The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: Deborah-san of Lilia-san’s House

Now then.
Yesterday was Mary’s day off, and today was Natalia’s. Despite that, I would still have to continue giving lectures at the Order.
Since Natalia was on a day off, my father told me during breakfast that I did not have to go today. There were also those times I had been kidnapped before, so I suppose there was no problem if we sent a messenger in advance.

However, I wanted to give lectures as much as I could.
And Natalia told me she would speak to that skilled person.
Speaking of, I had not heard anything about they were. But since Natalia recommended them, I suppose they would not be someone suspicious.
And since I did not have to prepare Wilhelm-sama’s lunch like before, I was not doing anything particular in the mornings.


「It is fine for you to sit down. As I explain, please make sure they could see the part that is being demonstrated」


Today would be my first lecture with Mary as my assistant instead of Natalia. Before, on Natalia’s days off, I would ask the knight who always sat at the back as guard to substitute.
Nonetheless, you could have a smooth lecture if you had proper practice beforehand. So with my mother’s permission, I got Mary to accompany me like this.
We were practicing on how Mary should move during my practical lecture on winding the triangular bandage and stopping the bleeding.
She did not have to be so nervous though when I was basically the one teaching.

「…and in cases of head wounds, place the……Here, please turn to the side」

「Y-Yes! 」

「Place the bandage like this and cover the wound. Then, wind it once around the head……Here, please face to the front」

「Y-Yes! 」

As Natalia was already used to it, she would do what I had in mind without me saying anything. But I could not ask that of Mary who had no experience with this.
With that, I wrapped the bandage around the top of the head, and then brought the ends to tie around the forehead. The head was rounded, so the bandage would shift if not properly secured.
At that moment, a knock sounded on my room’s door.


「Ojou-sama, please excuse me. Your guest has arrived」

「Please let them in」

Was someone coming today?
Maybe it was the escort Natalia had arranged for me? I must give them a proper welcome then.
However, the one who entered my room…

「I’ve come」

「Why are you here, Lilia? 」

…was Lilia, for some reason.
Today was my lecture, and we had not made agreements for tea.
She always had a fierce-looking gaze. But at my question, her lips pursed, making her look fiercer. She was clearly pouting.

「What, Carol. It’s bad if I come? 」

「No, I just did not think we made any particular agreements today」

「I didn’t mean to come either. But Natalia asked me to」

Why would Natalia call Lilia here?
Well, she did say she would arrange for a skilled escort.

「She told me she would arrange for my escort……but why Lilia? 」

「That’s why, that escort of Carol is our Deborah」

「Please forgive my intrusion, Carol-sama」


I see. Certainly.
Deborah-san was Lilia’s escort, a woman who looked very muscular. A stern person who I first mistook for a man.
And whenever Lilia visited, she would often step outside with Natalia. And they would have a match of sorts on the corridor outside my room. I am well-aware of her strength by the fact that Natalia had never won so far.
Did Natalia ask Deborah-san to be my escort and had Lilia come along, too?

「Natalia is on a day off, and if Carol risks going out, you’ll be kidnapped again. If it’s Deborah, won’t it be fine? 」

「Indeed, it would be a great help」

「Moreover, I’m free. So I was thinking of listening to Carol-sensei’s lecture」

「What about school? 」

「Don’t you think “I’m sick” is such a convenient excuse? 」

Apparently, she seemed to have skipped school.
While it would be embarrassing to have Lilia listen to my lecture, I am sincerely grateful she especially skipped school for my sake.
Lilia sat down on a chair with a heave-ho like she owned the place.

「Fu~u……Deborah, please serve me tea」

「Yes, Ojou-sama」

「I’ll be using your tea leaves, pot and cup」

「Yes, feel free」

Deborah-san then left my room and seemed to have headed for the kitchen. Lilia had visited so many times that Deborah-san, who went with her, was familiar with her way around my house.
I was a little worried, though. With Deborah-san’s muscular appearance, would Chris not be surprised?
Well, it was fine. Deborah-san was kind, after all.


「Yes? 」

「What are you doing? 」

Lilia tilted her head in curiosity.
Well, one would be if they saw us. Since it was an odd scene where I had Mary seated on a chair in my room with her head wrapped up in bandage.
That Mary flinched and trembled under Lilia’s gaze. How about getting used to it soon?

「Practice lecture」

「He~eh……A practical exercise? 」

「Indeed. I first demonstrate like this, and then have everyone practice」

「You’re unexpectedly being a serious teacher. It’s a little surprising」

「How rude」

Muu, I pursed my lips.
I worked hard and did what I could to give proper lectures. While recalling the teachers at the academy, I also make them easy to understand.
I took the bandage off of Mary. We practiced the basics, so this should be fine.

「It’s reassuring」

「I do give proper lectures」

「That’s not it……has it been ten days already? Since Wilhelm-sama left for war」


Today marked the tenth day of Wilhelm-sama going to war.
I still did not know the war’s situation and the like, because such detailed information was not coming in.
But I would simply wait.
I believed from the bottom of my heart. He would definitely come back.

「I thought you’d be crying, but it seems I didn’t have to worry」

「I…will keep on waiting. Because I am a good woman」

「Then, that’s good. Doesn’t the Order have any news on the war’s status? 」

「They would have, right? But even if they did, they probably would not tell me」

「That’s quite possible. I’m also trying to check for some news back home, but……Well, I’ll tell you if I got anything」

「Please do」

My father would likely dodge the question if I asked.
The Ambrose ducal house had a strong connection to the Empire, but it did not mean he would inform me of everything. Especially if the war situation turned bad, he would likely keep it a secret only from me.
Then, suddenly.
Beyond the door, the thud thud thud of rushing footsteps could be heard.

「Huh……? 」

「O-Ou-Ojou-samaaa! 」

「Chris……? 」

The head chef Chris came barging in without knocking.
What on earth happened? She was awfully flustered.

「What happened? 」

「M-Muscles! Some muscled person came to the kitchen! 」


It was all right. Please be at ease, Chris.
Deborah-san was kind. She just looked a bit muscular, is all.

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