The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: A Fulfilled Promise

When I opened my eyes, I saw an unfamiliar ceiling; A luxurious room with a chandelier.
I was sleeping for some reason. And when I came to, I was lying down in this unfamiliar place.
Instantly—despair ruled over my heart.
As expected…

「Was it a dream? 」

「It was not a dream, Carol」

I heard a voice murmur.
It was—Wilhelm-sama, who was currently sitting at my bedside.

「Eh……? 」

「I did not think you would be so surprised into fainting away. But I suppose I have given you quite a shock……」

「Wha…w-w-w-what do you mean!? What is going on!? 」

I…I did not understand.
Upon closer look, I was wearing a wedding dress. And Wilhelm-sama was in a tuxedo.
If I recall correctly, I was supposed to marry Edward-san today. So why was it, on this very same day, there was Wilhelm-sama in a tuxedo next to me?
What was going on?


「Y-Y-Yes!? 」

「First of all, let me apologize. You heard that I passed away, yes? 」

「Y-Yes! I did! And yet…!? 」

「On the battlefield……an enemy stabbed me in the chest. It went deep……and I thought that was it for me. Therefore, I asked the nearby Helena-dono to inform you of my death」

「W-Was…that so……? 」

「But under Helena-dono’s arrangement, I was quickly taken to the doctor……and by some miracle, the spear apparently missed my vital organs. But I could not leave from there for some time and was just able to come back the other day」

I could only be surprised at what Wilhelm-sama said.
In other words, Wilhelm-sama’s death in battle was a false report? Without a doubt, that was the case. Right now, he was here, alive.
It was just…just…
How could he give me a scare with his presumed death?
There were days when I resented him because of such an impetuous report.
However, none of that mattered anymore.

「A-Aah……Wilhelm-samaaa!! 」


「I was waiting for your return! There was no way you could have died……! Aaaah! 」

「……Forgive me. I frightened you due to my rashness」

I jumped to Wilhelm-sama and hugged him.
His warm temperature was proof that Wilhelm-sama was alive. He had not died in battle.
But then.
But then.
If that was the case, why—?

「Why then……did you not tell me right away……? 」

「Well, because……I intended on showing up in front of Carol myself. But then……」

「Oh my, Lady Carol. Are you awake? 」

Suddenly, Edward-san came into the room.
He was smiling like he had succeeded in pulling a prank. That was when I understood. This person had set it all up.
Ha~a, Wilhelm-sama gave a soft sigh.

「That is why I told you, Edward. This kind of approach is not good for the heart……」

「Was it not all fine in the end, Wilhelm-san? It is an emotional reunion, so it is good to be dramatic」


「In the first place, Wilhelm-san is to blame, you know. You came back when my marriage to Lady Carol was already announced to the people. Thanks to that, my marriage would have to be postponed」

「Yes……sorry about that」

「So then, I tried to arrange a touching drama for a little reunion. How was it, Lady Carol? 」

「I want to hit you」

Thinking about how everything was arranged, I was immediately filled with anger.
Edward-san shrugged at my reply, looking like he was having fun. He was not the least bit sorry at all.

「Anyway, everyone in attendance is waiting. Do come back soon」

「H-Hmm……Carol. Another thing……」

Wilhelm-sama glanced at Edward-san.
Taking the hint, Edward-san happily turned away and went to the door. I heard animated voices when he opened the door, so this room was probably next to the ceremonial hall.
Wilhelm-sama turned to me with a serious expression.

「There were probably days when you resented me, and days when you called me a liar」


That was true.
How could he understand my thoughts so much?

「Still……it was because of my promise with Carol that I was able to come back like this. I promised to definitely come back, so I was able to come back」


「I heard that……you got engaged to Edward. So……that is, if it is too late… If Carol does not want to, it is fine. It is all right to refuse……」

Wilhelm-sama was being vague.
But my feelings had not changed. It was no different now as it was in the past; I still yearned for Wilhelm-sama.
So, I only have one answer.
Even so, for that reason…
Please properly propose to me—.

「I……want you to marry me」

「Yes, Wilhelm-sama. Please take Carol as your wife」

「Hmm……really. You are not embarrassed with saying it again」

「I am happy」

Aah, at last…
This day finally came.
There were various changes.
There were a lot of troubles. There were countless difficulties.
Despite that, I had always been waiting for this day.

「Now then……let us go, Carol. To the wedding」

「Yes! 」

With the door opened, I took Wilhelm-sama’s arm, and we entered together.
Everyone in attendance welcomed Wilhelm-sama and my entrance with a round of applause.
We walked on the red carpet together.

My heart trembled with emotion.

On this day.
I, Carol Ambrose, sixteen years old…

…am marrying the knight captain, Wilhelm-sama—.


I know I’m a little late saying this, but I might not be able to update regularly for a while. That said, since next chapter’s technically the end of the arc, I’ll do my best to post next week. Thank you for understanding ; u ;

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