The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: In the Garden

I came out to the garden with Wilhelm-sama.
I was weeding all morning, so my lower back slightly hurt. I should not be old enough to hurt my back yet. But if one kept up with the same posture, their lower back would inevitably hurt.
Seeing the place where Natalia and I weeded, Wilhelm-sama gave a soft cry of surprise.

「Hou……you pulled out this much? 」

「Yes, though I want to pull some more. I think up until here is good」

「Hm, should we not cut them with a sickle? 」

「I want to plant a vegetable garden here. I thought it would be fun if I could grow some good vegetables」

「I see. That sounds interesting」

Wilhelm-sama smiled.
I had been wondering what to do if he told me it was a ridiculous idea, but he seemed to accept it as my hobby.
I wanted to plant a lot; Like vegetables, but also herbs.
Wilhelm-sama was busy, so I could perhaps plant herbs which were good for nourishment.
All right, Wilhelm-sama rolled up his sleeves.

「Well then, let us start」

「Yes, Wilhelm-sama. Here are some gloves」


Like we did in the morning, we continued to pull and pull weeds.
Weeds which have been left alone for a long time have strong roots. Those I could not pull on my own, I promptly gave up on and left to Wilhelm-sama.
I must train more. At this rate, I would get muscular pain in my arms from weeding.

「Oh……come to think of it, where are Miss Natalia and Miss Mary? 」

「Yes. Natalia is cleaning the manor. Mary is washing the sheets and clothes」

「Oh, I see. Forgive me. I should have given instructions…」

「I also told her to change Wilhelm-sama’s sheets, so please do not worry」

「A-All right」

I pulled the weeds while humming a tune.
It was a simple job, but it was fun to think I could be together with Wilhelm-sama like this. And just thinking about planting my garden here made me happy.
What vegetables would be good? Vegetables that do not easily die even for beginners would be nice.
Oh, right.
I should ask about it when shopping. A shop that sells seeds and seedlings might be familiar with it.

「Ah, yes. Carol」

「Yes? 」

「You may return to being the Order’s lecturer soon. I have also talked to Victor. How about next week? 」

「L-Let me see……umm」

Next week was in three more days.
In three days, the manor could just about be settled. After that would be no problem.
After all, I would also have to work.

「Yes, that is fine. I will have the documents ready by then」

「All right. I will have to trouble you」

After that, only the ripping sounds of weeding were heard.
I felt happy just being by Wilhelm-sama’s side.
But it was hot under the sunlight.
Wilhelm-sama wiped the sweat off his forehead with the back of his glove. I also had sweat on my forehead.

「Wilhelm-sama, let us take a break」

「Hm……Y-Yes, let us」

「I will bring something to drink under the shade」

「All right……ow, ow, ow」

Wilhelm-sama stood up, rubbing his lower back.
Suddenly, I realized.
If even I felt a pain in my back, it would all the more be a burden on the back of someone as old as Wilhelm-sama.
Once, there was a time when my father went to court and had to be carried back on a stretcher. Everyone was in an uproar wondering about what happened, but the actual cause was his back gave way with a crack in his attempt to lift a high stack of books.
From that day on, my father seemed to be working while constantly minding about his back.
I, too, would have to pay more attention to Wilhelm-sama’s back—!

「I…I deeply apologize! Wilhelm-sama! 」

「Hm……? 」

「Y-You have done enough! Carol will do the rest of the weeding! Wilhelm-sama, please take a rest! 」

「Huh……? 」

「At this rate, it will only put a strain on Wilhelm-sama’s back with this! I deeply apologize! 」

Aah, this was terrible.
My father said he broke his back from overexerting himself when he was doing too much desk work. Wilhelm-sama also often sat working in his office. So if he overexerted himself, he would be carried on a stretcher like my father did.
As I was fretting on what to do, Wilhelm-sama let out a quiet laugh.

「N-No, my back does not particularly hurt」

「B-But……! 」

「Well, we have indeed been weeding for a long time. If you are stooping down, you will inevitably put a strain on your back. It will be fine once you take a break」

「B-But……well……then, let us cut down the rest. We have already pulled enough to make way for a vegetable garden」

「Oh, is that so? 」

About half of the garden had already been weeded.
The remaining weeds were no problem since they would be cut from the roots. When the time comes, I would have Natalia and Mary pull those that grew out.
Then, after leveling the soil and sowing seeds and fertilizer, the vegetable garden would be completed.

「What kinds of vegetables are you going to plant? 」

「I am going to start with something simple. Then, there is the price of seeds and consultation. There is no point in using expensive seeds to grow cheap vegetables. It is also to save money」


As I made tea for Wilhelm-sama, I imagined it.
The freshly picked vegetables would be delicious. They would be tasty enough to eat as they were.
Of course, some vegetables, like pumpkins and potatoes, do not taste good unless you leave them for a while after harvesting them.
However, at my words, Wilhelm-sama slightly tilted his head in confusion.

「Even if you do not save money, you still have your savings……」

「Um, Wilhelm-sama……」

「Hm? 」

「I may not be able to keep my sanity the next time I hear Wilhelm-sama will be going to war. It is my hope that Wilhelm-sama will resign as knight captain」

「H-Hm……? 」

There was a very unfortunate fact.
An extremely troubling matter.


「Yes, what is……」

「If Wilhelm-sama resigns as knight captain……you will be unemployed」



The silence stretched on.
If one thought about it, Wilhelm would be unemployed. I am the Order’s lecturer, but I did not earn much.
In other words, savings would only decrease. The Ambrose would still shoulder my personal maids’ pay, but we could not trouble them with our living expenses.
And so, it was best to save money.

Wilhelm-sama closed his eyes for a while, and then gave a small nod.

「……Unemployed, is it? 」

「……Yes, unemployed」

「I see……」

Why was it, I wonder?
The breeze that was like a boiling heat just a while ago…

…was now a little cold.


Author’s note:
The Duke’s daughter is the unemployed man’s (62) young wife

…welp, looks like we have our new title.

Thank you Lily for your donation! To me, it was an extra boost of motivation, encouragement, and more. 🙂 I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow readers who still read this story with me. Please continue to stay safe, everyone!

(and thank you for your patience ^^; )

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  1. Passerby says:

    Thanks for the chapter. Does the country not have any type of retirement or pension or reward or something for as high ranking and famous a General? I would think the country would have some way to pay Wilhelm for the same reason we pay our president’s after they’ve left office. It doesn’t look good for the country. I mean rumors spread when people learn the famous hero general that’s risked his life and been injured for the country was left dirt poor when he finally retired at 62. I didn’t think it was a particularly modern or progressive idea to waste money so the country and its nobles look good.


    • Akai Berii says:

      Hello! Sorry for replying late, but you’ve got a good point ^^ Fortunately, that’s addressed on the next chapter or I also wouldn’t know what to think of the country they’re in xD


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