The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: Preparation for the Day Out

Doki Doki.
After the lecture at the garrison, I returned to the manor. Usually, I would have dinner with my family and then make the documents with Mary. But today was different.
Anyway, it was dinnertime. Whenever I finish with lecture and get home, it was usually just in time for dinner.

「I have returned, Father, Mother」

「Welcome home, Carol」

My father and mother were already seated in the dining hall, while my elder brother was not around. He left late today, so he might be home late. My brother said he had the late shift.
Though my brother was not around, I sat down on my seat.

「Carol, you look happy」

「Yes, Mother」

「Did something good happen? 」

「Yes. Wilhelm-sama invited me to go out with him tomorrow」

Pfoo! My father spat out a mouthful of tea.
I wonder why?

「Is that so. Is Wilhelm-sama coming over? 」

「Yes. He said he will pick me up tomorrow morning」

「I see. Do enjoy, Carol」


I nodded at what my mother said.
But there was no need to worry. Anywhere would be fun if I am together with Wilhelm-sama.
My heart was currently pounding. I wonder where he would take me to.

「H-Hey Elizabeth……」

「Wilhelm-sama will say it himself. Perhaps he invited Carol for that reason」


「There is some good in not knowing. We must not put a damper on this」

「……? 」

My father and mother spoke in such low voices.
Was something the matter? Somehow, an uneasy atmosphere hung in the air.

「Where will you be going? 」

「Well, I do not know the details」

「Then, Wilhelm-sama will escort you, will he not? If so, Carol should leave it to Wilhelm-sama」


I see. I must not concern myself further than wondering where Wilhelm-sama would be taking me to.
I did not have any particular place I wanted to go to, so I shall leave everything to him.
As I ate Chris’s cooking, my lips stretched into a broad smile.
Come to think of it, I had never seen Wilhelm-sama in civilian clothes.
Whenever he would participate in a party held at our house, he mainly wore formal attire called a suit.
And during the evening party, he was in armor which was a knight’s uniform.
After that, whenever I visited the garrison, Wilhelm-sama was always in armor.
What kind of civilian clothes does he wear, I wonder?
When I tried to imagine it, my cheeks grew a bit warm.

「Um, Mother」

「What is it? 」

「Is there anything I should pay attention to for this occasion? 」

It was my first time going out with a man. Even then, the times I went out with anyone were infinitely few.
Oh, Zack was an exception. That person was not considered a man. We used to go to the slums to begin with, and I had no good memories there.
With a hmm, my mother slightly raised a brow.

「Fix your appearance neatly」


「When you are walking together, walk half a step behind」


「For matters like ordering your food, leave everything to Wilhelm-sama」


「If he is about to do something inappropriate, kick between the legs」

「Yes……Yes!? 」

「I jest」

I ended up raising my voice at the unexpected words.
If it was Wilhelm-sama, it was all right if he did any mischief. How much was considered mischief, I do not know.
Would a kiss on the cheek be a mischief?



「You may behave however you want. It is all right to be the way you are」


I gave an uncertain nod to my mother’s words.
If I were to behave as I like……I might be the one doing something improper to Wilhelm-sama.
Why do I only think about shameless things like this?

「Thank you for the meal」

「Very well」

After dinner, I retired to my room.
Now then, I should make preparations before our day out.

「Let us see what clothes to wear」

「Would it not be fine wearing your everyday clothes? 」

Mary bluntly stated so. I see you do not understand, Mary.
After all, I must properly dress up for the trip. And to dress up meant I would have to dress differently than usual.
I often wear my favorite dress, so Wilhelm-sama would not find it any different.
Even the clothes my mother bought for me some time ago were all put on each time they were done being washed.
A temporary lecturer did not have a uniform, so I wore civilian clothing. And since one could not appear in public in something like their house dress, I wore the clothes I arranged as my everyday clothes.
Yes, uniforms—.

「Ah! 」

That was it.
Natalia once told me, men liked school uniforms.
And after that one time I visited Wilhelm-sama, I had not worn my school uniform ever since. After all, it would be strange to give lectures at the garrison while wearing a school uniform.
But tomorrow was a day off. And there were students who spend their days off in uniform.
Meaning, if I met Wilhelm-sama in my school uniform tomorrow, it would pose no problem.

「Perfect! 」

「Um……Ojou-sama, have you decided on your clothes? 」

「Yes. I will wear my school uniform」


Natalia had already gone to the kitchen to help. After the case with Robert, there seemed quite a lot of work to do since no new cook was hired, so Chris asked her to help out.
So now, only Mary was left in my room with me.
And upon hearing my decision to wear school uniform, Mary’s brows creased in puzzlement.

「Um……Ojou-sama, why…a uniform? 」

「Mary, do you not know? Men seems to like school uniforms」

「……is…that so? 」


I did not know exactly why, but Natalia said so.
Natalia was a capable servant, so she would not be mistaken. In fact, the day I went to the garrison in my school uniform, the reaction seemed to be somehow different.
Well, soon after that though, I angered Wilhelm-sama because of my insensitive words.
Never again would I use my life as a means to coerce someone.
Because I aim to be a good woman in accordance to my mother’s teachings.

「Then, let us prepare the uniform」

The matter of clothing was settled with this.
Please look forward to it, Wilhelm-sama.
Carol has a good understanding of men’s preferences.

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