The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: His Highness, Intrusion 3

「Y-Your Highness, that is……」

Perhaps sensing deep trouble, Lady Mary started to speak.
His Highness might be someone who she could somehow manipulate, but she certainly did not have the confidence to deceive the judiciary.
However, His Highness stopped Lady Mary with a hand.

「Be at ease, Mary. I will surely give Carol her just deserts」

「B-But Your Highness……that might be going too far……」

「You are truly kind, Mary. You have been hurt, yet you still hold such kindness for Carol who made you suffer. As I thought, my companion should be none other than Mary. However, there is no longer a need to hold any kindness for Carol. Just leave it to me」

「Y-Your Highness……」

Lady Mary, I do not think His Highness Rayford is someone who would listen to other people.
Because once he made up his mind, he was the sort who would not yield even an inch. Had he been someone who listened, he would have heard my side of the story during that evening party.
Still, I could not deny my pity for His Highness.
Without even realizing he was being deceived by Lady Mary, that figure who defended her in such a way felt like a joke.

「I understand」

「—! T-That is……! 」

In the meantime, I accepted.
I had already discussed the circumstances with my mother beforehand. There was no truth at all in the claim that I bullied Lady Mary.
No matter how one looked at it, Lady Mary would be sentenced for slandering me. His Highness might even be charged with fraud. And I could also impeach the fact His Highness called my mother 「a mere duchess」.
I could not help but pity His Majesty the King.

「Lady Mary, I accepted what yourself has claimed. Is there anything with it which raises a question? 」

「……t-that is」

「Well then, you are not to interject. If you prided yourself in being able to sit with royalty and those of the ducal house, then you may speak. But you are of the baronial house, are you not? In that case, please keep silent」

「You! How dare you insult Mary! 」

「I only spoke of the truth」

「Mary will be my future crown princess! You dare speak in such a manner to a royalty?! 」

「Future, you say. Under the present condition where the Queen is also opposed, that is hard to tell. In that case, she is only a baron’s daughter」

「—! You! 」

His Highness Rayford slammed his hand on the table.
However, he made no further moves. Since the matter was decided to be taken to court, he would not try any act of violence.
Also, even if His Highness was the first prince, he still could not go around striking people.

「Well then, this discussion is over, is it not? Come, Carol, let us go」

「Yes, Mother」

「P-Please wait! 」

「M-Mary? 」

As my mother and I were about to rise from our seats, Lady Mary spoke up.
Was she thinking, “It will be really bad if I left the current situation as it is”?
Surely, she must be desperately thinking, “How can I get out of this situation?”

Everything up until now went smoothly for Lady Mary.
Approaching His Highness despite being a baron’s daughter would not have been a trivial effort. But Lady Mary overcame that hurdle, grew close to His Highness, and used lies to defame me who had been his fiancée. And the engagement was broken. No words could describe that skill other than splendid.
Moreover, I even accepted the engagement cancellation without any particular refusal and said nothing more. In this case, Lady Mary could have easily thought I yielded to her.
She must have even felt supreme.

However, now she was driven to a corner. Because no one knew better than Lady Mary that those claims of me bullying her were all lies.
It was yet to be seen she was not assuming anything like winning in court.

「I-I am not going to sue the duke’s daughter, Carol Ambrose! 」

「Mary, what are you saying! 」

「……Do tell us of what you mean. Why do you refuse taking to court the complaints you yourself had brought up? 」

「T-That is……u-umm……」

Lady Mary was struggling. I supposed that was only to be expected.
In her scenario, there would not have been any development like this.
I shall show her how to struggle. Not only me, but even His Highness was cornering her in this present situation.

「U-Umm……w-well! I-I do not want to make this matter any bigger, is what I thought……! 」

「M-Mary, what is going on……? 」

「Your Highness! I do not hold any grudge against the duke’s daughter, Carol Ambrose! Rather, I am grateful that I could be this close to His Highness! To make this matter bigger like this is……」

「Hm……I see」

It was an awfully poor excuse, but he was actually convinced.
Your Highness, I wonder if you would not be hoodwinked one day.

「Really……you truly are a kind woman, Mary」

「Your Highness……」

「Hmph. Pardoning Carol is hard to endure, but I will assent on account of Mary’s objection. You are forgiven just this once, Carol. Be grateful for Mary’s kindness! 」

The discussion was one-sidedly proceeding.
I glanced at my mother. She was silently shaking her head.
I could not agree more.

「You do not have to forgive me」

「What did you say! 」

「Your Highness, I shall tell you once more」

That night of the party.
I was blamed by His Highness for whatever I did to Lady Mary. He did not believe me when I said I did not do anything and broke off our engagement in front of everyone present.
Although I feel grateful to him even until now for breaking off our engagement, I still had quite a shock at that time.
So, I would say it once more.

「I do not recall having done anything to Lady Mary」

「You! You are shameless to the very end! 」

「In other words, there is no reason for me to be sued, least of all to be forgiven」

Ha~a, I heaved a sigh.
And pinned His Highness with a glare.

I am Carol Ambrose, the Duke’s daughter and the fiancée of His Highness Rayford El Flarekista.
And carrying the burden of being the future crown princess, I always treated everyone with respect. Even towards His Highness, who cancelled our engagement, and to Lady Mary, who slandered me, I always spoke with politeness.
I would no longer hold any respect towards you.

Thus, in all my sixteen years of life.
This tone which never broke down since I was about seven years old.
Had unsurprisingly reached the limit.

Stop your nonsense

At my words, I saw His Highness’s eyes widen like saucers.

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