary of traps, be wary of food poisoning” was understood.

「Then, here concludes the lesson in hygiene. Does anyone have any additional questions? 」

「……No, none at all」

「In that case, I would like to move forward to the next document」

I turned over the document on my hand and studied the third page.
The third page of the document was about first aid procedures.
I thought, rather than the lengthy and detailed medical treatments, I would only give a lecture about first aid procedures. Because if they knew how to administer it, they would have a higher chance of survival once taken to the army doctors. So, the document turned out like this.

First would be on how to treat bodily injuries.

「We will now distribute to everyone. Natalia, please proceed」


With my signal, Natalia stepped forward and placed one in front of each person.
It was not something great, just a folded big cloth.
But in emergencies, it would be a tool for more than a few treatments.

「Did everyone receive it? 」

「Yes. It has all been distributed」

「Then, continuing onward. Everyone, please spread out the cloth you were given and take a look」

As I said so, everyone picked up their cloth and checked it.
Just a simple white cloth with no particular embellishments in it.
Everyone, your strange expressions all look the same.
I also did the same and spread the cloth out in front of everyone.

「This time’s lesson will be on how to use a triangular bandage」

Triangular bandage.

It was just a simple cloth. But there was nothing more suitable for first aid.
From here on out, let us discuss about it and practice along.

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