The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: Unexpected Meeting

「Well then, be careful on your way back」

「Yes, then please excuse me」

At the entrance of the Order of the Snow’s garrison, Captain Anastasia bid me goodbye.
I was accompanied by a female knight as escort on the way home. While I thought I was all right since I had Natalia, I was told I would be treated the same way as how Wilhelm-sama has a knight escort me back.
That female knight followed slightly behind Natalia and me while staying vigilant. I was grateful for it.

「Please leave your safety to me. I will keep my guard up, so no harm comes to Carol-sama’s person」

「Thank you very much. May I ask for your name? 」

「Yes, ma’am. My name is Lymrill1, a first rank of the Order of the Snow」

A serious, short-haired woman. But her name was pretty.
Since the Order of the Snow’s garrison was a quite a walk away from the manor, having an escort like this was a great help.
I could even have a person to talk to on the way home.

「Has Lymrill-san been in the Order for long? 」

「It is my sixth year」

「Is that so」

Lymrill-san was seated at the front during today’s lecture.
I remembered because she was studying hard. She also actively asked questions.
Accordingly, I could also give her an extra lecture now.

「Do you have any questions about today’s lecture? 」

「Well……the ways to use triangular bandages……」

We walked on the way home as I answered Lymrill-san’s questions.
I taught about the ways to use a triangular bandage to secure a fractured arm, to deal with cuts and bruises, and so on. I also taught her how to make a simple stretcher, but there were many other ways to use it.
It was only verbal, but I taught her those points. Basically it came down to practice, but there was no harm in committing it to memory.

「……and there you have it」

「I see……Certainly, it would be good to remember it」

「Indeed. Also, the wounded and the sick must basically have rest. If one falls unconscious, it is important to lay them down first. But as I have mentioned during the lecture, when one loses consciousness, their airway could be blocked by their tongue」

I stuck my tongue out and pointed with my finger.
The tongue basically does not block the airway when lying down. But if one lost consciousness, one would lose strength over the base of their tongue, and it could then block their airway. Since one could not breathe with their airway blocked, it would be a very dangerous situation.
Thus, it was important to rest sideways. That way, their tongue could not obstruct their airway.

「This is called tongue retraction2. So, the most important thing in an emergency resuscitation is clearing the airway」

「Yes, I will take care to remember」

「Is there anything else? 」

「No, there is nothing else」

Thank goodness, she seemed to have understood.
I added some more to the previous lecture and also taught her emergency CPR using simple terms. One of those was opening the airway. If they could clear the air passage first, that alone could reduce the number of causalities.
I sighed with a soft haaa.

「……still, people die」

「Ma’am? 」

「No, it is nothing」

Wilhelm-sama went to war.
War is a clash between nations. It made the nation’s soldiers fight against other soldiers. There, a considerable number of deaths occurred.
This time, the five thousand knights who went to war with Wilhelm-sama—how many would come back safely?

「Ojou-sama, we are nearing……」

「Indeed. Lymrill-san, here is fine. The manor is over here」

「Yes. I apologize for all my questions. Please continue to guide me in the future」

「Very well. If the next opportunity comes, I will then」

Lymrill-san gave a low bow, and then turned her back.
I watched that retreating back with Natalia before entering the manor. I am drained today.
But then, I must make the documents for tomorrow. Mary must be tired from her morning work, but she would have to hold out.
I shall talk to my mother about hiring another maid who could read and write.

「I have returned」

「Welcome home」

Richard and Mary seemed to have been working by the front door and greeted me as such.
Mary seemed to have grown quite used to her work. Unlike how she was at first, she did not look tired. Was finally giving her a proper day off doing her good?
But then, since Mary had already cut ties with her family’s home, the Hopkins baronial house, she seemed to spend her time in her given room here.
It might be good to have her go outside with me the next time we have a day off.

「Mary, after dinner, please come and make the documents again」

「Yes. I understand, Ojou-sama」

Today would be easy, because both Mary and Natalia would be around.
But if I was not mistaken, Mary should be on her day off tomorrow. Let us make a little more documents than usual then. Otherwise, tomorrow would be difficult with only Natalia with me.
Well then, let me take a little break in my room—with that, I went up the stairs.
There was not much time until dinner, but I should rest for a while. And being a lecturer had me standing the whole time, so my feet were tired.
Fu~u, I climbed up the stairs with weary feet. And at the room beyond…

The door suddenly opened.

「—! 」

「Then, please excuse me. We shall talk more about it another time」

「All right……Well, there is also their intention……」

「I know. Well then, the carriage should be prepared soon……」

Oops, suddenly the man who came out saw me.
Opposite him was my father. It seemed he had been speaking to my father about something.
Our eyes met.



We both blurted at the same time.
Since he was a guest of my father, I merely assumed he was a stranger. But it was a face I had seen before.
The one introduced to me during my date with Wilhelm-sama.

「Huh……? If I recall correctly, you are Wilhelm-san’s granddaughter……? 」

If I recalled correctly, his name was Edward Raul.

The enemy was here.


[1] リムリル – I translated it as “Lymrill” because I’m out of better ideas. If anyone has any suggestion at all, please let me know in the comments ^^

[2] Tongue retraction or glossoptosis

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