The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Promise of a Day Out

I headed to the garrison with a basket as usual.
I regularly go there before noon and have lunch with Wilhelm-sama before heading to lecture. It was just the same lecture, but I found it interesting because everyone had different reactions each time.
Accompanying me was Natalia. Mary was still strictly prohibited by my mother to leave the manor, so she was left doing housework.
After crossing the entrance, we headed for the captain’s office.
In the past, we had to go through the reception desk at the entrance and undergo procedure. But since I was issued an identification card as a temporary lecturer, I could now walk around the garrison on my own.

「Pardon my intrusion, Wilhelm-sa……」

「Forgive me, Victor. Let us end the discussion here」

「……But Captain」

I knocked on the door to the captain’s office and entered as usual. Before, I would wait until there was a reply. But then I was told I could come in straight away, so I made sure to immediately enter.
Huh, I tilted my head in puzzlement.
Inside the captain’s office were Wilhelm-sama and the vice-captain, Victor-sama.
Wilhelm-sama had a troubled expression for some reason.
If they were talking about work, it might be better for me to come back at a later time.

「Hm……Oh, Carol」

「Umm……If you have something to discuss about, shall I come back later? 」

「No……we are already done talking. Victor, for now, I leave that matter to you. It is after three days」

「……I understand. But Captain…」

「I know. Further details will be announced later. Soon there will be confusion」

「I understand」

Victor-sama even bowed to me and then left the captain’s office.
Did something happen?
I wanted to know the situation, but I am merely a temporary lecturer at the Order. It was not my place to ask about the Order’s state of affairs.
If it was something I should know about, Wilhelm-sama would tell me.

「Forgive me. Did you bring me lunch today? 」

「Yes. Carol would like to have lunch with Wilhelm-sama」

「Just a moment. I shall finish up my work」

Wilhelm-sama sat on a chair and looked over several documents. Wilhelm-sama, who was the captain of the knights, really did have a lot of work to do. I am worried it would affect his health.
Still, the him who was working like this also looked gallant. Even the small crease between his brows when looking at the contents looked fierce.
I sat down with Natalia on the couch in the office and prepared for lunch. That said, today’s lunch was sandwiches, so I only prepared the tea.

「I have kept you waiting」

「No, it is all right. Wilhelm-sama」

Perhaps having concluded his work, Wilhelm-sama rose and sat down on the couch facing me.
Somehow, he looked tired.
Was that also unavoidable? It was the end of the week, so tomorrow would be a rest day. I heard the Chivalric Order basically took days off by shifts, but Wilhelm-sama had rest days on weekends.
Wilhelm-sama would also be off tomorrow, and I would wish for him to allow his body a good rest.

「Hmm……this is delicious」

「Which one do you prefer? 」

「Let me see……I suppose this egg and vegetable one. It tastes a little spicy, it is to my liking」

「Thank you very much. Wilhelm-sama really does like spicy foods rather than sweet ones」

「Well……I suppose」

I suppressed my smile from widening.
Truth be told, half of the sandwiches today were made by me.
While Chris made all those cooked over the fire, the ones where all I had to do was put together the ingredients and season it were all mine. Among those, what I especially paid attention to was the one praised by Wilhelm-sama.
I realized Wilhelm-sama liked his food a little spicy, so I was particular about the seasoning. I was overjoyed to have received such praise.

「I am sorry for letting you prepare meals like this every time」

「Not at all. If it’s for Wilhelm-sama’s health, there is nothing like trouble for Carol」

「I am glad to hear that. But I always wonder if there is anything I could do in return」

「That kind of consideration……」

「No, it feels wrong for me to merely keep on receiving something」

This was what I liked to do, though. More than half of my real intention was to have Wilhelm-sama eat what I make.
But it would be embarrassing if I said that.

「Hmm……Carol, are you off tomorrow? 」

「Yes. Tomorrow will be my day off」

My days off were on weekends like Wilhelm-sama’s.
Since the academy was closed on weekends, Lilia would come to visit. She herself said it was to monitor Mary, but lately she also seemed to be enjoying the latter’s reactions.
Just then, Wilhelm-sama clapped his hands together.

「I always receive something from Carol. I wish to return the favor once in a while」

「Such a thing……」

「Do you have any plans for tomorrow? If you do not, then if it is all right with you……」

「I do not have any plans! Carol is free! 」

Oops, not good.
I got a bit ahead of myself. It was not like me to interrupt Wilhelm-sama when he was talking.
Lilia, please forgive me. I would not be around tomorrow. If you want, please have tea with Mary instead.

「O-Oh, I see……Then, allow me to treat you to a meal tomorrow. After that, would you like to go out into town for a bit? 」

「My! 」

Getting such an invitation from Wilhelm-sama!
Could this be a dream? I wanted to pinch my cheek to make sure, but I could not do such an improper behavior in front of Wilhelm-sama.
A man and a woman going out on a day off was generally called a date.
In other words, this was a date between Wilhelm-sama and I.
What should I do?
My cheeks flared up.

「I would be delighted to join Wilhelm-sama on a day off」

「Hmm……Well, I would also like to give my thanks to Carol」

「Thank you very much」

While it was an unexpected offer, my first date with Wilhelm-sama was decided. Let tomorrow be here already!
What kind of clothes should I wear? I would have to struggle with my wardrobe when I get home.
Some clerk might possibly ask something like 「Are you lovers? 」 when we would go out into town.
If that were to happen, could I answer in the affirmative? Just imagining it was enough to make my heart pound.
As to where we would be going, I would leave it all to Wilhelm-sama.
Meaning, I would have Wilhelm-sama escort me.
Tomorrow better come soon!

「Then……ah, yes. I shall pick you up at the manor before noon tomorrow」

「Yes, I look forward to it! 」

What to do?
As my heart pounded, tomorrow could not come any sooner.

During my lecture in the afternoon, what should I do if I kept on grinning the entire time?

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