The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Lunch at the Cafe

Before heading to the park, Wilhelm-sama and I decided to have lunch first.
Wilhelm-sama also seemed to be unfamiliar with this area, so we settled for a classy cafe that was nearby. Cafes served light meals, and they also have lunch around this time.
After entering the shop, a waiter guided us to a table and we sat down. It was a spot with a view of the scenery outside.
But our surroundings were a bit noisy. It was the weekends after all, and the flowers at the Southern Park were rather famous. Perhaps there were a lot of tourists?

「Now then……what shall we eat? 」

「They offer a variety」

I worried while looking at the menu with Wilhelm-sama.
Incidentally, Natalia sat alone at a table a little further from us. If something were to happen, she was in a position where she could immediately protect me.
As long as I am with Wilhelm-sama though, I did not think I would be in any danger.
The menu had a lot to choose from, so I was a bit troubled. Their sandwiches looked delicious, but sandwiches alone would not be enough for me.
Was it better to ask for a lunch set, after all?

While I was worrying about that, Natalia called over a waiter and ordered.
It seemed she had already decided, though I could not hear what she was ordering.

「Wilhelm-sama, what would you like? 」

「Let me see……I am not much familiar with this, so I shall go with their daily special Lunch A」

「Then, I will have Lunch B」

「You do not have to worry about me. You may ask for something more expensive, Carol」

Since I picked a cheap lunch set, Wilhelm-sama said so.
But I was not that particular about it.
There was only one thing I wanted to do. Therefore, I picked Lunch B.

「No, it is fine. I do not eat much, to begin with」

「……I see. All right. Then, waiter, we will order」

「Right away」

We placed our orders to the waiter who approached at Wilhelm-sama’s call.
Wilhelm-sama had Lunch A, and I had Lunch B. A was a hamburger steak, while B was a croquette. It was a different food with the same menu as Wilhelm-sama, a most ideal setting.
Looking over to Natalia, it seemed her order had already come and she was now eating.
It was a no-bake cheesecake.
……why was she suddenly eating dessert?

「It seems strange dining out with Carol like this……I apologize for always letting you prepare lunch」

「No, not at all. There is no need for Wilhelm-sama to speak like that. Carol does it of her own free will」

「But it does help me. And it is delicious. Carol’s skills in cooking are also improving recently」

「I am happy to hear that」

I shall continue to do my best from here on out. With Chris’s guidance, I would make a dish which would satisfy Wilhelm-sama.
And soon when I become Wilhelm-sama’s wife, I would cook all of Wilhelm-sama’s meals. I would not hire a cook. My goal was to have my love-filled dishes eaten.
For that goal, I must increase my repertoire from now on.
I must study every day.

Natalia was eating her second plate, a chocolate gateau.
Why was she eating so many sweets?

「Thank you for waiting. Here are your Lunch A and Lunch B」



The plates brought by the waiter were placed on our table.
The contents were simple: bread salad, a main side dish, and grilled vegetables garnish.
The amount was enough for me, but this much might not be enough for Wilhelm-sama.

「Come, Carol, please eat」

「Yes, Wilhelm-sama」

I ate the grilled vegetables first.
The seasoning was a little light. It was a style of cooking which maximized on the ingredients’ flavor.
It was delicious. It could not compare to Chris’s cooking, but it seemed satisfactory enough for its relatively cheap price.

Natalia was eating her third plate, a mille crepe.
Could it be she was not planning on eating anything other than sweets?

「This is delicious」

「Yes. The croquette is also delicious」

「It does look like it. May I have a bite? 」

「Y-Yes! 」

This was an opportunity. An ultimate once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Rather, I asked for a similar menu just so I could hear those words.
I cut a piece of the croquette and pierced it with my fork.
Then, I held it out to Wilhelm-sama.

「Please go ahead! Say “aah”! 」

「……Eh? 」

「Go on, it is delicious. Please try it! 」


「Please try it! 」


This was the best time for me to feed Wilhelm-sama!
Wilhelm-sama looked a little taken aback. His eyes were darting around the place. Since it was rather crowded, there were naturally other patrons nearby.

Natalia was stuffing her cheeks with her fourth plate, a shortcake.
I would no longer keep an eye on her.

「Ca-Carol, that is……」

「Wilhelm-sama, I do not mind for you to have a bite. So, please eat」

「I-If you just let me……」

「But! This is a precious opportunity! 」


Wilhelm-sama said so, but I would not hand over the fork.
I had been holding out my hand this whole time, so my arm was starting to tremble.
Please hurry and open your mouth.






「Here you go~! 」

Defeated by my persistence, Wilhelm-sama opened his mouth, and was fed the croquette.
Then, he immediately close his mouth and chewed. His face was bright red.
It was all right, Wilhelm-sama.
Because, right now, I was in a similar state.

「Kuh……it was more embarrassing than I thought……」


「W-What is it……」

「Carol also wants a bite of Wilhelm-sama’s hamburger steak」


Yes, this was a double opportunity.
An opening which two people could simultaneously take; I would feed Wilhelm-sama, and I would be fed by Wilhelm-sama.
Go on, Wilhelm-sama.
Anytime now.





Wilhelm-sama cut a piece of the steak, and then pierced it with his fork.
Once again, his eyes swept around the area before he hurriedly fed me.
The steak went into my mouth.
In a blink of an eye, Wilhelm-sama already drew back his fork.
The steak was delicious.
It was made more delicious because Wilhelm-sama fed it to me!


「The hamburger steak is also delicious」

「Indeed it is……I did not get to properly taste the croquette」

「Oh my! Well then, have another bite! 」

「No, it is fine! 」

I was refused. What a pity.
Still, I managed to make a memory of feeding Wilhelm-sama. It was the best.

We awkwardly ate the rest of our meal, and then left the shop.
I left the bill to Wilhelm-sama.
He said it was his treat today.

Oh, speaking of.


「……Yes? 」

I called out to Natalia who ate a total of eight plates of no-bake cheesecake.
Why did she go back to her first plate?

「The cakes you ate were not included in the expenses」

「Oh no! 」

Oh why…
Here I thought Natalia was the only normal one, but it seemed this one also had a problem.


Now see here, Carol. When someone wants to eat nothing but desserts, they have their priorities straight! Jk…I’m not much of a sweet tooth. But it’s true that when we’re in a buffet, my siblings and I tend to go after the desserts first before the main course. xD

Also, I don’t think Carol has much of a right to judge the servants. After all, even the masters have issues *coughRobertcough*(The Ambrose Ducal House is never black filled with issues!)

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