The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: As a Wife

After leaving the manor, I walked down the street with Wilhelm-sama.
Greeting my father and mother was done for now, so I was heading to Wilhelm-sama’s residence with him. Now that I am Wilhelm-sama’s wife, I would be going home with him.
Incidentally, Natalia and Mary came with us. As my personal maids, they would follow me even after I married.

「All right, we are here」

「My! Is it this? 」

Doki doki.
This was my first time being at Wilhelm-sama’s residence. Wilhelm-sama always came over to the Ambrose residence, while I never stepped foot on Wilhelm-sama’s residence.
From now on, this would be Wilhelm-sama’s and my love nest—.

It was a suitably large manor.
However, it was actually not that large, considering Wilhelm-sama’s position as the knight captain. Then again, it should not be compared to the unnecessarily huge Ambrose residence.
And it could only be natural, as he had not been married until now.

「Come in」

「Yes. Pardon my intrusion」

「Well, it is a bachelor’s house……do not expect too much」

As soon as I entered the gate, I saw a garden which was not well-maintained.
The pruning of the garden trees, which was probably in good order at first, was not done too well. There were a lot of weeds, and the trees were not well-kept and were overgrowing. I would have to properly mow them when I am on day off.
We crossed the short path from the gates to the front door, passed through the door with a lion knocker, and arrived at the lobby.
The flowers decorating the lobby were withered, and the floor was a little dusty. It had not been cleaned much, had it?
One could also see cobwebs on the beams on the ceiling.



All right, I shall be honest.
It was very dirty.

「……Uh, about that, sorry」


「Well, I am busy with my everyday work……and I still have a place to sleep. I also do not have visitors, so there are areas that was not thoroughly cleaned……」

「Is…that so……」

If the Ambrose residence were to be in this state, my mother would definitely scold the servants.
However, this was Wilhelm-sama’s manor.
I thought a knight captain receives a reasonable salary, but was it not enough to hire servants?
Incidentally, Natalia and Mary’s salary would continue to be paid by the Ambrose ducal house. From a certain standpoint, Wilhelm-sama could be seen as having married into the Ambrose household, so both Natalia and Mary were still servants of the Ambrose ducal house.

「Besides that, what about servants……」

「I have been alone up until now. The people from the Order sometimes comes over, so I bought a slightly large manor……But to be honest, it is too much for me. So I do not hire any servants」

「Is that so……I understand」

Well, well.
My motivation surged. He had been alone all this time, so this disaster was inevitable.
In that case, the best thing I could do was to support Wilhelm-sama’s life from now on.


「Yes, Ojou-sama」

「You sweep the whole place with a broom」


「O-Oi, Carol……? 」


「Yes, Ojou-sama」

「You draw water into a bucket and wipe the floor with a mop」

「Eh, that……? 」

「I shall wipe off the dust with a rag. All right, Wilhelm-sama! We are cleaning! 」


Wilhelm-sama was bewildered. Why was that, I wonder?
However, this was something that must be done.

When dust accumulates, unseen dust mixes with the air in the room. And that could lead to unexpected diseases.
Cleaning is important. And since there were no servants, it was my duty as a wife to clean and prepare the room thoroughly that there would be no problems even if guests come over.

「Where are the cleaning tools stored? 」

「O-Oh……over here. I put it all together here……」

「Yes. Well then, Mary, water in these two buckets」

「Yes, Ojou-sama! 」

While Mary was drawing water, I passed a broom and dustpan over to Natalia.
It might be because Wilhelm-sama did everything alone, but there was only one of each cleaning tool. It would be no problem if we properly divide the work.
Natalia opened the window before she started cleaning. After all, if you do not properly ventilate the area, you would inhale the kicked up dust.

「Thank you for waiting! Ojou-sama! 」

「Yes. Well then, Mary will mop the area that Natalia has swept」

「Yes! 」

Now then.
I shall also start cleaning.
I wrung out a rag on the bucket and wiped the shelf with a little moisture.
With just a little wipe, the rag turned black. I wonder how long was it not cleaned.

I wiped the shelf while humming a tune.
One could see at a glance that the vase on the shelf was of good quality. While I could not see its pattern well due to the thick dust, I believe it was quite an expensive vase.
Well, there were a lot of counterfeit antiques, so I could not be certain. If it was my antique-loving father, he would probably be able to discern it.

「U-Uhh……what should I do……? 」

「Wilhelm-sama, you can take a rest. I will have the manor all cleaned up by the end of the day. After that, I will tend to the trees in the garden on my days off. The weeds have to be pulled out」

「No, you do not have to go that far……」


I insisted a little firmly.
I am now Wilhelm-sama’s wife. And with his position as the knight captain, there might be a house party.
By then, I must turn the manor into a place where the guests could be entertained well.
If one cleaned thoroughly right from the start, they would be left with simple daily cleaning. But because it was left to accumulate, cleaning became troublesome.

「After all, I am Wilhelm-sama’s wife」

「Even so……」

「It is also a wife’s duty to take care of her husband’s residence」


I answered with a smile.
In fact, it was my pleasure to clean. Cleaning, preparing meals, and pruning the garden trees; if all of those were suitable behavior as Wilhelm-sama’s wife, then they were no trouble for me.
It was only the cobwebs on the beams which were difficult to deal with. Should I leave it to Natalia?

「I see……」

「Please go on and have a good rest……」

「No, I will also do some wiping」

「……? Is that so? 」

Wilhelm-sama also wrung out a rag and wiped with me.
To be able to clean together with Wilhelm-sama—it made me happy.

「Whoa……there is so much dust……」

「I shall clean it up properly from now on」

「Yes……sorry. I leave it to you」

「Yes! 」

The first day I became Wilhelm-sama’s wife.
It started off with cleaning.

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