The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: Unintended Wedding

In the world which had lost its color, time passed in the blink of an eye.
For three days, the whole country took part in the lively National Foundation Day–and like a corpse, I merely watched the fireworks from my manor’s window on the final day without participating at all.
I heard it would be announced on the national foundation day.
Perhaps it was already well-known throughout the country. That Edward-san and I would soon be married.
I wanted to escape, but I did not know where to escape to. It was already decided; I could not back out now.


Because—today was actually the wedding.
In front of the mirror, I could only sigh as I looked at myself in a pure white wedding dress. As I become the wife of a royalty, there should be no divorce. So I could only wear this dress once in my whole life.
However, there were no feelings of joy. There was only emptiness.

「Carol, are you okay? 」


Lilia was with me in the waiting room.
My father and mother were in another room. And since it was tradition to walk down with a close friend, I asked Lilia.
I still could not imagine it, but starting today, I would be Edward-san’s wife.
How did something like this happen?

I knew he was a good person.
I knew he was sincere.
And yet—my heart remained unmoved.

「It’s alright, Carol. You’ll surely be happy」

「……it would be good if that is the case」

「I’ll invite you to play even after you get married. Come over, okay? 」

「Well……if I am able to」

I would be the crown princess from now on, so I think its corresponding busy days awaited me.
I do not know if I would have the time to play with Lilia then, but it was nice of her to say so.
Would the Queen be educating me again? Would there be time?



「It is beautiful. It suits Ojou-sama very well」

「I see……Thank you, Natalia」

Only Natalia, Lilia, and I were in this room.
It was tradition to walk down with a close friend before the groom, who would be standing in front of the priest. Therefore, I had not met with the groom during this time.
In the end, the only time I met with Edward-san before the wedding was when we had that meal together. Edward-san was busy since then, so I was not able to meet with him.
Well, from now on, we would be facing each other whether we like it or not. Compared with His Highness Rayford, who had absolutely no interest in me and instead held me in utmost contempt—to the future wherein I could have been his wife, this was a blessing.

「Now then, we should be entering soon. Let him see Carol all dressed up, and be charmed all over again」


「It’s alright. It’s really alright」


Lilia kept on saying, “it’s alright, it’s alright”. Was my face looking that unwell?
While it was true that I was not actually enthusiastic, I was not so shameless as to run away at this point. If I wholly resign myself, I would be able to live a decent life.
I was only making Lilia worry.

「Ojou-sama! It is soon time to enter! 」


I replied to Mary, who came calling in a rush, and stood up.
A wedding dress which was a symbol for happiness and good fortune—it only felt heavy.
Would I be able to smile even once, from the wedding ceremony to the reception?
Lilia stood next to me, and then we walked.

「The bride enters! 」

The voice of the assumed moderator resounded, and the door opened. Beyond it, everyone in their formal clothes welcomed us with applause.
It was the wedding of the Crown Prince Edward, so this many attendees was understandable. After all, this was a ceremony of the whole country.
I walked on the red carpet in a somber mood. The priest and Edward-san would be waiting ahead.

But it was strange.
There were a lot of certain people I saw among the attendees. My father, mother, and elder brother were naturally present. But there were also the Order’s Vice-captain Victor, Captain Anastasia, Battalion Commander Alexander, Officer Kruger, and Julius-san. Strangely, Zack was there as well.
Why were there so many knights? Edward-san, did you actually have connections with the Order?

Oh, well.
If they already knew I was to be Edward-san’s wife, I would not be asked to give a lecture, would I?
I kept walking with my face down. I looked only at my feet, and my back was bent. With a long-hemmed dress which I was not used to wearing, I was likely to step on it and fall.



Lilia slightly pulled on my shoulder.
Apparently, we seemed to have reached. Meaning, the priest should be in front of me. Edward-san, too.
I braced myself. On this day, I would be married.
A marriage where I originally could not make a choice.
But, but.

I really wanted to be your wife—.

「……Eh? 」

「Hey~ Lady Carol」

Lifting my head up, the priest before me…
His formal robes were properly worn, and his cross accessory was attached right. I had thought that a respectable holy person would be standing there.
Instead, the one who was there was…

「Edward……san……? 」

「Indeed. I wish for you to see that I am the priest today」

「Why…is that……」

I was going to be Edward-san’s wife.
This wedding ceremony was supposed to be between Edward-san and I.
So, why was Edward-san now acting as the priest?

Next to me, the groom in tuxedo was—.

Our gazes met.
I slowly raised my face, and a great big palm stroked my head.
That person with a gentle smile on his face was—.

「It has been a while, Carol」

「Wil…helm…sama……? 」

My eyes widened in surprise. No further words came out.
Wilhelm-sama who should have died in battle.
Wilhelm-sama who broke his promise and did not come back.
Wilhelm-sama who I could not help but dearly, dearly love.

「Forgive me, Carol. I made you worry. But I was able to return alive like this」

「Ah……Aah……Aaaah! Wilhelm-samaaaaa!!! 」

Could it be—this was a dream?


Sorry for the delay, schedule’s a little tight again ; u ; That aside, after all that drama, Wilhelm’s finally back!

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  1. Epsea says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt?! Who thought it’s a good idea to spring something like this on a bride?! Argh! They could’ve and should’ve told her as soon as the captain made it back. sdakdafjlksglsg!! Sh*ttest wedding planners ever!

    But I’m glad Wilhelm is alive. 😁

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  2. Hanny Guston says:

    Im happy hes alive, well he mustn’t be dead though since this novel has no tragedy tag. Even so, even soooooo this isnt cute at all…


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