The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife: Chapter 110

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Chapter 110: Mutual Understanding

「Here is the tea, Wilhem-sama, Ojou-sama」

「Thank you, Mary」

「Y-Yes. Thank you」

I went to the dining room with Wilhelm-sama. Then, I had Mary make some tea while the cold dinner was being heated up.
Earlier, I cried without meaning to. My mother had advised me to “not keep it in and talk to each other”, and I did plan to properly talk about it. But my emotions got the best of me.
I truly was feeling lonely, that was all I had planned to convey. But I could not stop the emotions which overflowed, as though a dam had broken.

Now, I had finally calmed down.
Tonight was Mary’s watch, and Natalia had already left. Mary, who takes watch after I would go to sleep, would normally take a nap, so I felt a little bad to have her stay awake this time. It seemed Natalia and Mary’s night watch every two days was quite hard on them; we really had to increase the number of servants.
With that thought, I drank warm tea with Wilhelm-sama.

「……I am sorry, Wilhelm-sama」

「Hm……? What for, Carol? 」

「Well……um, I acted like a willful child……」

「……No, I am at fault. Every day, I do nothing but work and neglected my own home. It is only natural for Carol to feel dissatisfied」

Wilhelm-sama was really kind.
He would always give a kind response to my words. So I would always be reassured. So I would never feel uneasy.

「But I want to set your mind at ease」

「Eh……? 」

「Today, most of our goal was set. From now on, I should not have to work until this late into the night. I got days off tomorrow and the day after that, so I shall have a relaxing break」

「Is that so!? 」

「It is. The troublesome matter is finally over」

「If it is all right, may I hear about it? 」

「It is not a very interesting story」

Fu~u, Wilhelm-sama breathed a small sigh.
He looked exhausted. Should I let him rest instead of making him stay and talk with me some more?
But he did say tomorrow and the day after that would be his days off.
So, it should be fine even if it was a little late into the night.

「I believe I have said this before……there was a new purveyor」

「Yes. You have mentioned it」

「……Well, they have a silly name called “Heartthrob Studio”, but the items they sell are good. We let them become our purveyor, making various changes to the current deal」


That name was familiar.
“Heartthrob Studio”—it was the name on the business card inside Wilhelm-sama’s coat pocket.
S-So it was not a dubious shop, after all. Even though that name was very dubious.

「In terms of armor, it is far more durable, lighter, and even cheaper than the ones we currently use. The shop is apparently direct selling, so they said the cost can be kept to a minimum. With those conditions, forming a contract would be good, so I was making various adjustments」

「Is, that so……? 」

「There were quite a few shops we had dealings with for a long time. And they saw the need to prevent the newcomer Heartthrob Studio from competing with them. To them, it is like robbing them of their work. Heartthrob Studio may eventually handle the overall work, but it will be settled through changing the deal over time. For now, around thirty percent of the total is left to them. If I think of this as a good opportunity and cut off those shops with a bad work attitude and those that were affiliated with us only through their connections, then……well, I have a lot of work to do」


What should I do?
I completely assumed that Wilhelm-sama was going to a dubious shop. But why not think of your shop name a little more, Miss Heartthrob Studio?
While we were talking, Mary finished heating up the meal and had set it before Wilhelm-sama.
I had already eaten, so I would only have tea. If I ate any more at this time, I would gain weight.


「Hm? 」

「Then……um, that person, named Angelina-san……」

「Does Carol know about Heartthrob Studio? She is the owner of that and is quite capable……I hear it is a growing business these days. By any chance, did they have dealings with the Ambose ducal house? 」

「Eh! Ah…s-something like that! 」

「I see. If they have a connection with the ducal house……then, we really should consider making them our main trading partner」

What should I do? I ended up lying.
Anyway, I should ask my mother next time to do business with Heartthrob Studio. That way, my statement would be consistent.

「U-Umm……then, those adjustments……」

「Oh, it is done. There were many shops that made troublesome complaints, but I consulted with His Majesty and put a stop to it. After all, the Chivalric Order belongs to the country. If we were to change the deal as a country, they would not be able to say anything. Of course, a lot of troublesome matters came with that reasoning as well……」

「I…I see……You have worked hard」

「Well, with this, I think I can relax for a while」

Fufu, Wilhelm-sama smiled as he ate his dinner.
Seeing Wilhelm-sama like that also brought a smile to my face.
He could finally relax.
There were a lot of things I wanted to do together with Wilhelm-sama.

「I have no plans once I could retire. It may be a little too late, but……shall we go on a honeymoon? 」

「My! 」

「There is enough time and money. If Carol is fine with it, we could also go to other countries. We can go to gigantic peaks of the Empire, or see the sand dunes of the Sand Country. Think about where you want to go」

「Y-Yes. Is…is it all right? 」

「It is also my happiness to take Carol wherever she wants to go」

I am happy.
Knowing that he thought of me like that made me happy above everything else.

To be honest, I was keeping in one more thing.
The truth was—I have…one more complaint.
Was it all right to say it here?

「U-Um, Wilhelm-sama……」

「Where do you want to go? 」

「N-No. It is not about that……The, the truth is……」

「Hm? 」

Wilhelm-sama tilted his head while chewing his food.
My heart was pounding.
Was it really all right to say it like this?
Oh well, here I go.
I mustered all of my courage.

「T-The truth is……I have…one more complaint……」

「Hm……? What is it? I will do anything I can」

「That is……」

I knew it was an improper thing to say.
However, however—.

I am Wilhelm-sama’s wife—!


「Em? 」

「Embrace me, please! 1


At my words.
Wilhelm-sama suddenly spat out his dinner.


[1] To embrace could also mean to make love with. Carol wants to consummate their marriage lol.

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