The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: Happy Time


Wilhelm-sama cleared his throat.
Perhaps “unemployed” was a poor choice of word. But I could not think of any other way to say it.
Wilhelm-sama scratched his cheek, as if hesitating a little.

「Well, uh……there appears to be misunderstanding」

「Y-Yes……? 」

「I am not completely retiring from the Order, though? 」

「Eh……? 」

Despite myself, I dumbly responded to Wilhelm-sama’s words.
He said he was retiring as the knight captain, and I assumed he would retire altogether. But he was still a member of the Order?
Wilhelm-sama gave a wry smile at my reaction.

「Well, I have been the knight captain for a long time……a part of me is a little tired. Therefore, I will leave the captaincy to Victor. I really am retiring as the knight captain」

「Wh-What do you mean……? 」

「An advisor is there to give advice and opinions to the knight captain. I will not suddenly leave everything to Victor, who is inexperienced with being a knight captain. I will be assisting him in the beginning, gradually leaving the whole work to him. After Victor becomes a full-fledged knight captain, I could then finally retire」

「So it was like that……」

「Hm. Come to think of it, I never told you」

It was the first time I heard of it.
I just thought Wilhelm-sama would retire as the knight captain, and we could then spend time together at ease. And with the knight captain’s salary gone, I thought we had to live off our savings.
But while this was good news, it was also a little saddening.
I had thought we could soon be together every day for lunch.

「Moreover, I have been the knight captain for a long time. Those who retire from the Order are basically given a pension. You can think of it as taking our living expenses from the national treasury until I die」

「Is that so! 」

「Hm. Some people are forced to retire due to injury or illness. For such people, there is a policy to guarantee their future lives. Flarekista is not a barbaric country as to not give any guarantee to those who have been wounded in the war」

I see, indeed.
It was certainly necessary to provide financial support to those people. They fought for the country, so it was understandable that the country guaranteed their future lives.
My law teacher did not teach me that much. And I had not studied enough.

「So, rest assured. A little splurging is fine」


「Why, I lived as a bachelor. My daily expenses were not much, and I also did not hire servants. It saved me money as it was. So, Carol will have no trouble with money until I die」

「Th-Thank you very much」

I was honestly grateful for such words.
For some reason—I just felt off.


「Hm……? 」

I sat next to the seated Wilhelm-sama.
Taking hold of his sleeve, I leaned myself closer.
I did not want to remember anymore. That day when Wilhelm-sama was reported dead.
After that—despair clouded my heart.

「I beg you, Wilhelm-sama……」

「Carol? 」

「Dying and such……please do not speak of those. I want to be Wilhelm-sama’s wife forever……」


I understood that Wilhelm-sama was old.
I understood that he was the same age as my late grandfather, Dukeridd. Even if Wilhelm-sama was healthy enough that he did not seem his age, still…
Wilhelm-sama dying—I did not want to imagine something like that.

Gently, Wilhelm-sama’s palm stroked my head.

「I am not dying」


「I have such a lovely new wife. I cannot just die and leave like this. I shall drive away both the byouma and shinigami when they come」

「My……! 」

Imagining Wilhelm-sama fighting against the demon of ill health and god of death with a sword, I let out a laugh.
But more than that.
He said I was “a lovely new wife”.
I—am Wilhelm-sama’s wife.
That wonderful realization sunk in, and my cheeks grew warm.

Fuaa, Wilhelm-sama barely stifled a yawn.
I was affected by it and let out an unladylike yawn myself.
A cool breeze blew under the shade. Somehow, I was getting sleepy.
Not good. I had to stay awake.

「……Huh? 」


Wilhelm-sama leaned on me a little and was softly breathing in his sleep.
He was tired from work. Still, he might have been quite apologetic to go accompany me with weeding.
I broke into a smile at Wilhelm-sama whose eyes were closed. I was happy with just the thought of how he was enough to sleep next to me.
I should also respond in kind.



I leaned against Wilhelm-sama, just a teeny-tiny bit.
Then, I closed my eyes.
Feeling the warmth of Wilhelm-sama’s body and hearing him breathe.
It was a happy time—as if the world only had the two of us.

I wished such a time would last for a long, long while—.

「Captain Wilhelm! 」


My eyes snapped open.
I was not asleep, but my eyes had been closed, so the sudden light dazzled me.
It was a different knight from the one who stepped into the garden the other day. Someone I had seen before. If I recalled correctly, he was Battalion Commander Gazette.
Still, Wilhelm-sama was off duty—.

「Hm, wh-what is it, Gazette? 」

「Please excuse me for coming on your day off! 」

「No, I do not mind. Tell me what happened」

「Yes, sir! 」

But I definitely did mind.
Just when I was having a wonderful time with Wilhelm-sama…
I was staring daggers at Battalion Commander Gazette, but it went unnoticed.

Wilhelm-sama stood up and approached Battalion Commander Gazette.
Perhaps it was something an outsider should not hear about, even though I was the Order’s lecturer.
So I silently waited.
Wilhelm-sama bitterly clicked his tongue after receiving Battalion Commander Gazette’s report.

「……Very well, I understand. I shall head to the royal palace immediately」

「Y-Yes, sir! Apologies……」

「It does not matter. After all, I cannot leave this alone to Victor. I have to consult with His Majesty……」

「Th-Then, thank you very much! 」

「I will report back to Victor later」

「Yes, sir! 」

Battalion Commander Gazette went back.
But my heart was clouded. Even I could tell; Something urgent happened.
Also that—
Wilhelm-sama had to leave immediately.

「Sorry, Carol」

「……All right, Wilhelm-sama」

「I have to go to the royal palace immediately. I do know know when I will be back. I am heading out right now」

「……Is it a war again? 」


No… absolutely not.
I did not want to see Wilhelm-sama go to the battlefield anymore.
This time.
This time—a miracle might not happen.

「It is just a small threat. In any case, I am heading out right now. I might be busy for a while」

「……yes. I understand」

「Then, I will leave the residence to you! 」

Wilhelm-sama ran for the stables at the back.
Even though it was a happy time. Even though it was a truly calm and happy time.


I sat down and pouted.
Even though I was finally able to be his wife…

Somehow—I felt there was more distance between us than before.

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