The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Third Period – First Aid –

First, I would explain to everyone how to use the triangular bandage.
Although it was called a triangular bandage, it was actually no different from a normal cloth. The name was derived from folding it in half and using it as a triangle. It was also a good thing one can do most of the first aid treatment with this one piece of cloth.

「To start with, I think the injuries everyone commonly receive are from swords and arrows. And when there is a wound, blood will flow from it」

It went without saying, but that was a way to put it.
It was normal for there to be blood when there is an injury, for there are no people who do not shed blood.
However, blood should not be left flowing out.

「To stop the bleeding, you must stanch the flow. The most common method to stop the bleeding is called direct pressure. Simply press down on the wound and hold. That way, if it is a shallow wound, the blood will naturally coagulate and stop」

I signaled for Natalia to hold her hand out.
Assuming as if a part of the arm was injured, I pressed down on the wound in demonstration.

「But it is impossible to hold it all the time. So, to stop the bleeding, rinse the wound first. Then, cover it with a clean cloth. Lastly, wrap it up with this triangular bandage」

I went through the action of pouring water from my prepared bottle, and placed the handkerchief next.
I finished it with winding around the bandage.
With this, it was not necessary to keep on holding it. The bleeding would stop after a while.

「Well then, please give it a try with a pair」

「Mu……we are doing it? 」

「Yes. Practice is most important with this kind of technique」

For some reason, the people before me made a face.
But it was really best to actually try it. I shall persevere here.

「Then, everyone, please practice by turns. I will each guide you as I make my rounds」


It seemed they were persuaded this time. Everyone held their muscled arms out.
The scars they had in some places must have been because of their repeated fights on the battlefield.
There was one extra person, so he was left to Wilhelm-sama. I already taught Wilhelm-sama though, so his part was only that of a patient.

Everyone was confused, but they still tried to wrap the bandage around.
As I made each round, I taught them about methods to wrap it more efficiently, and also the difference between cleanliness and griminess. No matter how much the wound was rinsed with clean water, if the bandage was dirty, it might still cause an infection.

Afterwards, when everyone’s practice had ended, I continued with the lesson.

「What all of you did earlier was forearm treatment. However, injuries are not limited to the arms, neither is it limited to sword cuts. Next, we will deal with a broken arm」

Rather, this was probably the type of treatment everyone was familiar with.
If one’s arm was broken, it must not be moved too much. Thus, a sling would be made by winding the bandage around the shoulders to lift the arm.
For this, I used two pieces of cloth. One piece was to support the bone with a splint, while the other was to lift the arm.

With Natalia as the patient, I lectured on how to handle each one.
Be it with bone fractures, head injuries, leg injuries, and other various cases, the triangular bandage played an active part in everything.
In addition, I mentioned how to make a simple padding using a triangular bandage.

It had taken a lot of time to practice, so when the lecture on the various uses of the triangular bandage had ended, more than two-thirds of the scheduled time had passed.

「……And that is all for the uses of the triangular bandage. Are there any questions? 」

「This is in line with the lecture a while ago」

Suu, raising his hand was Vice-captain Victor.
While he had an extremely unconvinced look during the lesson on hygiene, he had properly listened to the first aid lesson. He also earnestly practiced more than anyone else. Somehow, it seemed he came to trust me a little.

「Please go ahead, Vice-captain Victor」

「Hmm……This has already been brought up earlier during the hygiene lesson, but……is it really important to rinse the wound with water? 」

「Yes. You would not know what kind of condition it is unless you clean the wound with water. Supposing you are cut with a rusty sword and the wound is neglected, you are at risk of contracting muscle spasms1

「Such a……! 」

Muscle spasms.
A severe disease I had once heard about.
Nerve poison resulted in symptoms like full body spasms, but the cause was still unknown. However, there was a theory that it was more likely to contract it if substances like rust or dirt were contained in the wound.

Perhaps, some people suffered from muscle spasms on the battlefront. But from Vice-captain Victor’s surprise, I guess that was not the case.
And those with severe cases of muscle spasms would almost be beyond saving.
Hence, it was important to clean the wound with water.

「Rinsing with clean water will greatly reduce the risk of muscle spasms」

「Hmm……I know that. I really do, but……as mentioned earlier, water is precious」

「That is……」

It was certainly as he said.
Water was the most essential to humans. Without water, humans could not last three days.
And if they were to use that precious water to clean wounds, they would run out of something to drink. I, too, understood that.

「Sometimes, we have to fight for a few days with only one flask of water. It is not unusual to be unable to drink water throughout the day. No……I do not deny the contents of the lecture. I understood the matter of hygiene well. But……even so, I still feel strongly opposed to using water that way」

「Is…that so……」

I am discomfited.
There could be another means to this issue.

Just that, I do not want to say it…….

「Saying that, I want to know. Is there any other way apart from washing with water? 」

「……About that」

「If there is none, that is all right……」

There was.
There was another way.
But I was yet to be mentally prepared.

「T-There is one……」

「Hou! Then, if we use that method, we would not have to use water! 」

「Y-Yes……that is so」

Ka~a, I was aware my cheeks were heating up.
I had given a lecture to Wilhelm-sama beforehand, but there had been no questions like this.
But if I could properly teach them, they could keep their wounds clean, and they also would not have to sacrifice their water.

With a kohon, I cleared my throat.
It was embarrassing, but I would say it.

「U-Umm……that……in that case, instead of water……you……e」

「Mm? What should we use instead of water? 」


「Sorry, I still could not catch that」

Why must I say such an embarrassing thing plenty of times?!
Vice-captain Victor had no ill intents, but he might have borne a grudge against me.

「On the wound……」

「On the wound? 」

「Please p-pee on it……」

How embarrassing. Why have you told me such a digression, palace doctor?!

Urine was close to clean water and would not be a problem even if it was drank.
I had heard that some of its effects were neutralizing itchiness and insect toxins. No problem would occur even if you wash a wound with it.
But still, it was such an embarrassing thing to say.



Why is it…
Everyone of the Order was staring at me with such expressions, like they were looking at something amusing.


[1] aka Tetanus. I felt that “muscle spasms” was a more appropriate term for this story’s time period, which is surely before 1884 when the cause of tetanus was determined.

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8 thoughts on “The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 53

  1. Lilnia says:

    Wrong little one, wrong.

    To anyone even considering this please do not pee on a wound. Urine is not sterile. It also doesn’t help with jellyfish stings.


    • Asdaf says:

      A bandage just over the injury won’t help that much to stoop the bleeding. Thats not really first aid. More important should be to put pressure on the blood vesels, like if you have a serious wound on the arm, you can stop the blood flow by binding the bandge tight around the arm in a location nearer to the heart than the wound is, or by pressing on the blood vessel in the armpit with fingers. Cleaning wounds is after care. You don’t go and clean wounds in the middle of battle, likewise you don’t go and pull an arrow out on the battlefield. First aid is when you help a person not bleeding out, or faint. Stuff like that so that the person doesn’t die until a better treatment can be done. And on the point of urine, like some allready said, just no. You should not drink it either, urin is body waste, all things that the body can’t or won’t use and needs to get rid of.
      Sry for bad english, just annoyed me that its described as FIRST aid


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