The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Wilhelm-sama, Departing for War

「Chivalric Order, march! 」

「Waaaaaaaah~! 」

Today was the day Wilhelm-sama would lead the Chivalric Order to war.
The royal capital’s central square was packed with people since morning, the crowd seeing off the knights who were departing for war.
Although they were reinforcement for the Empire, it had been around a decade since a large-scale army was sent out like this. The Order had been out on skirmishes with other nations, suppressing bandits, and the like. But it had been a while since they were being deployed outside the country.
And so, with the thought of wanting to have a little look like this, people gathered around to see the brave figures of the knights.
Which included me as well.


At the front, leading all the knights along the central square was Wilhelm-sama. Right behind him were the officers who were present in my first lecture, such as Vice-captain Victor and Battalion Commander Alexander.
A military strength of five thousand, the men’s Order—the Order of the Black Iron’s entire force.
It was said that the whole army would depart for war, leaving the royal capital’s defense to the Order of the Snow. As expected, five thousand knights marching in rows really felt majestic.
Though they were going as reinforcement, their morale was high since they were heading out in a large scale.

Wilhelm-sama fixed his gaze ahead and led his horse forward, not taking notice of the spectators waving their hands around him.
It was a dignified appearance.
But I only had one wish.
Wilhelm-sama, please, please, come back alive.

「Carol, it is dangerous to lean too far」

「……Forgive me, Father」

How could I be this selfish?
The other day, Wilhelm-sama promised to marry me.
Even so, on this day—even when I was now seeing Wilhelm-sama off to war, it saddened me to be apart from him like this.
But I just…I just…want to be by his side.
That was all.
My distance from Wilhelm-sama was infinitely far.
It was to the extent where I thought—if I could, I also want to head to war on that horse with him.

「It will be all right, Carol」


「Wilhelm-sama said he will definitely come back. Then, Carol should believe in those words and wait. Wilhelm-sama has never broken any of his promises」


It was not that I did not believe in Wilhelm-sama.
But this was war. No one could tell what would happen.
Nobody could guarantee Wilhelm-sama’s life.
The slowly advancing Wilhelm-sama…
I stood on tiptoe and stretched my neck as much as I could, to see that figure even a little.
Thinking that, if possible, I would like for Wilhelm-sama to take notice.

「Uun……I cannot see him very well」


「What is it, Natalia? 」

「If you want, shall I carry you on my shoulders? This way, Wilhelm-sama may be able to notice you」

「Great idea! 」

I agreed to Natalia’s wonderful suggestion.
I am short in stature; it would be difficult for Wilhelm-sama to see me. But if I sit on the tall Natalia’s shoulders, Wilhelm-sama would easily see me.
I shall seize the opportunity, then.

「Then, Ojou-sama, please climb on」

「All right, Natalia. I am relying on you」

「Then, I am standing up」

I sat on Natalia’s shoulders, and then Natalia stood up.
To my surprise, it was higher than I expected.
Everyone in the crowd could only see above their heads. Just that high.
And I was in a higher position than everyone else. In that spot, I waved with all my might.
I waved both my hands in wide arcs and saw Natalia in a fluster.
Forgive me, but I could not stop.

Wilhelm-sama was still looking forward.
He did not notice. What should I do?
Oh! Vice-captain Victor noticed. I waved my hands with all my might.
Vice-captain Victor nudged Wilhelm-sama. Wilhelm-sama slightly turned and was told of something.
And then.

Our eyes met.
At last, he finally looked over here.

「Ooh! 」

There were a lot of people here. They seemed to have gathered from all over the capital.
And yet, Wilhelm-sama was looking at me… among the many people who were here, only me.
What should I do? It made me happy all of a sudden.
I frantically waved at him.
Wilhelm-sama smiled and waved back.
Our feelings connected.

And then, Wilhelm-sama tapped his chest with his thumb.
For the others, how would they understand that gesture of Wilhelm-sama?
It might seem like he was filled with confidence, saying leave it to me.
But to me, it was different.
Only I understood what he truly meant.

I have firmly etched our promise in my heart—was what Wilhelm-sama was conveying with his action.

Could there be so much happiness?
Wilhelm-sama and I, I and Wilhelm-sama. We were connected.

「Wilhelm-samaaa! 」

I shouted without thought.
But in any case, my voice got drowned out by the loud cheering.
Still, Wilhelm-sama nodded.
My voice had properly reached him.
My feelings had properly reached him.

「Carol will wait! No matter how long! Until Wilhelm-sama comes back! 」

I shouted so from the bottom of my heart.
For it to reach Wilhelm-sama.
I would always, always wait for Wilhelm-sama. No matter how long, even for eternity.

「I will wait! For the day you will make me your wife! 」

Carol—!? 」

At the head of the Chivalric Order, Wilhelm-sama exclaimed so.


Kukuku…there’s no use being embarrassed now, Wilhelm.

There was an author’s note at the end of this chapter. The author thanks the readers for always supporting their work. And also announces a new serialization and would appreciate if the readers could check it out. The story’s titled 最強無敵、天下無双の恋する乙女 (The Unrivaled Strongest, A Peerless Maiden In Love…or something). I believe it’s still ongoing, and probably untranslated yet. But if you guys want to, you can look it up. 🙂

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