The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: A Short Break

I entered the park and took a stroll with Wilhelm-sama.
The Southern Park, where various flowers bloom in abundance, was also known as a place with a lot of couples. Apart from Wilhelm-sama and I, several pairs of men and women were taking a stroll.
We walked around while looking at various flowers.

「They all bloomed differently」

「Yes. They are wonderful」

「As expected, this is the only place which comes with an entrance fee. It looks splendid」

「I agree」

The Southern Park had an entrance fee. Wilhelm-sama had paid for my share as well at the reception desk.
I felt sorry for it. But since Wilhelm-sama said he wanted to take me out today, I accepted his kind gesture.
Being together with Wilhelm-sama like this was enough to make me happy, though.
And yet, it still made me nervous.
I did not know what to say.
While looking at the flowers, I kept stealing glances at Wilhelm-sama’s profile.

「Is Carol well-versed in flowers? 」

「I would not say I am well-versed, but……」

「Is it a female thing, after all? The likes of me is truly hopeless with names of flowers……For instance, what flower is that? 」

「Umm……that is a bellflower」

I answered the name of the purple flower we were looking at.
Its small petals made for a pretty flower.

「Hou, is that so」

「If you finely cut the root and sun-dry it, it makes for an herbal medicine and is effective against throat pains」

「……is…that so? 」

I reflexively started talking about what I learned in pharmacy.
A lot of such plants could be turned into medicine, and there were those which were effective against illnesses by decocting and drinking. I did not know all of it, but I kept the well-known ones in mind.
As for medicinal herbs which work well for wounds, I would do my best to teach them in class.

「As I thought, Carol knows them well……so your learning medicine was not simply on the surface」

「Right now, I feel glad to have learned medicine. Otherwise, I would not have been able to be with Wilhelm-sama like this」

「……I see. It was originally part of your education as the crown princess」

「Yes. Well, given the present circumstances though…」

Since His Highness Rayford was out of the picture, there was no longer any need for me to become the crown princess.
So I am now together with Wilhelm-sama, and there was no greater happiness than this.
If not for my learning medicine and pharmacy as part of my education as a crown princess, I could not be a temporary lecturer of the Order. Even before that, I could not take the test as a medical knight, and my connection to Wilhelm-sama would not exist.
I am rather grateful, if only for that point.

Wilhelm-sama and I strolled around the Southern Park for a while as we admired the flowers.
As expected, there were not much people because of the fee. This way, I would not get separated from Wilhelm-sama.
A man and a woman were holding hands.
I would also like to hold hands with Wilhelm-sama, but…

「……it is a miscalculation」

「Hm? Carol, what is the matter? 」

「No, it is nothing. Wilhelm-sama」

I unconsciously said it aloud.
In my plan, I wanted to hold hands with the gist of, 『It is crowded and we might get separated, so let us hold hands』. I had been thinking there would surely be a lot of people at the Southern Park during this time.
However, the pathway was wider than I expected and the people sparse, so such concern was completely invalid.
I shall take whatever reason so we could hold hands.

Lost in such thoughts, I walked alongside Wilhelm-sama while still looking at the colorful flowers.
At times, Wilhelm-sama would point to a flower, and I would comment about it.
Strangely enough, I had once written down 「roots are edible」 in my notebook as a side note. Was I going to be that impoverished with meals?
If I had to live off of eating flower roots, I could instead just go to my house whenever.

「Let us rest for a bit. We have been walking for a while」


With that, we sat side-by-side on a bench installed on a slightly wider space.
It seemed to be a place for relaxation as there were many similar benches lined up. As I thought, there were a lot of couples.
There were also those who were openly intimate in public. How enviable. I also want to be intimate.
I would like us to be much closer, and be all over each other.

I stole fleeting glances at the person next to me.
Ha~a, Wilhelm-sama let out a breath, fanning himself with the front of his sweater.
Though the season was getting colder, it seemed he felt hot since we had done nothing but walk. I felt just fine though.
That aside, what was more important to me now was how to be intimate with Wilhelm-sama.
First of all.
I would try to get just a little closer.


「Fu~u……it sure is hot. Carol, are you thirsty? 」

「Eek! 」

「……what are you so surprised about? 」

I was spoken to the moment I tried to get a little close and was startled.
I somewhat lost my timing because of that. What should I do?
I definitely gave an unnatural response.

「N-Nothing, Wilhelm-sama」

「……is that so? 」

「Then, that……umm, what about something to drink……」

「Ah, yes. Well, there is a food stall, and I am going to buy something. Is there anything you would like? 」

「W-Well, something sweet……」

「All right. Wait a moment」

Wilhelm-sama stood up and went to buy us drinks.
What should I do?
Wait for Wilhelm-sama to come back, and then press close to him. It was all right. I must not give up after only one try.

Still, the weather was good.
I am glad to be going out with Wilhelm-sama on such a fine weather.
The food stall seemed a bit crowded; Wilhelm-sama stood at the back of the line. Should I join in lining up as well?
However, Wilhelm-sama said to 「wait」.
I should follow what he said and wait.

Right then, a man who was perhaps one of the customers approached Wilhelm-sama.
I am glad it was a man. Had it been a woman, I would have broken into a run.
He seemed to be an acquaintance and was talking with Wilhelm-sama. Was he perhaps an officer of the Order?
Afterwards, Wilhelm-sama bought drinks and made his way back with one in each hand.
……together with that man.

「Forgive me, Carol. I made you wait」

「N-No……um……? 」

「Oh, my apologies. Let me introduce. Umm……an acquaintance of mine, Edward」

「A pleasure to meet you. I am Edward Raul」

He was a young man who seemed to be a few years older than me.
I felt like I have seen his face somewhere. He was a handsome man with blond hair and blue eyes. Somehow, I felt like I had seen features of such lineage recently. Now who was it?
I accepted the drink from Wilhelm-sama and bowed my head in turn.

「A pleasure to meet you. I am Carol」

「Why~ I sure did not know, Wilhelm-san」

「Hm……? 」

Edward-san was nudging Wilhelm-sama with an elbow.
What did he not know?
I see, he did not know he had a fiancée. That was to say, me…was what he meant, was it not?
I must make a good impression here.
To properly greet—.

「You have such a pretty grandchild! 」

All right.
He was a certified enemy.

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